Why I Left Jabhat An-Nusrah – Part 6

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Their Cowardice In Fighting Baatil (falsehood)

By Abu Sa’eed Al-Britani (From the Islamic State video “Message Of A Mujaahid” released by Al I’itisām Media on 3rd October 2014)

In this article I will discuss the cowardice approach they had in many matters. I was with Jabhat An-Nusrah so I have the right to speak about what I saw and what lead me to sway away from them, and this was one reason; their cowardice in fighting baatil (falsehood).

I have hinted at aspects of their cowardice in the previous articles, for example when I spoke about how they never came to the defense of Dawlah during the Sahawaat, I also spoke about their cowardice when it came to defending the sisters of Dawlah from being attacked and also when I spoke of them not preventing the evil they saw in their towns lest;

(a) the locals turn against us, driving us out and

(b) FSA attack us due to us having the same approach as Dawlah.

These three incidents are sufficient to prove their cowardice when fighting baatil. However more can be said on this topic, for which I will do now. In this present article I will expound upon further three incidents while discussing their cowardice in fighting baatil.

Not doing anything regarding Jabhat An-Nusrah members who were imprisoned by FSA:

During my stay with Jabhat An-Nusrah, whenever I would leave the safe house (Al-Maqar) and go to the town, the Amirs used to tell us that FSA were capturing anyone they thought was Dawlah, so we had to make sure we kept our ‘religious strictness’ under check and no one was allowed out of the safe house after 10pm due to this. And remember, we were in a Jabhat An-Nusrah’s strong hold. Yet even in their stronghold, they couldn’t prevent FSA from coming in and doing as they pleased, even if it was dhulm being done against Jabhat An-Nusrah.

Coming new to Sham gives one a sense of honor, especially when you know you’re with a jihadi group, however this was quickly removed due to the cowardly attitude of Jabhat An-Nusrah.

Quite a few fighters from Jabhat An-Nusrah got captured and imprisoned by FSA, and it seemed quite bizarre that Jabhat An-Nusrah were doing nothing for their release. FSA would not even tell them that they captured someone and when Jabhat An-Nusrah did find out at the end, they didn’t fight back nor raise a word to FSA regarding this. They remained silent and submissive like a subservient slave does to an oppressive king, not questioning the actions of FSA.

If this action does not stem from cowardice, then what does? Jabhat An-Nusrah were afraid of FSA and this was clearly visible by the actions Jabhat An-Nusrah took. What sort of approach is this, that if someone gets imprisoned by Bashar Al-Assad’s army then they fight them till death to get their men back, but when FSA capture their own men, they do nothing about it?! The fear of fighting FSA was a proof that they were cowards in their fight against baatil.

And how funny, that even though they tried so hard to keep good relations with the people of democracy (FSA), they ended up getting killed and backstabbed by them. The very same people they tried so hard to please and turn a blind eye to were the ones who stabbed them in the back when they had the chance. This is the reward for those who don’t initiate the fight against baatil, it will one day haunt you, and you will regret it when regret can do you no good.

Who stands back and lets another group come and kidnap your members, imprison them, torture them, and then let them go after a while without any charge? They let FSA do as they pleased, and they feared displeasing FSA so much so, that they didn’t say a word to them about these incidents.

Allowing FSA through their town with heavy artillery to be used against Dawlah

As I mentioned in previous articles, I came to Sham during the Sahawaat and I was with Jabhat An-Nusrah due to them being my only link at the time, so I saw their reaction and behavior and how they dealt with it.

Many times while walking the streets of Atma in Idlib, we used to see huge FSA convoys of pickups, cars, and trucks packed with weapons and ammunition driving through the town going to fight Dawlah. This did not occur only once, but so many times. Once every week a huge convoy would pass through the town.

This happened so many times that anyone who was in Atmah during this period would testify to it. So many brothers would look at the huge convoy of pickups and weapons driving through Jabhat An-Nusrah territory and feel a sense of rage at the sight. How could Jabhat An-Nusrah allow such evil men, men who didn’t even pray, who would smoke all day long (please read my other article titled “The Reality Of FSA”), how could Jabhat An-Nusrah easily allow them access through our town?

They were going to use these weapons to fight Dawlah, and Jabhat An-Nusrah submissively bent over backwards allowing them through.

Where is the courage? Where is the bravery? Where is the love for martyrdom? If you read my articles on “intention”, you would realize that having the correct niyyah plays a big role in impacting your actions once you come to Sham. If your intention is to fight off all forms of evil, then you would fight anyone who does evil no matter who he is, but if your intention is just to fight for the protection of the Syrians (with no other intention) then you would not prevent the evil of FSA and other groups.

Many brothers who witnessed this would get so angry and look at these FSA soldiers with disgust as they were allowed access into Jabhat An-Nusrah territory with ease. Jabhat An-Nusrah showed their cowardice approach when they allowed FSA in without question.

During this time I was unaware of all the facts regarding the sahawaat, all I knew was that there was some infighting between the two groups. May Allaah forgive us all who witnessed these events yet did nothing to stop it. Many of us were angered by what we saw, and looking back at it, I wish I had done something. I just wish I knew then what I know now, and it angers me now how those around me at that time were not doing anything about it.

All that was needed to stop this was for a brother to stand in the middle of the road with a martyrdom belt and blow himself up and he would have easily sent over 20 despicable FSA souls to the hereafter and injured many. May Allaah guide all those who knew the haqq yet let them through, and may Allaah forgive all those who were genuinely sincere yet were either incapable to fight back or had lack of knowledge.

The Amirs of Jabhat An-Nusrah hid many facts from us, which I only came to realize after joining Dawlah. While the cowardly approach of Jabhat An-Nusrah was clearly visible, many men wished they could do something. I just wish I had the knowledge of the current affairs back then as I do now, as golden opportunities to wipe out masses do not come so often.

Abu Sulayman Misri, and his cowardice when dealing with FSA and the weapons factory of Dawlah

Around March 2014, my battalion was called for backup as the Amir of the town, Abu Sulayman Misri required some assistance. It was around 2am in the morning and a few of us went out for the task. As we drove to the outskirts of the town we saw him, along with countless other men from FSA, outside a huge weapons warehouse.

Prior to the Sahawaat, Dawlah was in Atmah and they had a weapons warehouse which they had entrusted to Jabhat An-Nusrah before leaving the town. Jabhat An-Nusrah promised to keep it safe with them as an Amanah (trust) and said they would safeguard it for them, until they came back.

Yet here we were in mid-March 2014 standing outside the huge warehouse while Abu Sulayman Misri (the Amir of Jabhat An-Nusrah in Atmah) was making deals with FSA as to how to split up the weapons with FSA and who would get what. I stood there with my battalion as we saw how FSA were treating the Jabhat An-Nusrah Amir of the town. They treated him with so much disrespect and lack of honor, treating him as if he was a joke, treating him like a small kid. Jabhat An-Nusrah had no honor in front of FSA and they would walk all over Jabhat An-Nusrah with ease.

As the negotiations were going on, me and two other brothers (Abu Nu’man Afghani and Abu Muthanna Misri*) accompanied the Amir into the warehouse. Here, no one witnessed anything except me and these two brothers. I do not mean to sound harsh, but anyone else who says they witnessed something here is nothing short of a liar.

The three of us were to be the bodyguards of Abu Sulayman Misri as he negotiated deals with FSA. We stood there as we saw FSA men going to the warehouse and walking out carrying weapons and ammunition in their hands and putting them in their trucks. I witnessed these vile men, and how they smiled with joy as they stole so many weapons, staring at the weapons as if they had just found gold. At the time I was a little unaware as to what was happening due to us arriving new on the scene and due to my lack of Arabic skills at the time. I watched these men as they carried whatever they could in their hands while others were loading the back of their trucks with all the ammunition and weapons they could.

At the time, I didn’t know it was a Dawlah warehouse entrusted to Jabhat An-Nusrah, but I felt a sense of uneasiness at what was going on. Something inside me told me this wasn’t right and I felt disgusted standing there. I wanted to grab the nearest FSA guy and ask him what he was doing, I wanted to leave the scene, I was constantly asking Allaah to forgive me if I was witnessing anything haram. However due to language barriers I was held back and had to wait for an explanation.

As the night went on, the three of us brothers would constantly look at each other in confusion, and Abu Muthanna Misri was the only one from among us three who fully understood all what was happening due to him being fluent in Arabic.

From the huge warehouse, only one small van was given to Jabhat An-Nusrah. And strange how FSA came to the warehouse, took everything and gave about 5% or 10% of the weapons to the Jabhat An-Nusrah Amir, while he was the one who was in charge of it!

After about an hour or so, we drove to another location and now it was near Fajr time. As we reached to the other location, my anger and confusion was building up inside of me and Abu Muthanna Misri whispered to me what had taken place. I felt such disgust at what I had just witnessed. He briefly told me it was a Dawlah warehouse and FSA were taking it, but later on he explained everything in further detail. It was time for Fajr and we prayed in the open field and then headed back to our safe-house in town. Contemplating over the issue, I had never ever felt such disgust in my heart about myself as I did that day.

Once in the safe-house, I was told not to tell anyone what I saw so the next few days went by with me telling everyone I knew about what I saw. The haqq needs to be told so why would I hide it? All praise is due to Allaah that the news spread so quick, that a few brothers from my battalion feared that they would get death threats from the few Dawlah supporters in the town who were hiding around.

If only I knew then what I did now, I would have opened fire upon them. May Allaah forgive me, as I was unaware of the reality at the time. Every time I remember this event it causes anguish in my heart that I could have prevented FSA from gaining weapons and also I had such an easy opportunity to wipe many of them out. And now that I have come to Dawlah, I pray that Allaah blesses me with the honor of slaughtering them all like sheep as a recompense for my lost opportunity.

The Jabhat An-Nusrah Amir of the town had such a cowardice mentality and I could not stay with such a group who feared to fight baatil. How could one stand and do nothing as FSA took weapons from a warehouse that was an amanah (trust) to Jabhat An-Nusrah.


So here I have narrated three more incidents which show the cowardice of Jabhat An-Nusrah in fighting Baatil. In the first incident they displayed their cowardice by not freeing their own members from FSA prisons. The second incident shows their cowardice in allowing FSA through their town without question. The third incident shows their cowardice in not standing up like men and protecting the weapons warehouse that Dawlah entrusted to them.

Jabhat An-Nusrah was nothing in the face of FSA. FSA would play around with them and treat them like they were nothing. They had no honor and FSA would walk all over them without question. FSA were the kings and Jabhat An-Nusrah were their slaves, obeying them and staying silent, allowing them to do as they pleased; indeed they were subjugated under FSA. This is their fate when they do not show bravery in the face of baatil.

Jabhat An-Nusrah tried so hard to please FSA and show them that they were with them and on their side. They would bend over backwards for FSA, ignoring any crime they had done. They tried so hard to win over the black hearts of FSA, yet a few months later FSA also backstabbed them. I hate to say this, but Jabhat An-Nusrah deserved it. They backstabbed their brothers from Dawlah to please FSA, and then FSA backstabbed them!

Know my dear brother, that whoever wishes to live in honor (Al-‘Izzah) then Dawlah is the place to be. It’s the only place where the Mujaahideen have the upper hand over everyone else. Yet he who wishes to live a life of humiliation and subjugation then Jabhat An-Nusrah is the place to be.

In the next article of this series, I will explain my seventh reason why I left Jabhat An-Nusrah, and this was due to the arrogance of their Amirs.

*Abu Muthanna Misri was later imprisoned by Jabhat An-Nusrah and kept in an underground prison with another friend of mine (Abu Abdur Rahman Bengali) and he later got released and came to Dawlah. He attained martyrdom in Deir Zour.

Abu Sa’eed Al-Britani (Kik: shaykh.anwar)

Al-Bab, Sham.

12/07/1436 (Corresponding to 01/05/2015)

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