4/4/2015 (Saturday the 15th of Jumāda Al-Ākhira 1436هـ)

4/4/2015 (Saturday the 15th of Jumāda Al-Ākhira 1436هـ)

Wilaayat Damscus:

The Islamic State launched an attack on murtad sahawāt, after they attempted to advance from Babīla, Yaldā & Sahm house.

Heavy clashes took place yesterday between Islamic State soldiers & the murtad sahawat in south Damascus & that happened as a result of the Islamic State taking over the last 2 buildings in Yarmouk camp, resulting in the take over of all sides of the camp + the capture of Palestine camp which is adjacent to Yarmouk camp. Also, its important to note that 4 groups of fighters gave in themselves to the Islamic State after the killing & injuring of many.

After a while of clashes the Nusayrī army join clashes & fought aide by aide with the sahawat & heavy air raids took place with missiles & warplanes on the camp + black stone neighbourhood, which was also captured by the Islamic State.
After the Islamic State took over the whole camp they prayed salah in Masjid Palestine & this was shared by the province media office + pictures of clashes with the murtadīn in the camp.

Wilaayat Salaheddīn:

Clashes continued between the Islamic State & Rawāfidh mushrikīn who were supported by Crusader coalition warplanes, in the center of Tikrīt, leading to the death & injury of dozens of Rāfidhī militia soldiers.

Wilaayat Saynā’:

The Islamic State attacked 7 army points of the murtad Eygptian army leading to the death of dozens. Also leading to the capturing of 2 tanks + many weapons & damaging of an apache.

The province media office shared an official statement of this battle + pictures.

Wilaayat Al-Junūb:

The killing of murtad Safavid army spy Khalid Dhāhir Nāyif after the storming of his house in Al-Yūsufīyyah.

Sahawat commander was deadly injured after the Islamic State targeted him with a sticky bomb in ‘Uwayrīj, Al-Rashīd.

The Islamic State also targeted a Safavid army barrack with a bomb in Al-‘Unāz, Zūba’.

A Safavid army armoured hummer was broken down in Zūba’ after it was targeted by the Islamic State sniper, and all praise due to Allah.

Wilaayat Halab (Aleppo):

The province media office shared pictures of the clashes happening in the outskirts of Ayn Al-Islam.

Wilaayat North Baghdad:

The Islamic State precisely targeted Rāfidhī barracks with heavy weapons near Sayyid Gharīb leading to the death & injury of everyone inside. Khilafah sniper also killed a Rāfidhī security in the same area, leading to his death.

In Sadāmīyyah Al-Tharthār, the Khilafah soldiers targeted the 4th Safavid army Battalion with mortars & the target was hit directly. Also, a Safavid army hummer was broken down with heavy weapons near Al-Ishāqī leading to the death & injury of all passengers.

Wilaayat Diyāla:

The Khilafah soldiers launched an attack on Al-Rāshidīyyah, Khān Banī Sa’ad with light wapons, we ask Allah to give them victory.

Also, 3 IED’s were detonated in the same area, 2 on 2 vehicles owned by a Safavid army commander of regiment, leading to both their destruction & the 3rd IED was detonated on a Safavid army vehicle leading to its full destruction & killing + injury of all passengers.

In the area, Al-Dāyinīyyah, Balad Rūz an IED was detonated on a bulldozer owned by Khālid ‘Adnān, leading to the breaking down of the bulldozer & the deep wounding of the murtad, we ask Allah to not treat him.

Wilaayat Hamah:

Nusayrī crusader coalition warplanes dropped chemical gas bombs on the villages ‘Aqīrbāt & Hamādī ‘Umar & also raided the eastern outskirts of Hamah with more than 20 rockets + barrel bombs.

The province media office published pictures of the battle as a revenge for Shaykh Abī ‘Imād, may Allah accept him om the road connecting Al-Silmīyyah & ar-Raqqah.

Wilaayat Al-Barakah:

The Khilafah soldiers targeted PKK murtadīn gatherings inside Tel Tamr with mortars & missiles, we ask Allah to help them hit the target.

Wilaayat Baghdad:

An IED was detonated on a grouping of Rāfidhī concentration in Al-‘Ubaydī which lead to the death & injury of 10 of them, and all grace is due to Allah alone.

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