Shari’ proof of the apostasy of the Islamic Front

This video presents Shariah proof of the apostasy of the Islamic Front. It shows a history of intent to work with the Kuffar against the Muslims, as well as compromising on the issue of Shariah by leaving the issue to a free democratic vote and making the issue of Shariah just one of the options the people of Syria would get to vote on.

Indeed, it was Sheikh Sulayman Al-Alwan (HA) who warned the truthful from amongst the Syrian rebel groups about joining the Islamic Front due to it’s links with various Taghout intelligence agencies:


So let us examine the path that the “Islamic” Front took after Sheikh Alwan (HA) warned people about them:

Please remember that the Islamic Front has essentially rebranded itself and most of it’s constitutent groups have now become part of the Shamiya Front (Jabhat Shamiya).


And God is Great.

And might belongs to Allah and His Messenger and the believers, but the hypocrites know not.

We ask God to guide us and make us stand firm.

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