Evolution of Alqaidah’s attempts to counter the Islamic State

by brother shamiwitness(May Allah hasten his release from the hands of the filthy cow worshipers)

This article was written on 14/7/2014


All such attempts have been failures, partly due to AQ’s own glaring contradictions, as in claiming the Islamic State in Iraq was a state in 2006, but calling it a Jamaat in 2013-2014, without any clarification as to how the State got demoted to a jamaat.
Failure to address this contradiction in a coherent manner was the 1st major failed attempt.

2nd line of attempt was to stress on wide-spectrum shura, hoping the Syrian rebel groups like Islamic Front and others can play the role of Afghan Taliban to Nusra’s AQC, thereby side-lining any meaningful space for the Islamic State. This was a spectacular failure coz as expected, IS didn’t budge, and the pseudo-Islamists in IF et al were nowhere near willing or able to play the role of Afghan Taliban expected by AQC.

3rd major attempt was a bold move: to shame the Islamic State by publicly disassociating from them in early Feb 2014. This was supposed to take away the foundation of the IS, as if Zarqawi(rh)’s legitimacy in IS, was dependent on AQC’s approval. This failed miserably, AQC vastly over-measured their own brand value, defections from Nusra to IS slowed down just a bit in Feb 2014, but reverse defection was almost unheard of. IS continued in its well thought out military+information campaign to cultivate local legitimacy in the region.

Then came the 4th attempt,& probably what AQC banked most upon: an avalanche of messages from Nusra’s media outlets, as well as AQC’s media outlets,  to stress upon just one narrative: that it was IS that broke the bayah to AQC leadership, thus they should either must return to bayah to Zawahiri , or all their fighters are, bughat, ghulat or even khawarij who should return to AQ fold to shed their sins. Nusra’s media bullhorns like Abu Sulayman and every other top dude in JN tried to basically spend 24/7 on Twitter to ram into the soldier’s mind this narrative. In truth, this attempt had a much modest goal than the one advertised: to stop the continuing flow of muhajireen to IS from Nusra.

This was also a failure coz of IS fierce counter-narrative that AQC was misreading respectful words as IS’s bayah to AQC ldrship. AQ tried to keep playing on this, hoping someone would be convinced, so much so that Dr. Zawahiri in his last message said all bayah taken by Sh Baghdadi after expansion into Sham is invalid! Obviously, nobody cared, and IS continued to wage a successful campaign to return to Deir ez Zor, with a clear objective to avenge Nusra’s betrayal and siding with IF+FSA+Asala+etc, and break its back in the province that lays the proverbial golden egg for the renegade organization.

Then Mosul and a large chunk of northern and western Iraq fell to the Islamic State, and the world changed.

Emir Abu Bakr al Baghdadi was declared Khalifa of all Muslims by the majlis ash shura of the erstwhile Islamic State of Iraq and Sham.

Now AQ(AQC+Nusra) has been trying two approaches, first they tried to say that there was no genuine shura involved in Abu Bakr al Baghdadi’s appointment as Khalifa, thus he is not legit.
Now they have pulled another completely different line, that kind of makes all their earlier attempt to prove IS had bayah to Zawahiri, entirely pointless:

by using an old video of Sh Usama where he says he had full bayah to Mullah Umar, they are trying to pull a completely new line that Mullah Umar is the Khalifa, albeit IN SECRET, thus Abu Bakr al Baghdadi’s claim is not legit.(NOTE:They are not saying this explicitly, but it’s very clear this is the message they are trying to send.)

Forget the fact that there is no such thing as secret Khalifa, there is also never ever any claim of Khilafa from either the shura council of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, or Mullah Umar himself, and rather it has always been presented by themselves as a regional/local emirate with a regional/local emir. Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan also denied any truth to claims that Mullah Umar commanded Jawlani to form an emirate in Sham, and insisted on continued cooperation and discussion among entities in Sham to solve disputes.

Even this attempt has a far more modest aim: they have no desire to see Mullah Umar actually being called Khalifa of the Muslimeen, but to stop the defections from AQ affiliates like Nusra to the Islamic State in droves, like they have been doing recently. Never mind the fact that there is no concept of secret Khalifa in Islam, it’s the most hilarious of all attempts so far.

It’s a desperate attempt to rewrite history of 17-18 years when the world’s Muslims knew Mullah Umar Mujahid(HA), as an emir of Muslims in the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan(IEA), not the entire Ummah. It is also not clear whether AQC at all consulted with IEA in trying to push this message, specially, given how local-focused, accommodating and modest IEA’s project and goals are.

Keep in mind, all these while, there has been a feverish campaign by AQ and its Syrian affiliate to term IS a ghulat or even a khawarij entity, mimicking the methodology of the Gulf regimes to counter Islamist movements at home, this time with  aid of AQ partisan clerics like Al Maqdisi or Abu Qatada.

But so far, mostly a stupendous failure.

And the caravan moves on……..