Battle of Revenge for the Muslims in Al-Bāb city – Allepo

Video released on 1/1/ Video 2015

“Battle of Revenge for the Muslims in Al-Bāb city” 


The Media wing of Wilaayat Allepo said that they are going to release this video which is about attacking Nuseyri Villages after the Nuseyri Government bombarded the markets and other public places in Al-Baab City/Qabasin in Wilaayat Allepo.Click here to see the photo report released by wilaayat Allepo on 24/12/2014 docummenting the Nuseyri bombardment which killed over 30 Muslims and injuring dozens.Also read the statement released by Wilaayat Allepo on 29/12/2014 on that bombardment here.Watch the video by Clicking either of the following links.Click here for a youtube link or here for an archive link.