Registering on twitter without Phone Verification – Part 2

Ansar Al Khilafah technical Team presents:

Registering on twitter without Phone Verification – Part 2 (using JonDo IP Changer)

See also Registering on twitter without phone varification part 1 and The blocklist tutorial
As discussed in the previous tutorial (see here), Twitter requires you to verify your account using your phone if you are using a non-United States IP-address. This tutorial will allow you to avoid this using the JonDo IP-Changer proxy software (

First download it and install it.

Then when you want to use it, there are two things you have to do.

First open the installation folder and choose the JonDo icon:


What we are doing here is first activating the proxy before we use the anonymous browser. Otherwise you won’t be proxified if you just use the anonymous browser..

This screen this pops up:


At the drop-down box above, choose any option which ends with the USA flag on the right. This means we are making our exit IP-address a US based IP address. Also make sure to click On in the Anonymity box:


Once anonymity has been activated, go back to the installation folder:


And choose JonDoFox Portable. This is the browser you will use to surf anonymously. Once the browser is open, you can check your IP-address to show you are anonymous:



When going to Twitter to register, you will have to do the right-click on the Twitter homepage and allow all scripts in this page on NoScript, otherwise you won’t be able to register. You may have to choose allow scripts twice. This process with NoScript was discussed in the blocklist tutorial (see here)

Once you manage to register (no need to give phone number), you will have to verify through email. Do so as discussed in the first article (see here), and once registered, you can use Tor Browser Bundle as your Twitter anonymous browser instead of JonDo.

I cannot offer guarantees that this is 100% secure, but it is going to take a master-terrorist or a pedophile for the intel agencies to make the effort to uncover you.

One comment on “Registering on twitter without Phone Verification – Part 2

  1. Beyyah Abdul Kabir says:

    I live in the U.s. and have been kicked off twitter bcause of wat they say is pro Islamic state tweets or watever.. We Muslims that Support real free speech and Speaking out against the kuffar and the status quo Need to have our own Social Media Websites or Twitter..but not controled by the U.S. or Zionists


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