He dreamt about the Khalifa long before he saw him


When the revolution started in Syria its beginning was Hims(Homs) and Dar’aa and other places in Syria and it had not yet started in Hallab(Allepo).   

And I saw in my dream that there were a large number of Mujahideen entering Hallab(Allepo) from all its sides till they reached a place called Sa’dullahil Jabiriy which is at the center of the City(approximately) and they were carrying black banners written on them “There is no god except Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah” The Tawheed Flag that is.And the Nuseyris were besieged therein(i.e. in the City)  

And I saw at the head of that army, a man dressed in black who had a black turban on his head(The Turban guy) and on his side was a man slighly shorter than him.whenever the turban guy wanted something, he would ask the second guy to speak on his behalf (because of the second guy’s powerful voice)

After that I saw another man coming from the rear who was dressed in white and his face was light upon light.Then the tuban guy descended from his mount for this man and made Takbir! and called for marching out to free Baytul Maqdis!!

Subhanallah! O brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HERE IS A SURPRISE:

When I saw Amirul Mu’miniin (the Leader of the Believers) Abubakar Al Baghdadi dressed in black in the Khutbah(surmon) in which he announced the Khilafah I did not doubt to the least that he was the person I saw in the dream – The Turban guy. And the second man was Adnani.And when I saw their faces I fainted! By Allah,I have not lied not even a letter.

I have not ceased  to search for the man dressed in white among the leaders of The Islamic State and I have not seen him up to now.

By Allah, this dream recurred thrice and for that I came to know that it is a true dream. And for that, however much the people speak ill of them, verily I will be their aider.

I swear by the one who has raised the sky without pillars I surely saw it.

The Link of the Orriginal piece(Arabic): justpaste.it/i7r6