“What is Japan’s concern with us? Who has drawn Japan into this difficult, powerful, and f ierce war… into this transgression against our sons in Palestine? Japan cannot endure entering into a war against us. Therefore, it should reconsider its stance. What is the concern of Australia in the far south with us and with the condition of the defenseless people of Afghanistan and Palestine? What is Germany’s concern in this war except kufr and crusade? It is yet another crusade just like the former crusades led by Richard the Lionheart, Barbarossa of Germany, and Louis of France. Likewise today, when Bush raised the cross, the crusader countries immediately scrambled. What is the Arab countries’ concern with this crusade? Why have they entered into it nakedly and openly in broad daylight? Because they are pleased with the rule of the cross” [October 2001 Interview].

Shaykh Usāmah Ibn Lādin (rahimahullāh) said the above words 13 years ago when numerous nations rushed to join the crusader coalition mobilized to invade Afghanistan. Japan joined the crusade despite its non-Christian paganism, its “pacifist” constitution, and its great distance from Afghanistan. The unwise Prime Minister at the time – Junichiro Koizumi – committed to providing logistical support for the Western crusaders. What kind of interests did he expect to achieve for Japan in joining a crusade against Muslims? Thereafter, Japan – again under the leadership of Koizumi – joined the crusaders in Iraq by dispatching its “Self-Defense” Forces to support them there. Then when the mujāhidīn under the leadership of Shaykh Abū Mus’ab azZarqāwī (rahimahullāh) captured the Japanese crusader Shosei Koda and threatened to execute him unless Japanese forces withdrew from Iraq, Koizumi and his government arrogantly stated that Japan would not concede to the demands of “terrorists.” Accordingly, Koda was decapitated like those before him from amongst the prisoners belonging to the crusader coalition including Nick Berg and Kenneth Bigley.


Almost a decade later, “pacifist” Japan has once again defied wisdom by entering into another crusader coalition against the Muslims, but this time under the leadership of the “Nobel Peace Prize” winner Obama. And so a “pacifist” country is led by a “peace” prizewinner in a war doomed to fail. What interests did Abe Shinzo expect to achieve for Japan by publicly committing more than 200 million dollars to be explicitly used in the war against the Islamic State, as if the Khilāfah were not a dangerous entity to anger? What kind of hubris blinded him to make his thoughtless announcement from a podium erected by the tāghūt Sisi who wages war against the soldiers of the Khilāfah in Wilāyat Saynā’? What begot him into “forgetting” that the Islamic State had two Japanese prisoners inside its jails awaiting the blunders of Japanese leadership?

It was nothing save the plan of Allah from which the pagans felt secure. And so immediately the Islamic State demanded 200 million dollars from the Japanese government, the same sum initially committed to the crusaders and their apostate allies by the Japanese Prime Minister. The Khilāfah was not in need of the money and knew fully that the Japanese would never provide the sum, but it had decided – by this demand – to humiliate the arrogance of this Japanese government… a government in a line of governments enslaved by the West since the Second World War.

After the passing of the first deadline, the Japanese prisoner Haruna Yukawa was executed while Japanese representatives rushed to the murtadd Jordanian regime. The Islamic State immediately requested for the release and transfer of Sājidah ar-Rīshāwī – a mujāhidah who was imprisoned by the Jordanian tāghūt for almost 10 years – to the lands of the Khilāfah in exchange for Kenji Goto Jogo. The Jordanian regime recklessly complicated the process for the Japanese by attempting to include their pilot in the exchange deal, but the Khilāfah explicitly refused such during the negotiations with the representative of the Jordanian tāghūt – ‘Āsim Tāhir al-Barqāwī (AKA Abū Muhammad al-Maqdisī) [ Perhaps Allah will facilitate a detailed exposure of how al-Barqāwī (whose campaign of lies carries on) represented the Jordanian tāghūt in these negotiations. Wallāhul-musta’ān…] – as there were other plans for the murtadd pilot. In the end, both al-Barqāwī’s murtadd client and the Japanese prisoner were executed due to the negligence of both regimes in heeding the warnings of the Islamic State. The relatives of Kenji Goto Jogo and the murtadd pilot have no one to blame but the political leaders of their lands who strive to appease and serve the American crusaders.

Prior to Abe Shinzo’s thoughtless pledge of support for this crusade, Japan was not on the list of priorities to be targeted by the Islamic State, but through Abe Shinzo’s foolishness, all Japanese citizens and interests – wherever they may be found – are now a target for the soldiers and patrons of the Khilāfah everywhere.


Japan is now in a complicated predicament. How can it escape this threat? Can Abe Shinzo take the step to save his people whom he recklessly exposed to the wrath of the Khilāfah? Can he bravely announce the halting of his support for the war against the Khilāfah after making his infamously unwise announcement against the Islamic State? That is very doubtful…

So let his citizens know that the sword of the Khilāfah has been unsheathed against the pagans of Japan by Allah’s might and power…

[Taken from Dabiq issue 7 pages 3&4]

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  1. Abbad ibn Bashr says:

    Assalamu Alaikum Akhi im messaging u here cause i dnt trust twitter but can u contact me with ur surespot or some other way or dm @ahmed_abunamir


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