Because of his loyalty to the Khilāfah, the mujāhid Abū Basīr al-Ifrīqī (Amedy Coulibaly – rahimahullāh) arranged to send his wife Umm Basīr al-Muhājirah to its lands prior to his shahādah in the blessed operations of Paris. After her safe arrival, Dābiq had the opportunity to present some questions to the sister and she answered with beneficial responses. May Allah protect all the wives of the shuhadā’ and mujāhidīn and keep them firm upon the truth until they meet their Lord (‘azza wa jall).

DĀBIQ: How was your hijrah? And how do you feel now in the land of the Khilāfah?

UMM BASĪR: All praise is due to Allah who facilitated the way for me. I did not find any difficulty. Living in a land where the law of Allah (‘azza wa jall) is implemented is something great. I feel at ease now that I have carried out this obligation. All praise is due to Allah. I ask Allah to keep me firm.

DĀBIQ: What was your husband’s reaction when the Khilāfah was announced?

UMM BASĪR: He was very happy. He immediately believed in the Khalīfah and the Khilāfah by giving bay’ah. And all praise is due to Allah. We ask Allah to have mercy upon him, accept him, and make him from those close to Him. His heart was burning to meet his brothers in the land of the Khilāfah and fight the enemies of Allah. His eyes shined every time he would watch the videos of the Islamic State. He would say, “Don’t show me this,” because when he would watch the videos, it would make him want to perform hijrah immediately and that would have conflicted with his intent to carry out the operations in France.

DĀBIQ: Do you have a message to the Muslims in general and Muslim sisters in particular?

UMM BASĪR: Remember {the Day when every soul will come disputing for itself, and every soul will be fully compensated for what it did, and they will not be wronged} [An-Nahl: 111].

My brothers and sisters, I call on you to be concerned about the condition of the Ummah in the world, to act in accordance to such while following the Qur’ān and Sunnah.

Allah (ta’ālā) gave you minds to think with and intelligence to reason with. Why do you degrade yourselves by thinking you cannot understand the Qur’ān and Sunnah and believing you are in need of the understanding of this imam or that scholar? It is true, we need the people of knowledge in general, but, alhamdulillāh, Allah facilitated the understanding of the Qur’ān and Sunnah. {All praise is due to Allah, who has sent down upon His Servant the Book and has not made therein any crookedness} [Al-Kahf: 1].

Study the Sīrah of the Prophet (sallallāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam) and the stories of the Companions. Observe what the goal of their lives was. Their goal was to worship Allah as He wants to be worshipped not as our desires dictate.

I saw from amongst you generous people with enthusiasm. Do not lose these traits by following certain individuals. Sincerely ask Allah to guide you. Strive against your inner selves so that you might succeed.

O Allah, show us the truth as truth and guide us to follow it. And show us falsehood as falsehood and guide us to avoid it.

My sisters, be bases of support and safety for your husbands, brothers, fathers, and sons. Be advisors to them. They should find comfort and peace with you. Do not make things difficult for them. Facilitate all matters for them. Be strong and brave. It is essential that you make all your deeds sincerely for Allah’s face and hope for His reward. Know that the Companions (radiyallāhu ‘anhum) did not spread Islam in these vast lands except with their righteous wives behind them. Do not waste your time and energy in play, futility, and what does not concern you. Learn your religion! Learn your religion! Read the Qur’ān, reflect upon it, and practice it. Nourish your love of Allah and His Messenger. It is essential for you to love Allah and His Messenger more than your own selves, your husbands, your children, and your parents. Follow the example of Āsiyah – the wife of Pharaoh – who left the Dunyā for Allah and the Hereafter although she was a queen and had the wealth of the Dunyā. She was tortured and killed because of this choice, but Allah kept her firm and raised her above many women. And all praise is due to Allah, the Forgiving and Generous. Follow the example of Maryam (‘alayhassalām) in her chastity, modesty, obedience of Allah, and truthfulness, which was one of her greatest traits, and so Allah chose her and raised her above many women. And all praise is due to Allah, the Majestic. There were many righteous women in history, so follow their example. Be patient. Patience is a great virtue. May Allah, the Bestower, provide you with patience. The life of the believer is full of trials and tribulations. So be patient while hoping for Allah’s reward. Life is short, even if it appears sometimes – during times of sorrow – to be long. By Allah, what awaits us is better and ever-lasting, inshā’allāh. We ask Allah for support and success. And there is no might nor power except by Allah.

{Exalted is your Lord, the Lord of might, above what they describe. And peace upon the messengers. And praise to Allah, Lord of the worlds}  [As-Sāffāt: 180-182].

[Taken From Dabiq issue 7 page 50 and 51]

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