A good dream about The Islamic State by a Mujahid in Al Shabaab group in Somalia

The brother who saw this dream is a Muhajir from Menneapolis Minnesota in USA and is a Mujahid fighting with Harakatu Shababul Mujahideen(Al Shabaab) in Somalia.We all know him by the name he uses in twitter which is Mujahid Miski.He narrates about a dream he saw about the Islamic State as follows:

My Dream of The Prophet (Sallilahu alayhi wa salam)


I saw my little sister and I in the Haram. As we were sitting around the Ka’ba I could sense my sins so I began to ask Allah subhanah wa ta’ala to grant me forgiveness. Then as we were sitting, rain started to pour heavily so we ran to the Ka’ba trying to seek shelter from the rain. I put my back to the Ka’ba wall and on my right there was a man looking into a window on the ka’ba. The window turned into a door and I saw two old men and children go in, I however felt scared of entering the house of Allah subhanah wa ta’ala with all of my sins.
As we were standing and hiding from the rain, I had the sense that there is a grave inside the ka’ba and that it was of the prophet sallilahu alayhi wa salam. My sister went inside and I followed in after but as I was entering I was very scared of entering the house of Allah subhanah wa ta’ala knowing my sins and feared the ground beneath me might even break. I raised my hands up asking Allah subhanah wa ta’ala for forgiveness repeating “O’ Allah forgive me for my sins” numerous times. Then As soon as I entered I saw a bed and there was a man who I understood was the prophet sallilahu alayhi wa salam dressed in white garments.

My sister who at the time had a stick started using it as a phone and we could hear the Prophet sallilahu alayhi wa salam talk to us. We asked him about The Islamic State & he told us that they are Saadiqeen (Truthful Servants of Allah subhanah wa ta’ala). From what he was saying I understood it to be khayr. I told my sister to go get me something to write with so that I may tell the people or that I may even write it on twitter so that Muslim brothers and sisters around the world would know of this. She then left the Ka’ba to go get me something to write with and as I was waiting the prophet sallilahu alayhi wa salam sat down and smiled at me. Wallahi I have never in my life seen anyone better looking then him. I then wanted to take the opportunity to ask him questions so I said in Arabic, O’ Prophet of Allah, Tell me about the people of Jannah? He sallilahu alayhi wa salam smiled and replied by saying “I can not tell you everything about the people of Jannah, You have to see for yourself”.

My sister returned and I noticed other people in the room with us. She brought a pen and a paper and gave it to the Prophet sallilahu alayhi wa salam but I told her he can not write so she wrote what he said on the phone. He sallilahu alayhi wa salaam had a phone that resembled the one I have. My sister took his phone to give to him but I stopped her and told her It’s not befitting for us to use the phone of the prophet sallilahu alayhi wasalam but rather to use mine.

That’s the end of the Dream.

Note ****I spoke to a Mujahid who interprets dreams and he told me Allah subhanah wa ta’ala forgave your sins and that the dream doesn’t only concern you but rather it’s a Glad tidings to the Muslim Ummah in general. He told me the whole dream was to inform us of the Manhaj of the Islamic State and that they’re upon the Haqq.

May Allah subhanah wa ta’ala grant them success in this life and the next. May Allah subhanah wa ta’ala grant them victories in Sham, Iraq, Jazeeratul Arab, Sinai, in Africa & across the globe.

your brother: Mujahid Miski