The Following article has been taken from Ansar Al Mujahideen English Forum(AMEF).It was posted by one of the brothers may Allah have mercy on him on 14/5/20112.

As-salâmu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakâtuhu

I would like to share some characteristics of the martyred Sheikh Abu Mus’ab az-Zarqawi (May Allah have Mercy on him) from those who saw him, who sat beside him, who lived with him in Fallujah and Ramadi, and from what I saw because I had the honor of seeing him once, from a distance. He (may Allaah have mercy on him) was looking for a brother from biladul Haramayn(The Land of the two Holy Mosques) who was injured during fighting in Fallujah, and we had taken him to the Mujahideen’s hospital in Al Muhamadiya, and this is where I had the honor of seeing him.

I do not know why I write these lines, perhaps because I miss him a lot, perhaps because today I bought bread and cookies that I distributed to the children of Ahl -Sunnah among the Muhajireen(emigrants), for I intended this to be charity for the Lion and I asked the children to invoke Allah for the Sheikh.

1 – When you saw him, you would remember the name of Allah, and His Grace. May Allah have mercy on him, he was so joyous, and smiling but his eyes were never dry of tears, especially during the prayer of Al Fajr(Dawn prayer), the du’aa which he repeated the most was: “Oh Allah, I ask for Your pleasure on me, and on those who left in Your Path “

2 – He was quiet despite the difficulties, and was fearless. He knew no fear save the fear of Allah.

3 – His modesty would amaze you. One day he was at the Al Al Mu’adhidhi to pray ‘Asr, and there was an old man who was paralyzed. The man was having difficulty in putting on his shoes. So Sheikh Abu Mus’ab sits down next to the old man, and he helps the old man in wearing the shoes. The old man seeing this, begins to cry and told the Sheikh: “O my son, you made me blush” thereupon Sheikh Abu Mus’ab embraced the old man’s head, and left the mosque .

4 – The Sheikh was very sweet. A Mujahid said: “One day, the Sheikh was driving. On the road, he saw an old woman carrying bags too heavy for her.The Sheykh then ordered the driver to stop. Then the Sheikh alighted the car, and took the bags himself to the house of the lady, she did not know that it was Abu Mus’ab who carried the bags for her.”

5 – He was patient and forgiving when someone attacked him personaly, but he would turn red with anger when the rights of Allah are encroached upon. One day, an insolent in Fallujah, comes to him and says to the Sheikh: “O Abu Mus’ab, why are you in Fallujah to fight the Americans and the Jews, while their flags fly over Jordan, go back to your country and fight them there”. Some of the brothers stood up to correct that, but the Sheikh told them to sit. The Sheikh then asked the man to sit next to him, the he put his hand on his shoulder, and he could not hold back the tears(May Allah have mercy on him). Then he smiled at the man and said: “What is your name?” And the man replied, “What is the connection between my name and my question?” Then the Sheikh said, “My dear brother, if Abu Mus’ab’s fate in Iraq ends, do you think the mujahideen lay down their arms?” The man replied “no”, then the Sheikh continued: “Think of me as a servant in the service of your grandchildren, and your your great grandchildren and by Allah, I will not do anything that is not approved by Allah.Do you think that those who want the pleasure of Allah would harm a Muslim?” and the man said, “Yes you are right.”

Then the sheikh said to him; “So have the good news that if Allah wills,By Allah, you will not see that from me either(i.e. harming a Muslim)”

After the sheikh finished talking, the man wanted to kiss the hand of the Sheikh, but he (may Allaah have Mercy on him) took his hand away in time. The man then said, “By Allah! they lied to me, they said you are an unjust leader, and it has occurred to me now that you are nobler than everyone I have seen”

After the Martyrdom of Sheikh Abu Mus’ab, I saw this man again and today he is part of a brigade of the Islamic State of Iraq, all Praise be to Allah. Today he is among those who love the Sheikh the most, and I heard that he distributed water and dates in the streets and told people: “Pray to Allah that He has mercy on Sheikh Abu Mus’ab Az-Zarqawi and that he admits him to Jannah”

6 – His courage. All those who participated with him in the battles would say that he was the first to attack the enemy and the last to retreat. He was light and quick in his movements, he had great determination, a beautiful body, he was neither fat nor thin neither small nor great. One day after a battle, one of his companions said to him: “O Sheikh, you advance too far into the enemy lines, which is dangerous, we fear for you! ” Here the Sheikh laughed and said nothing, and his companions understood what he meant. In another instance he said this: “I fear that Allah will ask me about a piece of land that I abandoned in which I was able to trample and slay a crusader. By Allah, the more I advance towards the enemy, the more I get hungry for more blood. But in reality it is only one of the two good things, either Victory or Martyrdom”

He would carry on his shoulders dozens of the mujahideen wounded in the battle, he would donate blood to the hospital for his brothers.

There are alot of things we do not know about the Sheikh.He would perform ruqya(exorcism) on the sick. One day a Mujahid came to him and said: “O Sheikh, my son is sick, he does not sleep at night, he cries all the time, and he has been this way for a year now” The Sheikh told him to bring his son to him. He loved children , he would forget the world when he was with a child, he would play with them and make them laugh. So the man brought his son to the Sheikh, and the Sheikh recited a long prayer over the child holding his head, gave him water to drink, and washed his face with what remained of the water. The child’s father later said: “By Allah, my son never cried after that day” it was also said that the father changed the name of his son to Abu Mus’ab az-Zarqawi.

That is all I could remember about this man that I love with all my heart, and for that reason, I broke my hand hitting the wall when I heard of the news of his martyrdom.

My eyes have not dried (tears) O Abu Mus’ab.
May Allah have mercy on you, and grant you Paradise.

And peace be on you, and Allah’s mercy.

Your brother Al Mudhtahid
Soldier of the Islamic State of Iraq

As-salâmu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakâtuhu


  1. rooter9 says:

    You have got to be kidding me ? a Martyr you said ? killing people in the name of Allah Subbhanhu wa taala ? who thought you this ? i would do the same if what you’re doing is right but you have got the Islam the wrong way brother , Wake up before it’s too late .

    even though i think this wordpress was made the US to mislead the true meaning of Islam , hasbunallah wa nima alwakeel .


  2. Muhammad says:

    Brother rooter9 let us ask Du’a to speak only with knowledge and be kind to our brothers.

    If we are not kind, it is bad but if we are not kind and talk without knowledge, and turn out to be the one who is actually wrong, is even worse.

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  3. yusuf says:

    killing shias is fardh!


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