2/4/2015 (Thursday the 13th of Jumāda Al-Ākhira 1436هـ)

2/4/2015 (Thursday the 13th of Jumāda Al-Ākhira 1436هـ)

Wilaayat Damascus:

The Islamic State have taken over most areas of Yarmouk refugee camp inside Damascus.

The Islamic State soldiers stormed the camp on the one hand from Hay Al-Hajr Al-Aswad (Black stone neighborhood) and the town of Yalda which are controlled by the Islamic State soldiers, violent clashes took place which resulted in the death of 20 sahawāt soldiers, clashes are still ongoing between the two sides in an attempt of Mujahideen of the Islamic State to control the rest of the camp.

Storming the camp began after news reached the Islamic State soldiers that the factions of the sahawāt of ridda (apostasy) who control the camp & the Nusayrī regime soldiers were working on a reconciliation between them & this was after the betrayal they faced in the neighbourhoods Barzah Al-Balad, Babīla Qudsīya & Al-Qārah & others in Damascus countryside.

Wilaayat Al-Jazīrah:

Crusader Safavid warplanes targeted the Civil Defense Department in theTel ‘Afar, Al-Sarāy.

Wilaayat Al-Anbār:

Islamic state soldiers precisely targeted a sahawāt den in Albū Ghanim, Al-Sūfīyyah with a guided missile.

Wilaayat Al-Barakah:

Violent clashes took place between Khilāfah soldiers and PKK murtadīn in the southern outskirts of Tel Hamīs.

Islamic State soldiers also attempted to storm PKK murtadīn who were supported by Crusader coalition warplanes from above in Tel Al-Sawān village & the Islamic State repelled an attack by PKK in Al-‘Asfūrīyyah village heading to the village of Tel Hafyān and all praise due to Allah, they were defeated and many of them were killed and wounded.

Wilaayat North Baghdad:

Islamic state sniper killed a Rāfidhī soldier near Mahatat Al-Balad (country station).

Islamic State soldiers also precisely targeted Rāfidhī barracks with medium and heavy weapons near the Mahatat Al-Balad (country station) which led to the death and injury everyone inside.

And on the public road link between the Baghdad & Tikrit near the Al-Ishāqī Islamic state soldiers targeted Rāfidhī gatherings which led to their death & injury, all praise due to Allah.

Wilaayat Dajalah:

Islamic State launched mortar bombs on one of the barracks of Peshmerga murtadīn in Tel Ar-Rīm & the target was hit precisely.

Khilāfah soldiers also infiltrated the Tel Ar-Rīm adjacent to the barracks of Peshmerga murtadīn, their homes were exploded killing & injuring many soldiers.

Wilaayat Hallab (Aleppo):

A group of Islamic State soldiers infiltrated Nusayrī army points near Tel ‘Aran, killing the soldiers at that point, and targeted the fleeing soldiers with mortar missiles & gunshots.

In the village Al-Taqlī near Sawrān Islamic state soldiers targeted apostate points with tanks, damaging their cannons.

In Al-Bāb, the public service center repaired and beautified the sidewalks and streets in the city center.

Wilaayat Nainawa:

The Islamic State bombed the headquarters of the Peshmerga soldiers in Tel ‘Uwayna near Falfīl and the brigade headquarters in the Al-Khāzir with bombs and missiles.
They also targeted the Peshmerga barracks With heavy weapons in Ba’shīqah.

Wilaayat Diyāla:

In Al-Rāshidīyah, Khān Banī Sa’ad a sticky bomb was thrown at a Safavid officers car and followed by the Islamic State until his arrival in Baghdad where the bomb was detonated killing him & destroying his car.

They also detonated two bombs on a patrol of Iranian Safavid border guards in Makhāfir Al-Hudūd (border stations), Mandalī which led to the destruction of two vehicles, killing & injuring all passenger.

And in Balad Ruz the Islamic State captured a Rāfidhī in the Safavid army & beheaded him & all praise due to Allah.

An IED was detonated on a patrol of Peshmerga militia in the same area, which led to the destruction of their vehicles & killing all passengers.

In Mandalī, Balad Ruz an IED was detonated on a Safavid army vehicle which led to the death of three and wounding of four and the destruction of the vehicle and praise be to Allah.

Wilaayat Salāheddīn:

Khilāfah soldiers precisely targeted Safavid army barracks with mortars near Baijī refinery oil factory.

Wilaayat Hamah:

Crusader Nusayrī coalition warplanes raided Hamādī village with 3 airstrikes.

The province media office published a photo report showing pictures of the spoils from the battle of Al-Ma’būjah after its liberation from Nusayris polytheists.

Wilaayat Tarābulus (Tripoli):

Islamic State soldiers raided a checkpoint south of Misrāta, killing everyone at the checkpoint.

They also killed four National Security murtadīn with heavy weapons on the highway in the city of Tripoli, and praise be to Allah.

Wilaayat Barqah:

During clashes in Benghazi an Islamic State sniper shot a soldier of tāghūt in Al-Sābirī, Mahūr Al-‘Alwah.

The Islamic State soldiers also targeted a building where soldiers of tāghūt were stationed near Arab market in Al-Ma’rad, which led to the burning of some of their weapons and ammunition, and all praise is due to Allah.

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