Exposing The Deviance of Al Qaidah 2.0

The Islamic State in Yemen carried out martydom opperations in some shia temples(Note: The shias call them Huseiniyats not Mosques) in San’a and Sadah and by the grace of Allah they killed more than a hundred from the Huthi Shia Murtadeen. The attack also killed some prominent shia clerics that considered slandering ummul Mu’miniin ‘Aisha(RA) and calling her an adulteress an act of worship. Below are some of the images from the blessed opperation:




The news spread in the Media then The Islamic State released a statement claiming responsibility for these blessed attacks:


This follows the repeated call by the Khilafah:

“O soldiers of Yemen…. O people of support and aid….. O people of wisdom and faith…. be harsh against the Huthi Rāfidha, for they are kuffar appostates.Fight them and overcome them.Be certain that their turn is coming and it will be in your favour, for the Rāfidha are a forsaken nation.If they had found Muwahideen to fight them, their evil would not have festered. Thus, seek Allah’s aid, for you can handle them, insha’Allah.Strike their shirk with your tawheed, and Allah will break their strength. Allah will transfer their wealth and arms to you. You will seize it from their hands as war booty through which you will support Allah’s religion and continue to be the people of support.” [The Khalifah Ibrahim Abubakar Al Baghdadi(HA) in his speech “Even if the disbelievers despise such” in which he accepted the bayahs from Yemen,Algeria,Sinai,Al Haramayn and Libya]

“Alas for San’aa! the rafidhī huthis have entered it, but the car bombs have not roasted their skin, nor have the explosive belts and the IEDs cut their joints. Is there not in Yemen, a person who will take revenge for us from the huthis?” [Sheykhul Mujahid Abu Muhammad Al Adnani Ashami (HA) in the audio statement “Indeed your Lord is ever watchful” released on 21/9/2014]

The above statements by the Khilafah did not go down well with Al Qaidah in the Arabian Peninsula(AQAP).So they released an audio statement by sh Harith An-Nadhari(May Allah forgive him and accept his shahadah) in which they tried to prove that they really are harsh against the Shia kuffar and they cleverly tried to potray to the Muslim ummah that they indeed are making takfeer on the Huthis which was not the case.

This statement and the ‘aqeedah and manhaj of Al Qaidah 2.0 were refuted by Sheykh Abu Maysara Ashami(HA) in Dabiq 6.He exposed their reality which they were hidding.In it he says:

“Furthermore, an-Nadhārī fell into a bizarre contradiction, for he emphasized his affiliation with his amīr, adh-Dhawāhirī, who doesn’t make takfīr of the Rāfidah to begin with. And if adhDhawārī were to consider making takfīr of them, he wouldn’t “make takfīr” of them except for one justification: supporting America in their aggression towards the Muslims.So how does an-Nadhārī make takfīr of the Rāf idah and the army without the elaboration of adh-Dhawāhirī? Would he disobey his amīr whom he tried to defend, claiming that he never went astray! And how can he call to waging war against the Houthis when this goes against the Dhawāhirī directives that he was ordered to adhere to and as a result of which the evil of the Houthis and the new tāghūt in Yemen became exacerbated!” [ THE QA’IDAH OF ADH-DHAWAHIRI, AL-HARARI, AND AN-NADHARI, AND THE ABSENT YEMENI WISDOM By Abū Maysarah ash-Shāmī Dabiq 6 page 19]

So The clear ‘aqeedah and manhaj of alqaidah under Dhawahiri became clear when the Islamic State struck The Huthis in Yemen. AQAP could nolonger hide its erroneous ‘aqeedah. It immediately released a statement distancing itself from that act and euphemistically reffered to the Huthi Mushrikiin killed as Muslims.Below is the statement they released:


Take a look at the above statement that was released by Alqaidah under Adh-Dhawahiri(Alqaidah 2.0) and compare it with the statement bellow that was released by Alqaidah under sh Usamah bin Ladin(Alqaidah 1.0).It was published by AQAP on their official English Magazine Inspire issue 4 in the winter of 2010:


So Alqaidah under sh Usamah considers Houthi Rafidha a legitimate target and warns Ahl As-Sunnah to avoid:

1. their meeting places
2. motorcades
3. checkpoints
4. and warns them from riding with them in their vehicles.

Aint the above 4, public gatherings that “Muslims(i.e. Huthis)” could be killed? what has changed?

Anyone who examins today’s Alqaidah with a sincere mind will see that they have actually deviated from the right ‘aqeedah and Manhaj May Allah guide them.


The above Image, is a Shia Rafidhi Soldier performing sijdah for a “picture” of Hussein bin Ali(ra).

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