19/4/2015 (Sunday 30th Jumāda Al-Ākhira 1436هـ)

19/4/2015 (Sunday 30th Jumāda Al-Ākhira 1436هـ)

Assalākum ‘Alaykum wa Rahmatullāhi wa Barakātuh

We thank our listeners for tuning in and present the following Islamic State news bulletin for Sunday, the 30th of Jumādā al-Ᾱkhirah in the year 1436 of the prophetic hijrah.

The following is a glimpse of our most important headlines:

■ The soldiers of the Khilāfah take full control of Mount ‘Ādah the surrounding areas in Wilāyat Dimashq.

■ Fierce battles continue in a number of areas in Wilāyat Salāhuddīn.

♢ In Wilāyat Dimashq:

● The soldiers of the Khilāfah succeeded in defeating the Sahwāt and taking full control of Mount ‘Ādah and the surrounding areas.  

● In separate attack following the liberation of Mount ‘Ādah, large quantities of varying types of ammunition were captured as ghanīmah, in addition to ten vehicles armed with antiaircraft guns of varying calibers and carrying a number of light and medium weapons.

● Four sahwah members were captured in the battle to repel their attempted advance on the mountain, and the ruling of Allah was carried out on them.

● The soldiers of the Khilāfah also killed 15 sahwah murtaddīn in an attack on their positions in the town of Yaldā from the direction of the Zayn neighborhood. There were also dozens wounded, walhamdulillāh.

♢ In Wilāyat Salāhuddīn:

● Battles continued for the fourth day in the area of Honday southwest of Bījī.

● Fighting also continued in the area of Mazra’ah south of Bījī.

● Meanwhile, two soldiers of the Khilāfah carried out istishhādī attacks. The first was our brother Abū Islām ash-Shāmī, and the second, our brother Abū ‘Ubaydah al-Badrī. They advanced with their istishhādī vehicles on a gathering of the Safawī army and Rāfidī militias near the area of Sikak as the murtaddīn were attempting to advance and end the siege on the Bījī refinery. They detonated their vehicles in their midst, killing and wounding dozens. One of those killed was a brigadier officer named Husayn, a senior officer in the federal police forces of Salāhuddīn. We ask Allah to accept our brothers amongst the shuhadā’.

● This all took place under intense airstrikes that the Safawī-crusader coalition carried out on a number of locations of the Khilāfah’s soldiers both inside and on the outskirts of the oil refinery, with the warplanes maintaining a nearly permanent presence overhead.

● Meanwhile, the soldiers of the Khilāfah attacked barracks of the Safawī army with medium and light weapons on the highway near the area of Hajjāj south of Bījī.

● In the area of Honday, three armored vehicles were burned during ongoing battles against the Safawī army south of Bījī.

● On the highway near Hajjāj south of Bījī, the soldiers of the Khilāfah detonated a series of IEDs as a Safawī army convoy passed.

● The mujāhidīn also bombarded Safawī army barracks with mortar rounds near the area of Honday south of Bījī.

♢ In Wilāyat Kirkūk:

● The soldiers of the Islamic State shot down a drone belonging to the Safawī-crusader coalition with antiaircraft weapons near the village of Bashīriyyah in the area of Dāqūq.

● The area also witnessed fierce battles between the soldiers of the Khilāfah and Rāfidī Mobilization forces, which led to dozens of Rāfidī and Peshmerga murtaddīn being killed and wounded and the rest fleeing, walhamdulillāh.

● Amongst those killed was the murtadd Peshmerga commander, Lieutenant Colonel Khalīl Ibrāhīm Mustafā.

♢ In Wilāyat Saynā’:

● The soldiers of the Khilāfah attacked the murtadd army forces in the village of Abū Rifā’ī and the Wahshī station south of Shaykh Zuwayd with heavy and medium weapons.

● They also targeted two armored vehicles of the murtadd army south of Shaykh Zuwayd, walhamdulillāh.

♢ In Wilāyat Halab:

● The soldiers of the Khilāfah targeted Sahwah fighters in Māri’ and Sūrān with mortar rounds, landing direct hits on their targets.

● Meanwhile, the soldiers of the Khilāfah targeted Nusayrī army positions in the area of ‘Azīziyyah near Safīrah with mortar rounds.

● Islamic State snipers shot the commander of a Nusayrī detachment in the Masbanah building near Tallat Tiyārah.

● The Nusayrī warplanes bombed the city of Dārul-Fath with explosive barrels, leading to a number of casualties. They also bombed areas surrounding Kuwayris airbase while the mujāhidīn were engaged in battles with the Nusayrī army.

♢ In Wilāyat al-Janūb:

● The soldiers of the Khilāfah targeted the 23rd Regiment Safawī army base in the area of Rashīd with mortar rounds.

● In ‘Āmiriyyat al-Fallūjah in Zawbā’, the soldiers of the Khilāfah targeted Sahwah positions using artillery and mortar rounds.

● In Makāsib in the area of Ridwāniyyah, members of the Safawī army were lured towards an IED, which was then detonated, leaving three of them wounded.

♢ In Wilāyat Barqah:

● The soldiers of the Khilāfah in the Sābirī area repelled an attack carried out by the soldiers of the tāghūt on the Markaz point. The murtaddīn, who were supported by a tank and fighter jet, and also armed with various heavy weapons, suffered a major defeat at the hands of the mujāhidīn and fled with their dead and wounded.

● An Islamic State sniper unit in the Sābirī area near Zurayrī’iyyah shot two murtadd soldiers and also targeted one of their vehicles.

● At the military police point, an Islamic State detachment infiltrated a murtadd position, killed and wounded a number of murtaddīn and then safely withdrew.

● In the area of Bal’awn, the soldiers of the Khilāfah repelled the murtaddīn’s attempt to advance from three directions. The murtaddīn fled and were pursued by the mujāhidīn and suffered heavy casualties.

● In the area of Bilād, the soldiers of the Khilāfah repelled an attack by the murtaddīn in the direction of the Eye Clinic. They destroyed a tank and burned two military vehicles, and succeeded in killing and wounding a number of their soldiers, with the remainder fleeing, walhamdulillāh.

♢ In Wilāyat Nīnawā:

● The soldiers of the Khilāfah bombarded Peshmerga barracks in the area of Maqāli’ near Hasan Shāmī with six Katyusha rockets and a number of mortar rounds.

♢ In Wilāyat ar-Raqqah:

● The Istishhādī brother Abul-Athīr al-Ansārī, may Allah accept him, carried out an operation targeting a gathering of PKK murtaddīn south of Ra’s al-‘Ayn.

● An agent working for the PKK was executed in the area of Rāwiyah.

In closing, we cap off with a review of our most important headlines once again:

■ The soldiers of the Khilāfah take full control of Mount ‘Ādah the surrounding areas in Wilāyat Dimashq.

■ Fierce battles continue in a number of areas in Wilāyat Salāhuddīn.


We thank our listeners for tuning in. Wassalāmu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullāhi wa barakātuh.

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