Interview with the captured Jordanian crusader pilot



On Wednesday 2 Rabī’ al-Awwal 1436, an apostate pilot flying for the crusader alliance was captured by the Islamic State after his plane was shot down with a heat-seeking anti-aircraft missile. The successful hitting of the target and subsequent crash was by Allah’s permission. All praise and thanks is due to Him alone. The Jordanian regime admitted to the shooting down of their plane, only to be contradicted by the Americans who worried their allies would stop participating in the airstrikes, as their allies would fear the embarrassment they would face if their soldiers also ended up being captured by the Islamic State. His father and brother then pleaded for his release, claiming he was a “sincere Muslim,” not realizing he was a murderous murtadd due to his military service for the Jordanian tāghūt and his participation in the crusade that killed many Muslims.

The following is an interview with the murtadd.

DĀBIQ: Tell us about yourself. What is your name? Where are you from? How old are you?

MURTADD: My name is Mu’ādh Sāfī Yūsuf al-Kasāsibah. I’m Jordanian, from al-Karak. I was born in 1988. I’m 26 years old.

DĀBIQ: What was your position in the murtadd airforce? When did you start upon this kufrī path?

MURTADD: I was a first lieutenant pilot. I graduated from King Hussein Air College in 2009. I followed up my training until I became an operational pilot in 2012 with the first squadron at Muwaffaq al-Salti Air Base.

DĀBIQ: Tell us about the flight that led to your disgraceful capture on Wednesday.

MURTADD: We were informed of the mission the day before at 4 PM. Our role in the mission was to be sweepers and cover for the striker jets. We sweep the area to destroy any anti-aircraft weaponry on the ground and provide cover in the case enemy jets appear. Then the striker jets equipped with laser-guided missiles come in to carry out their part of the mission.


We took off to Iraq from Muwaffaq al-Salti Air Base – in the city of al-Azraq in Zarqā’ Governorate – at 6:15 AM. We received aerial refueling at 7:55, then went to the waiting area where we were met up by a party consisting of Saudi F15s, Emirati F16s, and Moroccan F16s. We entered the region of arRaqqah to sweep the area, then the striker jets entered to begin their attack. My plane was struck by a heat-seeking missile. I heard and felt its hit. The other Jordanian pilot in the mission – the first lieutenant pilot Saddām Mardīnī – contacted me from a participating jet and told me that I was struck and that fire was coming out of the rear nozzle of my engine. I checked the system display and it indicated that the engine was damaged and burning. The plane began to deviate from its normal flight path, so I ejected. I landed in the Furāt River by parachute and the seat caught on some ground, keeping me fixed, until I was captured by soldiers of the Islamic State.

DĀBIQ: What apostate Arab regimes take part with you in the crusader airstrikes?

MURTADD: Jordan with F16s, the Emirates with upgraded F16s equipped with laser-guided bombs, Saudi with upgraded F15s equipped with laser-guided bombs, Kuwait with aerial refueling aircraft, Bahrain with F16s, Morocco with upgraded F16s, Qatar, and Oman.


DĀBIQ: What airbases are used by the apostates in this crusade?

MURTADD: The Jordanian jets take off from Jordan. The Gulf jets in general take off from Kuwait, Saudi, and Bahrain. There are also some airports designated for emergency landing: Azraq Airport in Jordan, ‘Ar’ar Airport in Saudi, Baghdad International Airport, Kuwaiti Internat ional Airport, and an airport in a Turkish city – whose name I forget – about 100 kilometers from the Syrian border.

DĀBIQ: And the crusaders, what bases do they use?

MURTADD: Some of the American and French jets take off from Prince Hassan Air Base and Muwaffaq al-Salti Air Base. Some of the American jets also take off from Turkey.

DĀBIQ: How are the flight missions coordinated?

MURTADD: There are American bases in Qatar where the missions are planned, targets are decided, and assignments are distributed. They draw out the missions for every participating country a day before. The participating parties are informed of their assignments by 4 o’clock the next day. The Americans use aerial snipers, satellites, spies, and drones taking off from Gulf countries to determine and study targets. We are given aerial maps and pictures of the targets.

DĀBIQ: Have you met the American crusaders?

MURTADD: Of course. There are around 200 Americans in Muwaffaq al-Salti Air Base. Amongst them, there are about 16 US pilots, one of which is female, with the remainder of the 200 serving as technicians, engineers, and in other support roles. The Americans somet imes have dinner with us and eat mansaf, which they like a lot. Their talk does not include details about operations because of matters of secrecy and security.

DĀBIQ: Have any of the US pilots been killed while on mission?

MURTADD: In early December, one of them took off from Muwaffaq al-Salti Air Base in the direction of Iraq where many of the coalition jets assemble in mid-air to form attack squadrons. He was followed by a second jet taking off in the same direction. The second jet’s landing gear failed to retract after take-off. The pilot asked the first jet to pull back towards him and verify the problem. The first pilot confirmed there was a problem with the landing gear. There was heavy fog and one of the jets crashed in Jordan. The pilot died from this accident.


DĀBIQ: Have you seen videos produced by the Islamic State?

MURTADD: No, I haven’t.

DĀBIQ: We will make sure the jailers provide you with the opportunity to see “Although the Disbelievers Dislike It.” Do you know what the Islamic State will do with you?

MURTADD: Yes… They will kill me…



[Taken from Dabiq 6 pg 34-37]

2 comments on “Interview with the captured Jordanian crusader pilot

  1. Maryam says:

    Alhamdulilah he got what was coming to him, he and his comrades burned so many innocent Muslims. May Allah swt bring all Shaitan Coalition aircraft crashing down to the earth, ameen.

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