Why I Left Jabhat An-Nusrah – Part 4

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The Ignorance Of Their Top Amir, Abu Sulayman Al-Muhajir

By Abu Sa’eed Al-Britani (From the Islamic State video “Message Of A Mujaahid” released by Al I’itisām Media on 3rd October 2014)

The forth reason why I left Jabhat was due to the unwavering ignorance of their top Amir and spokesman, Abu Sulayman Al-Muhajir (the Australian).

Before I begin to discuss this point, I would like to clarify that ignorance of an Amir is not necessarily a valid reason in and of itself to leave a group, as ignorance could be of varying degrees and in different branches of knowledge. For example, if a top Amir of a jihadi group is ignorant of the fiqh of inheritance, or ignorant of the fiqh of Hajj, or the fiqh of business transactions, then this does not necessarily render him invalid in his position nor is it a strong reason to leave the group. Likewise, if he is ignorant in matters not linked to jihad, then again, it’s not that big of an issue, and matters can be solved as long as he has a shoorah council around him of knowledgeable people.

However, when the Amir is ignorant of the fiqh of jihad and furthermore, when he is the one who pulls the strings, then this is problematic. And my meeting with ‘Shaykh’ Abu Sulayman Al-Muhajir (the Australian) showed his lack of knowledge in matters of Jihad.

I remember speaking to Abu Sulayman Al-Muhajir (who is their official English speaking spokesman), and this meeting was held on 14th of March, 2014 in “Reef Muhandiseen” in his masjid / safe house. In this meeting which I attended with 3 other brothers, I asked him why we do not implement the Shariah in the areas we control.

This self-proclaimed ‘scholar’ said it was not time to implement the Shariah and we first need to take over the whole of Sham before we can do such a thing. This did not make the slightest sense. So we leave the people alone, not raising the Word of Allaah the highest, not ruling by the Quraan and Sunnah, until the whole of Syria, as big as it is, is conquered?

This approach was not only illogical and impractical, but also contradicted the way of the Sahaabah and those who followed them from the righteous predecessors. Every battle Khalid Bin Waleed fought, and every town, city or village he conquered, he implemented the Shariah therein. The Prophet (saw) did not tell him to conquer the whole of Iraq before implementing the Shariah, nor did he tell Mu’aath Ibn Jabal to wait until the whole of Yemen was under Islamic control before applying the Shariah.

With every battle Khalid Bin Waleed took part in, he implemented the Shariah there, and as soon as a town was captured, the kufr laws were replaced with the Shariah. This is the way of the Sahaabah and those who followed them. We conquer a town, implement the Shariah and move on to the next town, until we take over the entire country, nay the entire world.

And here we had Jabhat An-Nusrah, in specific this unknown, self-proclaimed ‘scholar’, saying the opposite. Jabhat An-Nusrah like to ask the question of who our scholars are and who they studied with, yet they don’t apply these same principles on themselves (a hypocritical approach indeed). I have spoken to many Australian brothers here and all of them have stated how this individual by the kunya Abu Sulayman Al-Muhaajir is an unknown figure. He was not well known in Australia nor did anyone pay any attention to him. Yet when he came to the land of Sham, this unknown individual assumed a position not suitable for him, and from among the signs of the Hour is that unqualified people will take on roles of leadership.

And is it really practical that we first take over the whole of Sham before implementing the Shariah? And if so, how long will this take? Jabhat An-Nusrah have been losing ground ever since the Sahawaat which just proves there is no Barakah in their approach. Indeed the Help of Allaah is with those who uphold the Shariah and implement it when Allaah grants them authority in the land.

The youth of Sham were all calling for the Shariah in the spring of the Jihad, yet strange how even their top ‘scholar’ said this was not the time to implement the Shariah in the areas they controlled!
Abu Sulayman Al-Muhajir, you have lost all your honor and respect for taking up a position of leadership which you do not deserve and leading the masses based upon your ignorance. If you were a man with no authority then you would be a fly which I would brush away, but you call the shots and pull the strings, so your public exposure is needed.

And this is not to mention your clear cut lies you love to tell everyone about Dawlah. An ignorant man like you deserves no respect and no followers. And all praise is due to Allaah that He is causing many of those around you to leave you one by one.

So this was the fourth reason why I left Jabhat An-Nusrah, the ignorant approaches of their top Amirs. In part five of this series I will discuss their lack of Al-Walaa Wal-Baraa.

Abu Sa’eed Al-Britani (Kik: shaykh.anwar)

Al-Bab, Sham.

15/06/1436 (Corresponding to 04/04/2015)

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