The battle on the Sinai and Libyan fronts was recently intensified as the soldiers of the Islamic State carried out multiple operations that shattered any hope or confidence the crusaders could have in their murtadd puppets maintaining control in the face of the Khilāfah’s expansion. In Libya’s Wilāyat Tarābulus, an assault took place in the Corinthia Hotel – known to house the murtadd “prime minister,” Omar al-Hasi and other murtadd “government officials,” frequented by kāfir foreign diplomats, and used by the crusader support mission in Libya (UNSMIL). The assault, carried out in revenge for the death of Abū Anas al-Lībī (rahimahullāh), saw two of the Islamic State’s inghimāsiyyīn – Abū Ibrāhīm at-Tūnusī and Abū Sulaymān as-Sūdānī (may Allah accept them both) – storm the hotel and lay waste to a number of apostates and crusaders inside.


This prompted the murtadd security forces to rush to the location, where they were greeted by a car-bomb that was waiting for them outside the hotel.


The soldiers of Wilāyat Saynā’, meanwhile, carried out widespread and simultaneous attacks against Sisi’s murtadd army in three different cities in the Sinai region. The attacks involved over 100 mujāhidīn armed with light, medium, and heavy weapons, as well as explosives and mortars. They included a strike carried out against the 101st  Brigades in al-‘Arīsh using a truck carrying multiple tons of explosives, followed by two more istishhādī vehicles used to strike the Security Quarter, which encompasses the Security Administration, National Security, Military Intelligence, and the Armed Forces barracks. This was then followed by two inghimāsiyyīn armed with light weapons and explosive belts.



These strikes coincided with a number of assaults on numerous security checkpoints in the areas of al-‘Arīsh, Shaykh Zuwayd, and Rafah. The coordinated attacks, part of a string of operations dubbed “We Swear We Will Take Revenge,” led to the killing and wounding of hundreds of murtadd soldiers – including multiple high-ranking officers – and the destruction of a number of police and military facilities.


[Taken from Dabiq issue 7 page 40 and 41]

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