5/4/2015 (Sunday the 16th of Jumāda Al-Ākhira 1436هـ)

5/4/2015 (Sunday the 16th of Jumāda Al-Ākhira 1436هـ)

Wilaayat Damascus:

The Islamic State announced the full capture of Yarmouk camp, south of Damascus & security squares within the camp & all praise due to Allah.
In Al-Mahasah, the Islamic State attacked a position of sahawat leading to the death of 3 murtadin & the seizing of a machine gun, 3 cars + a large number of weapons.
It should also be noted that the Khilafah soldiers repulsed an attempt by ‘Allūsh’s soldiers to enter Al-Hajr Al-Aswad (the black stone) villagefrom the southeastern area, leading to the death of 5 of them.
The area witnessed fierce air raids to try stop the advancements of the mujahidin, the crusader coalition raided the black stone village, Al-‘Arūbah village & also newly captured areas in Yarmouk camp.

Wilaayat Barqah:

Clashes ongoing in Benghazi, in Al-Sābirī in the centre of the whale market & Al-‘Arab market at Al-Sabkha buildings, the Khilafah soldiers precisely targeted an area where tawaghit soldiers are positionsd with rockets & mortars.

Also, the Islamic State targeted a vehicle owned by the murtadin & broke down the vehicle, all praise due to Allah.

And in Al-Sabiri area, the Khilafah soldiers targeted a taghut military cehicle with mortars, and the target was hit precisely burning the vehicle. In the same area, the Islamic State sniped killed a soldier of taghut.

One of the murtadin attempted to advance in street 10 & was met by an islamic State IED killing him, and all praise due to Allah.

Wilaayat Al-Junūb:

A soldier of the sahawat was killed & 2 others injured in Hūr Rajab, after they were targeted by an Islamic State IED planted inside their own barrack.

Islamic State blew up a house owned by a Safavid security police in Al-Rashīd, and they also blew up a Safavid army vehicle in the same area.

In Zūba’ in Al-‘Āmirīyyah Fallujah, the Islamic state raided sahawat barrcks with mortars & missiles in Al-Tāli’ah + Al-Ma’āmīr.

They also targeted a Safavid army tank & broke down one of their vehicles with medium weapons in Al-Hītāwīn, and target was hit precisely.

Wilaayat Anbār:

The Safavid army faced a martyrdom car bomb driven by Abu Mujāhid Al-Urdunī, where he targeted a building where they position in near ‘Ar’ar, at the border with the Arabian peninsula.

After the operation, there was a quick launched offensive by the Islamic State soldiers on the buildings with the Safavid army soldiers & tactically retreated after seizing hundreds of ammunition, may Allah accept our brother.

During these clashes the Islamic State was exposed to what they called “Battle for the muwahidīn for victory to Salaheddīn”, where the Safavid forces + Rāfidhī militia were supported by Crusader coalition air raids.

The Islamic State also shelled positions of sahawāt in areas controlled by the Safavid army in the residential compound in Al-Baghdādī with a number of mortars & the target was hit precisely where great damage was inflicted on the enemies barracks.

The province media office released a video titled “Storming of Islamic state soldiers to a police station near the border In Al-Tanf”

Wilaayat Baghdad:

A car bomb was detonated on a group of Rafidhī army soldiers in Bāb Mu’tham, killing + injuring more than 30 of them.

Wilaayat Diyāla:

Rāfidhī solider, Hādī Samīn Al-Karwī was killed in Kharīsān street, Ba’qūbah.

Wilaayat North Baghdad:

The Islamic State targeted a foot patrol of Rafidhī soldiers with light + medium weapons in Al-Farhātīyyah near Al-Ramīlāt bridge leading to the death & injury of many of them. And in the same area one of their soldiers was sniped & all praise due to Allah.

The Khilāfah soldiers also targeted a gathering of Rāfidhī soldiers in Al-Ishāqī with mortars & the target was hit precisely.

Wilaayat Al-Barakah:

Khilāfah soldiers targeted PKK gatherings + their vehicles in south Tel Barāk, Tel Hamīs & inside the city of Tel Tamr with tanks & missiles, we ask Allah to help them hit the target. The area witnessed clashes with medium + heavy weapons between the Islamic State & PKK murtadīn, we ask Allah to give our brothers victory.

Wilaayat Halab (Aleppo):

Khilāfah soldiers precisely targeted Nusayrī regime soldiers near Telat Tiyār with mortars.

Wilaayat Tarābulus (Tripoli):

Abu Dujānah Al-Sudānī carried out a martyrdom car bomb operation carrying 4 tons of explosives on the gate of Sadādah bridge. To protect muslim blood, our brother carried out his operation in the last 1/3 of the night, may Allah accept him!

Also, the Islamic state in Sirte targeted a number of areas controlled by Fajr Libya murtadīn’s Battalion 116 with mortars & rocket launchers.

Wilaayat Salaheddīn:

The law of Allah was carried out today in a person who stole in Al-Sīnīyyah near Baijī.

Wilaayat Al-Khayr:

The province media office published a video titled “By Allah we will get revenge” & also a photo report titled “targeting Nusayrī in military square with mortars”

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