The Blocklist Tutorial

Ansar Al Khilafah technical Team presents:

The Blocklist Tutorial

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So here is a long list of people to block. Unfortunately some genuine Muslims may have been caught up in the blocklist, so if you do see a genuine one, please feel free to unblock him.

The criteria for blocking a Muslim is either if his account was following the major spammers which are taking down pro-Baqiyah accounts, or that he is in some way affiliated or supports enemies of the Khilafah.

So if you are a genuine Muslim who followed the spammer accounts, make sure to unfollow them so that you do not get looked at with suspicion.

To get started, log into you Twitter account.

Then paste this URL into your browser:

Click on “Block All and Subscribe”.


If you are using the Tor Browser Bundle, then for it to work, you will need to press right click on your mouse anywhere on the screen, choose NoScript from the bottom, and then choose “Temporarily Allow All this Page”. This will allow the script-based button to actually work:


After you allow the script and then click on “Block All and Subscribe”, you will get the following screen asking you to authorise your account to use this Twitter app:


Choose “Sign In”. You will then be sent to this screen:


You are now subscribed to the blocklist. Everytime the owner of the blocklist blocks someone, your account will automatically block the account as well.

Blocking thousands of accounts takes a few hours. So everyone won’t be blocked instantly. But you can still browse or logoff from twitter while this blocking takes place, so as long as you don’t lock your account during this process.

7 comments on “The Blocklist Tutorial

  1. Musa Allavi says:

    Assalamu alaikum


  2. as salaama alaykum, you really trust the block list? i found i am on one persons blocklist for no reason at all. I asked a follower to ask him to unblock me and he did.. but then i find im blocked again by him and anyone that subscribed to his list. I have no idea how I got on it. I dont trust the list.. I just block all the obvious manually and have been blessed not to be deactivated so far, insha Allah. I think the blocklist may cause members to be deactivated somehow. I noticed all the one who use it are always losing their accounts.


  3. as salaama alaykum, plz forgive the late response 🙂 maybe i ended up on the list because because i was new at the time to twitter. the blocked name was @Layla13z i since changed it.


  4. Abu Turab says:

    Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullah,
    Twitter has introduced its own block list sharing. Go to settings > Blocks > advanced. You can export and import blocks.
    Can you please export and upload the list to your blog for share. Its not safe to use the blocklist site, they are working with the scum anons!

    Akhi do it on priority and encourage others to not use this site anymore. please..


  5. alavi says:

    assalamu alaikum, my twitter acct allavi03,


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