Why I Left Jabhat An-Nusrah – Part 1

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By Abu Sa’eed Al-Britani (From the Islamic State video “Message Of A Mujaahid” released by Al I’itisām Media on 3rd October 2014 )

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Many times I have been asked about my story and the reasons why I left JN(Jabhat An-Nusrah), and contemplating over the reasons, I decided it was best I wrote an article detailing my reasons.

I left JN in April after joining them in January 2014. During this time period, I saw many things which clearly were not traits of a Mujaahid who fights for the return of the Sharia nor were they traits of a group I would wish to fight under.

There are a few reasons why I left JN, among them was their nifaq, their fear of being labelled as extremists, their cowardice in fighting batil, their illogical stances, the arrogance of some of their amirs, the ignorance from their top Amir and spokesman (“Shaykh” Sulayman AlMuhajir), their lack of Al-Walaa Wal-Baraa, and the fact that they were not implementing the Shariah.

These are seven reasons which I can remember at this current time. There are many incidents which I can narrate, but they fit into these seven broad categories. Some incidents overlapping into more than one category.

As Muslims, we know that every claim is nothing more than empty words without weight, unless backed up by proof. So now I will go through each of these seven points giving evidence to back up my claims. And unlike majority of the Dawlah-haters, I will only narrate what I saw with my own eyes, or heard with my own ears.

1) Their Nifaaq:

Prior to coming to Sham, I was not aware of most of the political affairs happening inside Sham. This was due to me trying to keep a low profile away from the MI5. So once I arrived in Sham, I had a fresh mind, free of all external influences from second-hand sources. All my research was done while in Sham, speaking to people and seeing things with my own eyes.

During my stay with Jabhat An-Nusrah in Atmah, I had a questioning tongue, always enquiring into the in-fighting, trying to get to the bottom of things, questioning things which didn’t seem logical, and asking further questions over obscure matters.

One thing which really struck me was why Jabhat An-Nusrah was not coming to the aid of their brothers in Dawlah. I asked many brothers why they were not coming to the aid of Dawlah, and most of them responded by saying that the Amirs do not give permission for it. This was very ironical to hear from people who came sham to “help the oppressed”. Innamal muslimoon al-ikhwa, the Muslims are but brothers. And it was known by all, that Dawlah were fighting for nothing but the return of the Sharia and FSA were fighting for democracy. A battle of imaan vs kufr.

Because most of the brothers were giving the excuse of their Amirs not giving permission, I asked some of the Amirs this same question. And again, their response was the same, “Our top/higher Amirs are not giving permission.” A few even said how this was not their fight! A clear act of hypocrisy. So if FSA attack us, we will fight them, but if they attack our brothers from Dawlah, we will not fight them as “it’s not our fight”?! That doesn’t make sense, irrespective of how much “hikmah” you want to use. And where is the “fitnah” in a fight between iman and kufr? Is this not the reason why we came Sham? Is this not the reason jihad was justified? To fight off kufr and its supporters?

This caused me a lot of annoyance and quite a lot of brothers left JN due to this. Many fought alongside their brothers from Dawlah, defending them as a true Muslim should. Realising that our jihad is not for a banner or a group, but for Islam and the Muslims. Indeed those who’s niyyah was clean and had clear untainted foresight, left JN to defend Dawlah from FSA, a group fighting for the return of democracy.

And this hypocritical stance of JN was something we all knew was going to backfire on them. If they stood and watched as their brothers of tawheed were being ambushed and killed by FSA, then a day would come when FSA would also turn their backs on JN. And indeed such predictions occured only a few months down the line.

Finally, to add a word of justice, I would like to say that some JN safe-houses sheltered a few Dawlah fighters. Three were sheltered in the safe-house I was staying in. However, this act is not sufficient, nor does it justify staying out of the fight. A true brother comes to the aid, standing between you and the common enemy, not sitting far away in the back opening his back door letting you in if you survive the vicious onslaught.

Even if you wish to be arrogant and say this is sufficient, then i remind you that;

(A) this was only done by a few number of JN Amirs (I personally only know of one, who was an Egyptian Amir by the name of Abu Ja’far and heard of about 2 others),

(B) this was not the stance of Jawlani, the Amir of JN, and

(C), on occasions, these Dawlah brothers were only given a limited number of days to stay before they were asked to leave. Real friendly isnt it?

So this was one reason why I left JN, their nifaq. Refusing to fight FSA because it was “not our fight” even though it was a fight of the people of democracy vs the people of Shariah. Where is this in relation to the verse “The believing men and women are awliyaa’ of one another.” [9:71]?

Their actions contradicting the verses about brotherhood, and their excuses contradicting the verses which encourage one to fight jihad.

In part two I will explain my second reason for leaving JN, that being, their fear of being labelled extremists and their separation from Islamic courts and judging people with it.

Abu Sa’eed Al-Britani (Kik: shaykh.anwar)

Al-Bab, Sham.

23/05/1436 (Corresponding to 14/03/15)

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