Written by Abu Usamah as-Somali (The Canadian Muhajir known from the Vice News interview)

Allah (swt) says in Surah Baqarah 195:
“And spend in the way of Allah and do not throw [yourselves] with your [own] hands into destruction [by refraining from spending in Jihad]. And do good; indeed, Allah loves the good doers”

He (swt) also says in Surah Baqarah 245: “Who is it that would loan Allah a goodly loan so He may multiply it for him many times over? And it is Allah who withholds and grants in abundance, and to Him you will be returned”

And our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) said:
“Whoever spends in the path of Allah, it would be multiplied for them 700 times” [Tirmidhi]

Anas that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Fight the mushriks by means of your wealth and your selves and your tongues.” [Abu Dawood, 2186]. Al-San’aani said in Subul al-Salaam, 4/87:
This hadeeth indicates that it is obligatory to fight in jihad with one’s self, which means going out and confronting the kuffaar directly; with one’s wealth, which means spending on what is required for jihad such as weapons etc; and with one’s tongue, by establishing proof against them, calling them to Allaah, and by raising one’s voices when meeting the enemy and shouting at them and everything else that will cause harm
to the enemies.

Al-Shawkaani said in Nayl al-Awtaar (8/29): This indicates that it is obligatory to engage in jihad against the enemy with one’s wealth, one’s hands and one’s tongue. The Qur’aanic command mentions jihad with one’s self and one’s wealth in several places, and the apparent meaning of the command is that it is obligatory.

Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah said in al-Ikhtiyaaraat, p. 530: Whoever is unable to take part in jihad physically but is able to take part in jihad by means of his wealth, is obliged to take part in jihad by means of his wealth. So those who are well off must spend for the sake of Allaah.

Based on this: it is obligatory for women to take part in jihad by means of their wealth if they have excess wealth. The same applies to the wealth of minors if there is a need, just as it is also obligatory to pay zakaah on this wealth. But if the enemy attacks, there is no room for differences of opinion, because in that case it is obligatory according to scholarly consensus, to ward off their harm to religious commitment, lives and honour.

Spending for the sake of Allaah is one of the best kinds of charity, for which Allaah has promised a great reward.
He says: “The likeness of those who spend their wealth in the way of Allaah, is as the likeness of a grain (of corn); it grows seven ears, and each ear has a hundred grains. Allaah gives manifold increase to whom He wills. And Allaah is All-Sufficient for His creatures’ needs, All-Knower”[al-Baqarah 2:261]

Al-Sa’di (may Allaah have mercy on him) said: “The likeness of those who spend their wealth in the way of Allaah” means, in obedience to Him and seeking His pleasure, foremost among which is spending on jihad for His sake. “Is as the likeness of a grain (of corn); it grows seven ears, and each ear has a hundred grains” this gives a vivid image of the greatness of the multiple reward, as if a person can see that with his own eyes, so that with strong faith and this vivid image in his mind, a man will be able to spend in the hope of this great reward from Allaah. “Allaah gives manifold increase” meaning, this multiplication of the reward, “to whom He wills”, meaning according to the situation of the giver and his sincerity and honesty, and according to the situation of what is given, whether it is halaal and beneficial and whether it is spent in an appropriate manner. “Allaah gives manifold increase” – more than that, “to whom He wills” – so He gives them reward without reckoning. “And Allaah is All-Sufficient” giving abundantly, so the giver should not imagine that this increase is a kind of exaggeration, because no bounty is too great for Allaah to give, and giving does not decrease what He possesses of bounty. And He is “All-Knower” and knows who deserves that increase and who does not, so He bestows the increase as appropriate because of His complete knowledge and wisdom

For those who are unable to migrate to the Islamic State but have the ability to support the Jihad and the Muhajireen. This is the next best thing you can do aside from striking the enemies In Dar al-Kufr.

The virtues of doing so are countless as mentioned by Prophet Muhammad (saw) in numerous ahadith.

”Whoever prepares a fighter going out in the Path of Allah has, in fact, fought. And whoever takes good care of the family left behind by the fighter in the Path of Allah has, in fact, fought.” [Bukhari]

“Whoever prepared a fighter going out in the Path of Allah will have the same reward as him (the fighter) without the reward of the fighter being decreased at all.” [Ibn Majah]

And this is a great opportunity for a man if he is excused in not marching forth (such as the blind, the lame, etc.), because he has the chance to prepare one who will fight in the Path of Allah and recieve the reward of his fighting. And there is no doubt that this is a mighty gate from the gates of good and righteousness and is the best thing that one’s charity and Zakah can go to. In addition, it falls under the category of being ‘In the Path of Allah’ (Fi Sabilillah).

And it is also an opportunity for the woman that is not able to go out in the Path of Allah, because it is within her ability to prepare the fighters using her wealth, jewelry, and whatever else she can find to have a share of this great reward. Women played a great role in the early days of Islam as well as during various other time periods, and we can not fail to mention here what was done by the sister of the heroic martyred commander Abu Ja’far al Yemeni (may Allah have Mercy upon him), as was mentioned in his biography on the Qoqaz.com website:
She sold all of her gold and prepared him with the wealth that she gained from that.

So where are the likes of such women?
Rather, where are the men?

Likewise, there is an opportunity in this for the one who is unable to give his own wealth, because he can prepare a fighter by collecting money from others in order to give to them.

The Prophet (saw) said: “The one faciliates a good act being performed is like the one who performed it”
For those looking to support the Mujahideen financially, there is a safe and secure way of doing so.

For more information contact:
Surespot: muhajirsomali
KIK: Muhajir_asSumalee

(As well as help with Hijra)

May Allah bless us all and enter us into al-Firdous.

Exposing The Deviance of Al Qaidah 2.0

The Islamic State in Yemen carried out martydom opperations in some shia temples(Note: The shias call them Huseiniyats not Mosques) in San’a and Sadah and by the grace of Allah they killed more than a hundred from the Huthi Shia Murtadeen. The attack also killed some prominent shia clerics that considered slandering ummul Mu’miniin ‘Aisha(RA) and calling her an adulteress an act of worship. Below are some of the images from the blessed opperation:




The news spread in the Media then The Islamic State released a statement claiming responsibility for these blessed attacks:


This follows the repeated call by the Khilafah:

“O soldiers of Yemen…. O people of support and aid….. O people of wisdom and faith…. be harsh against the Huthi Rāfidha, for they are kuffar appostates.Fight them and overcome them.Be certain that their turn is coming and it will be in your favour, for the Rāfidha are a forsaken nation.If they had found Muwahideen to fight them, their evil would not have festered. Thus, seek Allah’s aid, for you can handle them, insha’Allah.Strike their shirk with your tawheed, and Allah will break their strength. Allah will transfer their wealth and arms to you. You will seize it from their hands as war booty through which you will support Allah’s religion and continue to be the people of support.” [The Khalifah Ibrahim Abubakar Al Baghdadi(HA) in his speech “Even if the disbelievers despise such” in which he accepted the bayahs from Yemen,Algeria,Sinai,Al Haramayn and Libya]

“Alas for San’aa! the rafidhī huthis have entered it, but the car bombs have not roasted their skin, nor have the explosive belts and the IEDs cut their joints. Is there not in Yemen, a person who will take revenge for us from the huthis?” [Sheykhul Mujahid Abu Muhammad Al Adnani Ashami (HA) in the audio statement “Indeed your Lord is ever watchful” released on 21/9/2014]

The above statements by the Khilafah did not go down well with Al Qaidah in the Arabian Peninsula(AQAP).So they released an audio statement by sh Harith An-Nadhari(May Allah forgive him and accept his shahadah) in which they tried to prove that they really are harsh against the Shia kuffar and they cleverly tried to potray to the Muslim ummah that they indeed are making takfeer on the Huthis which was not the case.

This statement and the ‘aqeedah and manhaj of Al Qaidah 2.0 were refuted by Sheykh Abu Maysara Ashami(HA) in Dabiq 6.He exposed their reality which they were hidding.In it he says:

“Furthermore, an-Nadhārī fell into a bizarre contradiction, for he emphasized his affiliation with his amīr, adh-Dhawāhirī, who doesn’t make takfīr of the Rāfidah to begin with. And if adhDhawārī were to consider making takfīr of them, he wouldn’t “make takfīr” of them except for one justification: supporting America in their aggression towards the Muslims.So how does an-Nadhārī make takfīr of the Rāf idah and the army without the elaboration of adh-Dhawāhirī? Would he disobey his amīr whom he tried to defend, claiming that he never went astray! And how can he call to waging war against the Houthis when this goes against the Dhawāhirī directives that he was ordered to adhere to and as a result of which the evil of the Houthis and the new tāghūt in Yemen became exacerbated!” [ THE QA’IDAH OF ADH-DHAWAHIRI, AL-HARARI, AND AN-NADHARI, AND THE ABSENT YEMENI WISDOM By Abū Maysarah ash-Shāmī Dabiq 6 page 19]

So The clear ‘aqeedah and manhaj of alqaidah under Dhawahiri became clear when the Islamic State struck The Huthis in Yemen. AQAP could nolonger hide its erroneous ‘aqeedah. It immediately released a statement distancing itself from that act and euphemistically reffered to the Huthi Mushrikiin killed as Muslims.Below is the statement they released:


Take a look at the above statement that was released by Alqaidah under Adh-Dhawahiri(Alqaidah 2.0) and compare it with the statement bellow that was released by Alqaidah under sh Usamah bin Ladin(Alqaidah 1.0).It was published by AQAP on their official English Magazine Inspire issue 4 in the winter of 2010:


So Alqaidah under sh Usamah considers Houthi Rafidha a legitimate target and warns Ahl As-Sunnah to avoid:

1. their meeting places
2. motorcades
3. checkpoints
4. and warns them from riding with them in their vehicles.

Aint the above 4, public gatherings that “Muslims(i.e. Huthis)” could be killed? what has changed?

Anyone who examins today’s Alqaidah with a sincere mind will see that they have actually deviated from the right ‘aqeedah and Manhaj May Allah guide them.


The above Image, is a Shia Rafidhi Soldier performing sijdah for a “picture” of Hussein bin Ali(ra).

Registering on twitter without Phone Verification – Part 2

Ansar Al Khilafah technical Team presents:

Registering on twitter without Phone Verification – Part 2 (using JonDo IP Changer)

See also Registering on twitter without phone varification part 1 and The blocklist tutorial
As discussed in the previous tutorial (see here), Twitter requires you to verify your account using your phone if you are using a non-United States IP-address. This tutorial will allow you to avoid this using the JonDo IP-Changer proxy software (https://anonymous-proxy-servers.net/en/jondo.html).

First download it and install it.

Then when you want to use it, there are two things you have to do.

First open the installation folder and choose the JonDo icon:


What we are doing here is first activating the proxy before we use the anonymous browser. Otherwise you won’t be proxified if you just use the anonymous browser..

This screen this pops up:


At the drop-down box above, choose any option which ends with the USA flag on the right. This means we are making our exit IP-address a US based IP address. Also make sure to click On in the Anonymity box:


Once anonymity has been activated, go back to the installation folder:


And choose JonDoFox Portable. This is the browser you will use to surf anonymously. Once the browser is open, you can check your IP-address to show you are anonymous:



When going to Twitter to register, you will have to do the right-click on the Twitter homepage and allow all scripts in this page on NoScript, otherwise you won’t be able to register. You may have to choose allow scripts twice. This process with NoScript was discussed in the blocklist tutorial (see here)

Once you manage to register (no need to give phone number), you will have to verify through email. Do so as discussed in the first article (see here), and once registered, you can use Tor Browser Bundle as your Twitter anonymous browser instead of JonDo.

I cannot offer guarantees that this is 100% secure, but it is going to take a master-terrorist or a pedophile for the intel agencies to make the effort to uncover you.

Registering on twitter without Phone Verification – Part 1

Ansar Al Khilafah technical Team presents:

Registering on twitter without Phone Verification – Part 1

see also Regestering on twitter without phone varification part 2 and The Blocklist Tutorial

Twitter works on the principle that if your IP address is based outside of the United States, then when registering an account, you will need to provide phone or SMS verification. You can choose not to provide it, but if you do so, Twitter will eventually ask you to provide it, and if not provided then, your account is automatically suspended by their algorithm.

There are a few ways around this if you are outside of the US, or even in the US, and don’t want to use your real IP address.

The first is to use a Proxy VPN which would allow you to select a US-based IP address to register with Twitter. For example, use CyberGhost VPN (http://www.cyberghostvpn.com/), which is free.

After you have installed it and activated it, open up the program. It eventually takes you to a world map. On the bottom-left, choose “Simulated Country”:


Then scroll down this list and choose the USA. The server maybe full, so choose a time when it is not full:


Then proceed to register on Twitter whilst using this USA IP-address. Once registered and confirmed through email, you no longer have to use CyberGhost VPN. You can use Tor Brwoser Bundle.

Remember, make sure your email address was not registered using your real IP address, and make sure it is not one of the big three (Gmail, Yahoo or Microsoft). You can use a Tor-based email such as Mail2Tor (http://mail2tor2zyjdctd.onion), Sigaint (http://sigaintevyh2rzvw.onion/) or RuggedInbox.com (https://ruggedinbox.com/). You should only register for these email services whilst using the Tor Browser Bundle (https://www.torproject.org/projects/torbrowser.html.en).

There is the inherent danger that if you are a particularly high-value target, that the intel agencies may ask Twitter what IP address was used to first register with Twitter. They will then give over the CyberGhost IP-address used to register. It maybe be possible then for the intel agencies to ask CyberGhost to hand over the real IP address of the person who used their proxy IP address to register with Twitter at that time and on that day. While unlikely, especially if you are a low-value target, keep in mind that this method does not provide 100% anonymity if the intel agencies truly consider you a high-value target.

If you truly think you are under surveillance, then know that VPNs are not secure. According to Der Spiegel:

VPN Security only Virtual

One example is virtual private networks (VPN), which are often used by companies and institutions operating from multiple offices and locations. A VPN theoretically creates a secure tunnel between two points on the Internet. All data is channeled through that tunnel, protected by cryptography. When it comes to the level of privacy offered here, virtual is the right word, too. This is because the NSA operates a large-scale VPN exploitation project to crack large numbers of connections, allowing it to intercept the data exchanged inside the VPN — including, for example, the Greek government’s use of VPNs. The team responsible for the exploitation of those Greek VPN communications consisted of 12 people, according to an NSA document SPIEGEL has seen.

The NSA also targeted SecurityKiss, a VPN service in Ireland. The following fingerprint for Xkeyscore, the agency’s powerful spying tool, was reported to be tested and working against the service:

fingerprint(‘encryption/securitykiss/x509’) = $pkcs and ( ($tcp and from_port(443)) or ($udp and (from_port(123) or from_por (5000) or from_port(5353)) ) ) and (not (ip_subnet(‘’ or ‘’ or ‘’ )) ) and ‘RSA Generated Server Certificate’c and ‘Dublin1’c and ‘GL CA’c;

According to an NSA document dating from late 2009, the agency was processing 1,000 requests an hour to decrypt VPN connections. This number was expected to increase to 100,000 per hour by the end of 2011. The aim was for the system to be able to completely process “at least 20 percent” of these requests, meaning the data traffic would have to be decrypted and reinjected. In other words, by the end of 2011, the NSA’s plans called for simultaneously surveilling 20,000 supposedly secure VPN communications per hour.

VPN connections can be based on a number of different protocols. The most widely used ones are called Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) and Internet Protocol Security (Ipsec). Both seem to pose few problems for the NSA spies if they really want to crack a connection. Experts have considered PPTP insecure for some time now, but it is still in use in many commercial systems. The authors of one NSA presentation boast of a project called FOURSCORE that stores information including decrypted PPTP VPN metadata.

Using a number of different programs, they claim to have succeeded in penetrating numerous networks. Among those surveilled were the Russian carrier Transaero Airlines, Royal Jordanian Airlines as well as Moscow-based telecommunications firm Mir Telematiki. Another success touted is the NSA’s surveillance of the internal communications of diplomats and government officials from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkey.

Ipsec as a protocol seems to create slightly more trouble for the spies. But the NSA has the resources to actively attack routers involved in the communication process to get to the keys to unlock the encryption rather than trying to break it, courtesy of the unit called Tailored Access Operations: “TAO got on the router through which banking traffic of interest flows,” it says in one presentation.http://www.spiegel.de/international/germany/inside-the-nsa-s-war-on-internet-security-a-1010361.html

So if you are under surveilance, there is a chance that your VPN connection can be decrypted while you are using it. Their systems can automatically detect when you are using a VPN and then hijack it. So if you are under surveilance, do not use this method.

This danger does not apply to registering with the email services I mentioned as you registered with them through Tor, which as of our current understanding, is secure.

The Blocklist Tutorial

Ansar Al Khilafah technical Team presents:

The Blocklist Tutorial

see also Registering on twitter without phone varification (part 1 and part 2)

So here is a long list of people to block. Unfortunately some genuine Muslims may have been caught up in the blocklist, so if you do see a genuine one, please feel free to unblock him.

The criteria for blocking a Muslim is either if his account was following the major spammers which are taking down pro-Baqiyah accounts, or that he is in some way affiliated or supports enemies of the Khilafah.

So if you are a genuine Muslim who followed the spammer accounts, make sure to unfollow them so that you do not get looked at with suspicion.

To get started, log into you Twitter account.

Then paste this URL into your browser:


Click on “Block All and Subscribe”.


If you are using the Tor Browser Bundle, then for it to work, you will need to press right click on your mouse anywhere on the screen, choose NoScript from the bottom, and then choose “Temporarily Allow All this Page”. This will allow the script-based button to actually work:


After you allow the script and then click on “Block All and Subscribe”, you will get the following screen asking you to authorise your account to use this Twitter app:


Choose “Sign In”. You will then be sent to this screen:


You are now subscribed to the blocklist. Everytime the owner of the blocklist blocks someone, your account will automatically block the account as well.

Blocking thousands of accounts takes a few hours. So everyone won’t be blocked instantly. But you can still browse or logoff from twitter while this blocking takes place, so as long as you don’t lock your account during this process.

Subtitled video: “So They kill and are killed” statement by Sheykh Abu Muhammad Al Adnani

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


الدّولة الإسلاميّة
The Islamic State
مؤسسة الفرقان للإنتاج الإعلامي
Al-Furqan Media

تقـــدم :
presents :

كلمة صوتية للمتحدث الرسمي للدولة الإسلامية
الشيخ المجاهد أبو محمد العدناني الشامي (حفظه الله)

An Audio Message for the Official Spokesman of the Islamic State
Al-Sheikh Al-Mujahid Abu Muhammad Al-‘Adnani Ash-Shami (May Allah Protect him)


فَيَقْتُلُونَ وَيُقْتَلُونَ
“So They Kill and Are Killed”

مترجم إلى اللغة الإنجليزية من قبل مركز الحياة للإعلام
Translated into English by Al-Hayat Media Center

تم النشر الأصلي في اللغة العربية في التاريخ 12-03-2015
Originally released in Arabic on 12-03-2015

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:::::::: Download ::::::::

جودة عالية


جودة متوسطة

جودة جوال

صفحة التحميل على الأرشيف
Internet Archive Download Page:

Or watch the video

لا تنسوا إخوانكم المجاهدين من خير دعائكم
Do not forget your Mujahideen brothers in the best of your prayers

Shaykh Hassan Hussein’s support for The Khilafah


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Background information

A great East African Sheykh based in kenya who supports the global jihad and the Mujahideen Sheykh Hasaan Hussein Adam (Abu Salmaan As-Somalee) recently (15th March 2015) proved the legitimacy of The Khilafah under the leadership of the Khalifah Abubakar Al Baghdadi and nullified all other jihadi groups.He said this in the series of the ongoing classes he was conducting of the book sunnan An-Nasai.The Sheykh is a well known ideologue for the Harakatu Shababul Mujahideen Movement(Al Qaidah in Somalia) better known as Al Shabaab.He has authored several books on matters partaining to iman and kufr and jihad.The Shaykh has been jailed several times by the Kenyan government for his preaching but that has not mellowed him by the grace of Allah.we ask Allah to protect him.

The summary of the lecture in points form:

The ulamaa say that bayah means making a contract on Islam(e.g. that we sign a contract with each other that we shall die upon Islam and tawheed),And imarah(Emirate),or any other thing that is agreed upon(by both parties).Bayah is something that two parties agree upon and strike a deal upon it.

Ibn Al Athir says; “…And what is meant in the hadeeth,making an agreement on being Muslims and giving oaths by it” (jamiul usuul 1/252)

Ibn Khalduun says; “Know that bayah is a pledge of obedience”

Ibn Hajar says; “Bayah means an agreement/contract.It was called as such when people stroke business deals to buy/sell goods/services” (Fathul Bari 1/82) So I give u money in exchange for your goods and we agree upon the price. so I put my hand in yours and we transact.Ibn Hajar says something similar with more details in Fathul bari 13/71.

Al Imam Ibn Rajab al Hambali says; “In the final analysis, Bayah and mubaay’ah comes from the act of stretching arms,because when two people transact a business deal,they stretch arms  to each other and promise to abide by the stipulations of the deal, the same goes for the one who gives bayah to the Leader and his likes, for he also stretches his arm to him and gives him bayah upon the stipulations they have agreed upon” (Fathul bari 1/85)

In Conclusion, Bayah means a contract/agreement.So  in any agreement we look at its stipulations/specifications that have been mentioned in it.So today if we strike a deal to drink alcohol,that will be an invalid bayah(contract).But if someone strikes a bayah with his wife that she should wear hijab and that for him will in turn pray the salahs regularly,that will be a valid bayah. so by origin striking a contract(bayah) is valid and has no problem.So if the origin of bayah is that it is allowed in Islam and the stipulations in the contract are not haraam then there is no problem in getting into a bayah.

Trans Note: Here the sheikh is refuting the Salafia jadida who say that there can be no bayah except to a khalifah in other words according to their despicable theory, all the other bayahs that the mujahideen had before the khilafah were invalid because they say how can you give bayah to someone who is not a khalifah?.

Imarah(Emirrate) by definition according the ulamaa of lugha,hadith,fiqh,and all the ulamaa means wilaayah(i..e. taking responsibilty) and if you need more explanation on this, read the explanation of the hadith of ‘Abdulrahman bin Samurah.So Imarah means a responsibily that you are given.so it is divided into 2:

1. Imarah Khasah(specific Emmirate)

2. Imarah ‘Ammah(General Imarah)

So Immarah khasah(specific Emmirate) is that we give a responsibility to a muslim(who is not the leader of all the Muslims in the world) that will take care of a specific responsibility.e.g. that leader is responsible for managing and taking care of robbery and promiscuity in that society. So imarah is when a muslim society choses a muslim leader to govern them and assigns him any responsibility.And this type of imarah is also called imarah sughraa(minor imarah).

Imarah ‘ammah(the general imarah) is the imarah where all Muslims come under the leadership of one Muslim leader.it is also known as Imarah ‘udhma(the great imarah).You can call it sultan or imamah or khilafah.

So any Imarah that is not the Khilafah is known as imaratun sughra.

So how do we know whether an imarah is limitted(imarah sughra) or its general(immarah udhmah/Khilafah)? We get this from the stipulations of the bayah(and this applies to any contract signed). We go back to the exact roles you were chosen for.So for example someone that was chosen by his clan to govern their affairs cannot extend his power to another clan that has not chosen him similarly someone that was chosen by the muslims of a specific province/governorate cannot extend his powers to muslims in other areas.Also if we stroke a deal that you sell to me 10 camels and I give the money for10 camels,and you mistakenly give me 20 camels instead, I should return to you the extra 10 camels as they were not part of the deal.To give a further example, lets assume we are in a journey and we are 3 of us,and we chose one of us as our leader for the journey.so when our journey ends, can he still claim to be our leader? Ofcourse NO! because the contract was that he should be our amir for the journey alone not everytime. Sheykhul Islam Ibn Taymiyah(rh) has explain it as such.Go back to his books; Asiyaasahsha‘iyah and Al Hisbah.Also go back to the book by Imam Ibn Al-Qayyim Al-Jawziyah “At-Turuqul Hukmiyyah fii siyasah shar’iyah” 2/626 for further research on this and also the excellent book by Imam Al-Qaraafi   “Ad-Dakhiirah fii furuu’il maalikiyah” 8/50 .

So the difference between the Imarah khasah and the imarah ‘aamah is that; in imarah khasah the obedience is limited while in imarah ‘ammah the obedience is unlimited.Another difference is that,in imarah khasah,you(as the leader) will be obeyed by those who entered the agreement while in imarah ‘ammah, it is a must on all the muslims to obey the leader(khalifah).The other difference between the two is that, in Imarah khasah, the condition for choosing the leader (besides the general ones) is that he should have the capability of fulfilling the responsibility he has been given while in Imarah ‘Ammah there are more conditions that should be fulfilled among them is that the leader should be from Qureish.The other difference between the two is that we can have several Imarah khasah at  a go but we cant have more than one Imarah ‘Ammah at a time, This is clearly seen when Raulullah(pbuh) sent two leaders at a go to Yemen, i.e. Muadh Bin Jabal and Abu Musa Al ‘Ash‘ari .

Now let us talk about the grave mistake that some of the jihadi groups have fallen into:

They said that the leader of the imarah khasah can automatically transform to be the Khalifah.

So when the Ottoman caliphate was destroyed, we saw the formations of several jama’ats among them being the tabligh jama’ah which was the first of them all that was formed in East Asia, followed by Ansar sunnah Muhammadiyah that was formed in 1926,then came the Muslim brotherhood(Ikhwan Al Muslimeen) that was formed in 1928 in Egypt,then came Al-Itihadil Islami that was formed in 1983 in Somalia,Then came The Taliban that was formed in 1994 in Afghanistan under the leadership of Mullah Muhammad ‘Umar who is still leading the group.

Some sheikhs have calimed that Taliban’s leader i.e. Mullah Muhammad ‘Umar has since then transformed to be a Khalifah of all the Muslims in the world!! THIS IS FALSE.

We have explained earlier the criteria of knowing whether a leader/jama’ah is specific or general i.e. is the learder limited to his jama’ah or is he the Khalifah of all the Muslims. So we know that Mullah ‘Umar was a leader of his group The Taliban only and not all the Muslims.This is in the stipulations of him being chosen as the amir of the jama‘ah and he clarified it himself in the Eid Khutbah when he said that his jam‘ah and leadership is only in Afghanistan.Furthermore, he is not a qureishi and there is no way there would be no qureyshi in the whole of Afghanistan that would be fit to be a khalifah instead of him.There are several muhajireen who have qureyshi lineage in Afghanistan, infact there are Afghanis who have qureyshi descent.This was never in the picture, people never used to discuss the issue of the conditions of the khalifah, this shows you that this issue of Mullah being the Khalifah just came out of nowhere.

So when he Mullah was chosen, he was never chosen to lead all the Muslims in he world,He himself clarified that he is not a leader of all the Muslims, The conditions of chosing the suitable Khalifah(i.e. that he should be a Qureyshi) were not searched for, for this, the jihadists(reffering to those who said Mullah is the khalifah) have erred.

These sheikhs say that Mullah Umar is the khalifah because they oppose the Khilafah that was declared by Abubakar Al Baghdadi.Let us be sincere and examine the religious matters as they ought to be examined and let us put aside this baseless partisanship that has no religious grounds.I Hassan, personally don’t know on what shariah grounds would one oppose the bayah and the khilafah of The Iraqi Qureyshi sheikh(reffering to the Khalifah) AND ALL THE IMARAHS THAT OPPOSE HIM ARE NULL AND VOID ACCORDING TO THE SHARI‘AH.This is if we be true with eachother.I don’t know of a single condition that he hasn’t fulfilled so as he becomes the khalifah.Ofcourse there are conditions which I personally don’t know about (Trans.Note: the sheikh here refers to things like; whether he is intelligent,whether he is just etc) but the ulamaa that are with him have confirmed that he has fulfilled even those conditions.

So the sheikhs who oppose the Khilafah today, we want you to answer the hadith of Hudheyfa bin Yaman.
“Then if on that day, Allah decrees that there is a khalifah,then be in his camp always,and if there is none, then die bitting on the roots of a tree(i.e. dont give up to the fitnah that’s pulling you)”

When Rasul(pbuh) spoke about the fitnah that will come in the end of times, he mentioned the hadeeth.


The Story of Abu ‘Abdullah Al-Austrālī, may Allah accept him

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم



Abu Abdullah al-Austrālī, known as Jake Bilardi by his family & later changed his name to Abdur-Rahīm, was from an atheist family that didn’t know anything to do with any religion & was intelligent + successful academically & loved by family & friends.

His story is short, he would always think to himself “Who is the one who created me?” so he started his search for the true religion online by reading about other religions & after doing his research, Allah guided him to the one true religion, Islam.

He accepted Islam 3 years ago even though his parents basically went to war with him at home tried to stop him from reverting & even after all this he would take good care of his Salah & praying it in its time.

After a while, he started to ask himself about Jihad & shahādah & he searched for answers online by following news from the mujāhidīn.

Before a couple of months, Allah made him successful in making hijrah to shām & fighting in Jihād there. He started fighting in Baijī against the ISF Rāfidha & was a lion on the battlefield although he was at a young age & with a weak body, he was like a mountain.

After a short while, he signed up for a martyrdom op. & was sent to Ramādī to fulfil this. So he had to wait 3 months which he had felt it like 3 years so he would always ask the amīr to push him up the list & make him carry out the martyrdom operation sooner. Subhan Allah, he was only seeking the pleasure of his Lord & hated the Dunya.

He was known for his worship of Allah, he would fast a day & skip another (siyām dāwūd), He would only accept religious arguments from the Quran & Sunnah & he was known for his modesty & fear of riyā’ (showing off) in worship.

After months passed & his time was coming close to carry out the martyrdom operation, he was full of happiness as he was finally going to meet his Lord & receive the great rewards promised by Him. So he carried out his op. in Ramādī, seeking the forgiveness of his Lord & the pleasure to look at his face.

May Allah accept our dear brother Abdu-Rahīm. For indeed this ummah needs true men like him who wish to sacrifice this worldly life for the hereafter. Brothers & sisters, this brother originated from an atheist family & ended up selling his soul to Allah for a cheap price, to defend this ummah & give victory to this religion, while you sit at home at the comfort of your family born into Islam & not doing anything to stop this oppression, what is the matter with you?

Allah says in the Quran:

وَإِن تَتَوَلَّوْا يَسْتَبْدِلْ قَوْمًا غَيْرَكُمْ ثُمَّ لَا يَكُونُوا أَمْثَالَكُم

“And if you turn back He will bring in your place another people, then they will not be like you.”

And Allah also says:

فَسَوْفَ يَأْتِي اللَّهُ بِقَوْمٍ يُحِبُّهُمْ وَيُحِبُّونَهُ

“Allah will bring a people, He shall love them and they shall love Him”

May Allah guide us all!

written by brother Abu Ismā’īl

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


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لا تنسوا إخوانكم المجاهدين من خير دعائكم
Do not forget your Mujahideen brothers in the best of your prayers



In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Beneficent

All praise is due to Allah, the Mighty, the Strong. May blessings and peace be upon the one who was sent with the sword as a mercy to the creation. As for what follows:

Allah the Blessed and Exalted said, {So do not weaken and do not grieve, and you will be superior if you are [true] believers} [Āl ‘Imrān: 139].

O Allah, our Lord, You are our god, alone and without partner. We have believed in You, and disbelieved in that which is worshipped besides You. O Allah, our Lord, we have no strength except by You. It is You alone we worship and You alone we seek help from. It is You we call upon for aid and You that we rely upon. There is no god but You alone, without partner. You are the Strong, You are the Almighty, You are the Powerful, You are the Subjugator, the King. So, by Your Honor and Majesty, we will not become weak and we will not become fainthearted. We will not be humiliated and we will not be dismayed. And by Your Honor and Majesty, You will surely support us, You will surely support us. As long as we fear Your position and fear Your punishment, You will surely support us and every obstinate tyrant will surely be disappointed.

O people, are you amazed at the Islamic State’s victories? Are you amazed at its perseverance despite its weakness and its scarce amount of resources? Are you amazed at the nations wildly scrambling against it, and at its great number of enemies? As for us, then we are not amazed. We are not amazed because we have full conviction that it is upon the truth. We have full conviction that Allah, the Mighty and Majestic, is with us. There is no god but Him, the Glorified. He is sufficient for us, and is the best Disposer of affairs. Glory be to Him. There is none who can prevent His favor, and none who can alter His decision; the subjugator over His servants, the Wise, the All-Aware. He is our protector and helper, {and excellent is the protector and excellent is the helper} [Al-Hajj: 78].

The Islamic State remains upon its path with insight, with firm steps, alone in its trench, whereas the nations of the world have entrenched themselves altogether against it, with every false path and religion, in a condition that says, {Indeed, those are but a small band, and indeed, they are enraging us, and indeed, we are a cautious society} [Ash-Shu’arā’: 54-56].

Everyone is watching, wondering in confusion and astonishment. They say, “Does this make sense?! Is the Caliphate rising in the midst of our armies? Is Allah’s law being implemented despite our legions, arsenals, planes, tanks, missiles, aircraft carriers, and weapons of mass destruction? Is the Islamic State remaining despite our satellite channels, our sorcerers, our scholars, our sheikhs, and our religious verdicts? This is impossible. It’s all just some gloominess that will clear up, a nightmare that will end, and a trial that will pass.”

No, never, O enemies of Allah! The Caliphate will remain, by Allah’s permission, until the Day of Judgment, for we are the followers of Muhammad (blessings and peace be upon him), and his followers will never be defeated.

And the nation of Muhammad still gives birth, for by Allah, we will surely bring back Badr and Uhud. We will surely bring back Mu’tah and Hunayn. We will surely bring back Qādisiyyah and Yarmūk. We will surely bring back Yamāmah. We will bring back Hittīn and ‘Ayn Jālūt. We will bring back Jalawlā’, Zallāqah, the second battle of Zallāqah, and Balāt ash-Shuhadā’. We will bring back the first and second battles of Fallūjah, and I swear, I swear Nahāwand will return. So grope your necks, O Safavid Rāfidah (Shiites). And if yesterday our forefathers fought the Romans, the Persians, and the apostates altogether, on various separate fronts, then we take pride in fighting them today on one front and gathered under one leadership.

So rejoice, O Muslims everywhere, for indeed the Caliphate State is persevering by Allah’s virtue and grace. Its tower continues to rise high and grow stronger and firmer day after day, and to Allah belong all praise and favor. It continues to be victorious, and the victories that the Crusaders and the Rāfidah talk about and exaggerate on their satellite channels are nothing more than phony, delusional victories that don’t amount to anything more than taking back some areas and villages in the midst of a war of attacking and repositioning.

And we bring you the good news today of the Caliphate’s expansion to West Africa, for the Caliph (may Allah preserve him) has accepted the pledge of allegiance made by our brothers in Jamā’at Ahlis-Sunnah Lid-Da’wah Wal-Jihād. We congratulate the Muslims and our mujāhid brothers in West Africa on their pledge of allegiance, and we congratulate them on reaching the caravan of the Caliphate. So rejoice, O Muslims, for this is a new door that Allah, the Mighty and Majestic, has opened so that you may emigrate to the land of Islam and so that you may wage jihād. So whoever is stopped by the disbelieving rulers, and prevented from emigrating to Iraq, Shām, Yemen, the Arabian Peninsula, or Khurāsān, will not be prevented – by Allah’s permission – from emigrating to Africa.

So come, O Muslims, to your State, for we call on you to mobilize for jihād and incite you and invite you to emigrate to your brothers in West Africa. And we specifically call upon the students of Islamic knowledge and the callers to Islam. Come forth, O Muslims, to the land of the Caliphate. For you to be a shepherd over a flock of sheep in the land of Islam is better for you than to be an obeyed leader in the land of disbelief. Here, tawhīd (monotheism) is actualized. Here, walā’ and barā’ (the principles of allegiance and disavowal) are embodied. Here, there is jihād for the cause of Allah. There is no paganism here nor any idols, no ethnic partisanship nor nationalism, no pagan democracy nor infidel secularism.
There is no difference here between Arab and non-Arab, nor between black and white. Here, the American is the brother of the Arab, the African is the brother of the European, and the Easterner is the brother of the Westerner. There is commanding of good and forbiddance of evil. Here, Allah’s Sharia is implemented. Here, by Allah’s grace, the religion is entirely for Allah. Here, there is open declaration of tawhīd. Here is the land of Islam. Here is the land of the Caliphate.

O Jews! O Crusaders! You’ve arrived too late and so you won’t catch what you’ve missed. We’ve taken you by surprise and caught you unaware, for behold, the Islamic State has risen, and behold, the Caliphate has returned in spite of you, and to Allah belong all praise and favor. Indeed, your conceit and arrogance have deceived you, and you thought that with your might and tyranny you could prevent the return of the Caliphate forever. And when we announced the Caliphate, you ridiculed. Likewise, your allies, your tails, your followers, your slaves, and your dogs from amongst the Rāfidah, the apostates, the Sahwah, and the evil scholars supporting the disbelieving rulers, all ridiculed, just as you and they had ridiculed before when we announced the establishment of the Islamic State. And just as it had risen, in spite of you, and lasted and persevered by Allah’s grace, so too will it continue, remain, and expand in spite of you, by Allah’s permission. And you will not be able to stand in its way, by Allah’s permission.

And because Islam is the religion of mercy, we will guide you towards good and call you to it, so listen to our advice and accept our call. Otherwise, your arrogance and conceit will lead you to regret when it’s too late for regret.

O Jews! O Crusaders! If you want to protect your blood, increase your wealth, and live in safety from our swords, then there are only two choices before you with no third option. Either you submit yourselves to Allah alone, without partner, and believe in Him as your Lord and God, thereby gaining safety in the worldly life and success in the Hereafter, and are thus granted a double-reward – and this is what we call you to and advise you with – or you pay us the jizyah with willing submission and feel yourselves subdued. This is after you’ve left the Peninsula of Muhammad (blessings and peace be upon him), and after your armies have left Jerusalem and all the lands of the Muslims. And indeed, what you would pay to us of jizyah does not amount to a thousandth of what you pay to finance your failed war. So save your wealth and remove our swords from your necks.

If, however, you choose the third option and insist on being arrogant, conceited, and stubborn, then you will soon, by Allah’s permission, bite your fingers in regret. For you will not be able to stop the Caliphate’s advance, by Allah’s permission, no matter what you mobilize, no matter what you plot, and no matter what you do, for the nation of Muhammad (blessings and peace be upon him) is always giving birth, and nothing can stand in its way so long as it holds onto its book and the tradition of its Prophet (blessings and peace be upon him), and so long as it establishes its market of jihād, and so long as its sons sacrifice their souls and their blood for Allah’s cause. And remember O Jews, and remember O Crusaders, that our nation lives by its blood. The more our blood flows, the stronger and more powerful we become, for by Allah, you do not kill one person from amongst us except that dozens more come to life in his place.

O Jews, O Crusaders, O Rāfidah, O atheists, indeed you are weak cowards, all of you, all of you, all of you. And neither the weak nor the coward will be victorious. You are cowards because you don’t dare make public the reality of your war and the fact that it is a crusade, that it is against Islam, and that it is against Sunnis. You don’t declare this because you are weak. If you were to reveal your face and openly declare the reality of your war, the rest of the Muslims would awaken from their slumber and intoxication. And when that happens, their generation will not pass, by Allah’s permission, until they sell your children and your women at the slave market. If only my people knew.

O Jews! O Crusaders! You are before a difficult equation and a dark and long tunnel, because you think the solution is to kill the leaders and soldiers of the Caliphate, whereas the Muslims live through the blood of those you kill and the fire of jihād is fueled by it only to further intensify the fire.  Have you not learned that we do not fear death? Have you not learned that we strive for death and hope for it for the cause of Allah? Have you not heard the statement of Harām Ibn Milhān (may Allah be pleased with him)? Muslim reported in his Sahīh that a man came to Harām the uncle of Anas from behind him and stabbed him with a spear until it pierced him. Harām then said, “By the Lord of the Ka’bah, I have won!”

Allah’s Messenger (may blessings and peace be upon him) said to his companions, “Your brothers have been killed. They said, ‘O Allah, convey to our prophet our condition and that we have met you, and so we were pleased with You and You were pleased with us.’”

Has not the supplication and wish of ‘Abdullāh Ibn Jahsh (may Allah be pleased with him) reached you when he said, “O Allah, grant me a tough man whom I fight for Your cause and who fights me and then takes hold of me and mutilates my nose and ear, so when I meet You tomorrow, You say to me, ‘O ‘Abdullāh, who mutilated your nose and ear?’ I say, ‘It happened for Your cause and in defense of Your Messenger.’ Then you say, ‘You spoke the truth.’” Sa’d said, “I saw him at the end of the day and his nose and ear were dangling.”

Have you not heard the story of ‘Umayr (may Allah be pleased with him) when he had dates in his hand from which he was eating. Then he heard Allah’s Messenger (may blessings and peace be upon him) incite them to fight and perform jihād and made them long for Paradise. So ‘Umayr said, “What a great thing! What a great thing! There is nothing between me and entering Paradise except that these people kill me!” He then threw the dates aside and fought until he was killed.

Have you not heard the statement of our Messenger (blessings and peace be upon him), “By He in whose hand is Muhammad’s soul, I wish to battle for Allah’s cause and then be killed, then battle for Allah’s cause and then be killed, then battle for Allah’s cause and then be killed.”

Have you not heard the statement of our Lord (the Mighty and Majestic), {And he who fights in the cause of Allah and is killed or achieves victory – We will bestow upon him a great reward} [An-Nisā’: 74]. {Indeed, Allah has purchased from the believers their lives and their properties [in exchange] for that they will have Paradise. They fight in the cause of Allah, so they kill and are killed. [It is] a true promise [binding] upon Him in the Torah and the Gospel and the Quran. And who is truer to his covenant than Allah? So rejoice in your transaction which you have contracted. And it is that which is the great triumph} [At-Tawbah: 111].

Have you not learned that we have hundreds of thousands from the descendants of Harām, ‘Abdullāh, and ‘Umayr? Do you not see the caravans of martyrdom operation soldiers every day? Do you not see how they advance towards death while laughing and rejoicing and while death flees and fears them, so they pursue it until they reach it and rush into its hardships. They race towards it and record history anew and say with their blood,
“Here is the fragrance of Paradise.
Here is the market of jihād.
Here is the land of Islam.
Here is the land of the Caliphate.
Here is walā’ and barā’.
Here is might and honor.
There is no might nor honor for the Muslims except here.”

Can these people be defeated? No, by the Lord of Muhammad (blessings and peace be upon him). The nation of jihād and martyrdom can never be defeated. These people did not die but rather life was granted to them. We have achieved victory, O Crusaders, and revived the Caliphate by the grace of

Allah alone. So rush to save yourselves before it is too late. Rush to Islam or the jizyah, for the opportunity is still there for you.

We have achieved victory by Allah’s grace alone and defeated you, O Crusaders. You will be completely defeated, we swear by the Lord of mightiness. You will be completely defeated. We achieved victory the day we declared walā’ and barā’, crushed the idols, proclaimed tawhīd in every masjid, street, and place, stoned the adulterer, killed the sorcerer, amputated the hand of the thief, flogged the drunkard, and returned virtue back to the Muslims’ women through hijab. We achieved victory the day we broke the ballot boxes and appointed a caliph through ammunition boxes and by striking necks. We achieved victory the day we established prayer, gave zakāh, ordered the good, and forbade the evil. We achieved victory the day the Pentagon considered the recapture of Kobani or Zummār a victory after the mujāhidīn withdrew from it in a war of attacking and repositioning. They left it in ruins after four months used up more than seventy percent of the strength of your planes, battleships, and forces. So congratulations to you, O Pentagon, on this “victory.” Congratulations to the Crusaders on piles of rocks in Kobani and Zummār.

We achieved victory the day you assembled tens of thousands of your mules to enter Albū’ajīl, al-‘Alam, ad-Dawr, or some settlements of mud houses in the dispersed towns of the desert, and when you captured some of these, you considered it a victory. We achieved victory the day America and Europe dreamed of recapturing settlements of mud houses in Tal Hamīs, Tal Barrāk, al-‘Udaym, or al-Jallām. 

O Crusaders, if you are betting on Salahuddīn, hoping for Mosul, dreaming of Sinjār, al-Hawl, Tikrīt, or al-Hawījah, or dreaming of Mayādīn, Jarābulus, al-Karmah, Tal Abyad, al-Qā’im, or Darnah, or dreaming of capturing a forest in the jungles of Nigeria or capturing nests of wild plants in the desert of Sinai, then know that we want Paris – by Allah’s permission – before Rome and before Spain, after we blacken your lives and destroy the White House, the Big Ben, and the Eifel Tower, by Allah’s permission, just as we destroyed the palace of Chosroes before. We want Kabul, Karachi, the Caucasus, Qom, Riyadh, and Tehran. We want Baghdad, Damascus, Jerusalem, Cairo, Sanaa, Doha, Abu Dhabi, and Amman. The Muslims will return to mastership and leadership in every place. Here is Dābiq, Ghouta, and Jerusalem. There is Rome. We will enter it and this is not a lie. It is the promise of the truthful and trustworthy (blessings and peace be upon him).

Here we are and the days are between us. The bloodiest battles before Judgment Day are before us.

O Sunnis of Iraq, Shām, the Arabian Peninsula, and Yemen! We have warned you for a long time against the filthy Rāfidah. What we warned you against has come to pass and we continue to warn you. If they lied to you and showed you the soft skin of the snake before, then today they have revealed their fangs and sprayed their venom. They have blatantly and brazenly announced their Safavid empire and its capitol, Baghdad. Today they have unveiled their faces of rancor, which you have seen in Baghdad, Damascus, and Sanaa, which you have seen in al-Houla, Douma, and Bāniyās, which you have seen in Kuwait, Bahrain, and al-Ihsā’, and in al-Hawījah, as-Sa’diyyah, al-Miqdadiyyah, and Khānaqīn, and which you see in Tikrīt, al-‘Alam, ad-Dawr, and Albū’ajīl.

The Safavid Rāfidah today have entered a new stage in their war against the Sunnis. They have begun to believe that it is within their power to take areas of the Sunnis and control them completely. They no longer want a single Muslim from the Sunnis living in the empire they desire. They do not want anyone who does not curse our mother ‘Ā’ishah and the other Mothers of the Believers (may Allah be pleased with them) and who does not slander the honor of our Prophet (blessings and peace be upon him). They do not want anyone who is pleased with Abū Bakr, ‘Umar, ‘Uthmān, and the rest of the Companions (may Allah be pleased with them). Whoever refuses, they kill, take his home and wealth, and enslave his women and children.

O Sunnis! The Crusader-Safavid alliance is clear today. Here is Iran with its Great Satan America dividing the regions and roles amongst each other in the war against Islam and the Sunnis. The Crusaders and Jews did not suffice with the Rāfidah seizing Baghdad, Damascus, Beirut, and Sanaa. They want them to take Mecca and Medina. They want them to take Pakistan and Afghanistan. They want them to take Indonesia. Yes, Indonesia, if only you knew. The Jews want to hand over all the Muslims’ lands to the filthy Rāfidah, for they have not found anyone with more disbelief and corruption in the Earth and who wages war against tawhīd and spreads lewdness and paganism than the Rāfidah. The strange thing about this war is the leaders of treachery, shamefulness, and lowness, including the likes of an-Nujayfī, al-Jubūrī, and al-‘Ubaydī, who promise to return to Mosul, Salāhuddīn, and al-Anbār. They threaten to eradicate the mujāhidīn while roaring and foaming. The leader of the battle is the filthy Safavid Rāfidī Sulaymānī. He is their master and the holder of their boons. They continue to traverse behind the Rāfidah like abandoned and lost dogs. They continue to bark and claim they are the defenders of the Sunnis and that the Islamic State is an Iranian agent and product! Subhānallāh!

O Sunnis in Iraq, Shām, the Arabian Peninsula, and Yemen, and we especially address those in Iraq! The filthy Safavid Rāfidah did not come from Iran, Basra, Najaf, Karbala, and other places, advancing towards their death, having their necks struck, their bodies dismembered, themselves slaughtered and killed like cattle… to defend you. The filthy Rāfidah’s claim of defending the Sunnis and securing their areas is only like the spiteful Crusaders’ claim of defending Islam, protecting it from corruption, and aiding the weak and oppressed. The Rāfidah came, O Sunnis, to take your homes, lands, and wealth. They came to kill your men and enslave your women. The Iranians came to take revenge on the Iraqis for the eighties. They came to take revenge on the Sunnis for al-Husayn (may Allah be pleased with him) whom they killed and over whom they have wept and beaten themselves for hundreds of years.

O Sunnis in Iraq, Shām, the Arabian Peninsula, and Yemen! O Sunnis in Egypt, Morocco, and Africa! O Sunnis in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India! O Sunnis in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Turkey, and the Caucasus! O Muslims in America, Europe, Canada, and Australia! O nation of Muhammad (blessings and peace be upon him)! We warned you before and continue to warn you that the war is a Crusader-Safavid war against Islam, a war against tawhīd, a war against the Sunnis. O Sunnis, if the Islamic State is broken – may Allah not decree such – then there will be no Mecca for you thereafter nor Medina. The Rāfidah will exhume the graves of the Companions of your Messenger (blessings and peace be upon him), the first of which will be the graves of the rightly guided Caliphs (may Allah be pleased with them). You will live like slaves and servants beneath the Rāfidah. So rush to your war, O Muslims, for we call upon you wherever you are in the Earth to migrate to your state and defend it, raise its tower, and accompany its march. We especially call our Kurdish Muslim brothers, particularly those in Turkey, northern Iraq, and Iran. Come to kill the disbelievers and atheists of your people so as to prove that our war is a religious war of faith versus disbelief, not patriotism nor nationalism.

O soldiers of the Caliphate, be firm for you are upon the truth. Be firm for Allah is with you. Be firm for Allah is your helper. Be firm, for by the Lord of the heavens and Earth, the paganism of the Rāfidah will never defeat your tawhīd. Allah is above such! By Allah, your sins and misdeeds will never surpass the disbelief of the atheist Kurds. By Allah’s permission, the Sahwah of apostasy will never overcome your Islam. By Allah’s permission, the coalition of the cross will never break your faith.

Continue forward, because Mecca, Medina, Jerusalem, and Rome are in wait for you. Continue forward towards a new Badr, Uhud, and al-Ahzāb. Continue forward towards a new Yamāmah, Yarmūk, Qādisiyyah, and Nahāwand. Continue forward towards a new ‘Ayn Jālūt and Hittīn. Continue forward towards Dābiq and al-Ghouta.

O soldiers of the Islamic State, it is a caliphate, by Allah’s permission. So if you want it to be upon the methodology of prophethood, by Allah’s permission, then be wary of oppression, be wary of pride, be wary of conceit. Make your intentions sincere for Allah and constantly renew them. Do much repentance, seeking forgiveness, saying there is no might nor power except by Allah. Disavow your might and power and turn to Allah’s might and power. If you meet the enemies, then remember your tawhīd and religion and remember their paganism and disbelief. If you do so, you will see how strong you are and how weak and cowardly they are. Remember, O mujāhid, when you meet your enemy, that you fight a pagan and filthy Rāfidī who fights for the cause of men, for the cause of ‘Alī, al-Husayn, and their family, or so they claim. They fight for the cause of Khomeini, Khamenei, and Sistani. They prostrate to graves, circumambulate them, seek blessings from them, swear by men, call upon dead men for help, seek their aid, and seek refuge from them. They make vows to dead men and rely upon them. If they want to get closer to Allah, or so they claim, they do so through fornication. Remember this, O muwahhid (monotheist) mujāhid. Remember that you fight a disbelieving atheist and filthy apostate who disbelieved in Allah, believed in democracy and secularism, and befriended and allied with the pagans. They showed enmity towards the religion of Allah and the rule of Allah. They strive and fight to eradicate Allah’s Sharia. They spilled the blood of Allah’s allies from amongst the muwahhid mujāhidīn. They spend their days in drunkenness, prostitution, song, dance, and other various kinds of sin and evil. They replace the noble Quran with musical instruments and drums.

Remember this, O mujāhid, when you meet your enemy. Also remember your tawhīd of Allah, your reliance upon Him alone, your seeking of His aid, your calling upon Him, your seeking refuge with Him alone. Remember your prostration and bowing to Him alone, your supplication of Him, and your submission before Him. Remember that you fight for His cause, may He be glorified.

If you know this, O mujāhidīn, then rise towards your enemies and intrude upon them, for they will not be firm nor stand, by Allah’s permission, in front of you.

O mujāhidīn, let not the ignorant person think that the mujāhidīn fighting for Allah’s cause never lose a battle. Rather, war is struggle and the days vary. The mujāhidīn fighting for Allah’s cause might lose a battle, a city, an area, but they will never be defeated and the final outcome is always for them. So be firm, O soldiers of the Caliphate, and ask Allah to make it upon the methodology of prophethood, and it is so by Allah’s permission. Neither America, nor Europe, nor Russia, nor China, nor Iran will be able to stand before its legions. Its soldiers will demolish their thrones. But before so, every now and then, a shaking and sifting is needed.

O Allah, the religion is Your religion and we are Your soldiers who fight for Your cause… O Allah, You aided us by Your favor, grace, and generosity. We did not achieve this by our might and strength and we are not worthy of victory. O Allah, do not let their paganism overcome our tawhīd. Do not let our sins surpass their disbelief. O Allah, forgive us our sins. We seek your forgiveness, repent to you, believe in you, and rely upon you. Do not hold us responsible for what the ignorant of us might do. {Our Lord, make us not a trial for the disbelievers} [Al-Mumtahinah: 5]. Our Lord, forgive us our sins, keep our feet firm, and give us victory over the disbelieving people, O Lord, by Your mercy.

O Allah, send blessings upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon his family and companions.

And our last call is praise be to Allah, the Lord of the creation.

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