Another witness to the betrayal of the Mujahideen. Abu Dharr al- Jazrawii al- Muhajir was a former Commander of Jabhat al- Nusrah who has now joined the Islamic State of Iraq and Shaam.
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Below is the translation of the testimony of Abu Dharr al- Jazrawi al- Muhajir:

Why did you leave Ghoutah and come to Deir az- Zour?

“To carry a message to the Jabhat al- Nusrah leadership after being besieged in Ghoutah.”

How did you find out the truth about the Nusrah Front?

” Because of Allah firstly and because of Abu Mariyah al- Qahtani- his actions and behavior, especially taking bayah from the FSA and stirring them against the Islamic State of Iraq and Shaam, not to mention discrediting al- Baghdadi and the Islamic State of Iraq and Shaam in front of Jabhat al- Nusrah fighters. I wanted to complain about the situation in Ghoutah and the very first question Abu Mariya asked me was:  ” Are there problems between you and the Islamic State of Iraq and Shaam?”  This interrupted my thought and interrupted on what I was sent to deliver (news about Ghoutah) and this was all before the Sahwat and infighting! I said:  ” No our problems are with Zahran Alloush’s draining of our fighters ( due to withdrawals), hoarding food and other Mossad- like acts.” He did not like to hear this so he said: ” If Zahran Alloush works for the KSA ( Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) Secret Services then Baghdadi works for Iranian secret services.” At first I thought these issues were between some people but then I realized he was the key to these issues between the Islamic State of Iraq and Shaam and Jabhat al- Nusrah, not to mention ” The Lions Den” group.”

What is ” The Lions Den” and who are it’s ” Lions”?

” These are a group of new scholars like Atawi and Abu Hassan al- Kuwaiti and Abdullah Azzam al-Filastini.They are in a media hub with internet and electricity 24/7 ( all the time) and their main job was slandering and attacking the Islamic State of Iraq and Shaam through social media. It’s hidden to no one that Abu Mariyah is the one leading the Jabhat al- Nusrah Front and Joulani is just set up as it’s face.He told me something that depressed me so much that I wanted to go back to the ( besieged) Ghoutah by any means necessary. He said: ” I need you to help create my State.” So it became clear to me he just wanted to increase power in Deir az- Zour. And then we have the ” Islamic Board” and we have Zahran Alloush and secular groups in it. What Shariah are they talking about? These are the results of ” popularity” concessions. Concessions after concessions until you don’t even know, for what? Popularity? Someone would commit kufr in front of us and we could do nothing just to keep our popularity.

When events happened with everyone turning against the Islamic State of Iraq and Shaam and the rape of the foreign sisters, it caused shock among the foreign fighters in Jabhat al- Nusrah. Abu Mariyah then sent his men to foreign fighters in Jabhat al- Nusrah and told them to deny it and that it was propaganda by the Islamic State of Iraq and Shaam and that no one was raped. I contacted some brothers in Aleppo who rejected Abu Mariya’s claims and confirmed that there were cases of rape. We had a meeting in Deir az- Zour before the events of the clashes between the Islamic State of Iraq and Shaam and Jabhat al- Nusrah. I was there as a leader of an area. They started talking about ideology of the Islamic State of Iraq and Shaam and that they are ” Khawarij” and that we know what they did to our innocent brothers in Ahrar al- Shaam.

So I knew what was coming. They asked:

” If there are any collision between us and the Islamic State of Iraq and Shaam, what will be your response?” Some started answering that they will fight them etc… So then they asked me. I said: ” I would exclude myself from the infighting.” So they got angry with me and said they are ” takfirees” and ” Khawarij” etc… They shouted and said at least defend yourself when under attack. This went on for a long time, so I said then I’ll leave Syria, then because of this they called me a coward for not confronting the ” takfirees”.

What confused me since the beginning was the Bay’ah of Jabhat al- Nusrah. Abu Mariyah literally said: ” Your Bay’ah will reach Abu Bakr al- Baghdadi.” So I asked the scholars of Jabhat al- Nusrah. Some said this is Bay’ah of War. Others said you have to repent and others said it’s Abu Mariyah’s fault. This made it clear for me that they did not have Ilm ( knowledge) or that they did not want me asking about the Bayah we had to Abu Bakr al- Baghdadi two years ago.”

Did you find a difference in ideology between the Islamic State of Iraq and Shaam and Jabhat al-


” The Islamic State of Iraq and Shaam has a clear ideology and I only felt the glory of Jihad when joining it. In Jabhat al- Nusrah we lived in humiliation. In Jabhat al- Nusrah people used to curse Allah in front of us and we couldn’t do anything. Why? To gain more popular support. I ask Allah to guide them and I know there are good brothers in Ghoutah from among the Ansar (Syrians) and the Muhajireen (foreigners). I know that if they were to leave the besieged Ghoutah and find out about what’s going on, not one of them would stay in Abu Mariyah’s Front. There’s huge pressure on Ghoutah, media, Islamic pressure as well as us having to distribute pamphlets etc. What we thought in Ghoutah was that Joulani was misjudged and Abu Mariyah was misjudged and that the problems were between members, not leaders, but, as I said Abu Mariyah al- Jubouri is the one running the Jabhat al- Nusrah Front.