Does the Islamic State take slaves from the Sahawat Murtadeen (sahawat apostates in Iraq and Shaam)?

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Some rumours and lies have been spread by the enemies of the Islamic State Khilafah that it takes slaves, especially female slaves, from amongst the relatives of the Sahawat Murtadeen (pro-West apostates) of Iraq and Syria. This is a lie and has no basis in reality. The Islamic State Khilafah does not take slaves from amongst the relatives of the Murtadeen, and neither does it make Sabāyah (concubines) of their women. Here is a clarification of the Islamic States policy regarding the relatives of the Sahawat Murtadeen from Amir Ul-Mumineens latest speech, “March Forth Whether Light or Heavy“:

O Ahlus-Sunnah in Iraq, and specifically our people in al-Anbār, be certain that our hearts are broken on account of your leaving of your homes and your lands, and your seeking of shelter in the territory of the Rāfidah and the Kurdish atheists, and your being forced to wander the lands. And even if some of your relatives are apostates waging war against the religion of Allah and allied with the Rāfidah and the Crusaders, then we don’t hold you accountable for their crimes. So return to your lands, and remain in your homes, and seek shelter – after first seeking shelter with Allah – with your people in the Islamic State, for you will find therein, by Allah’s permission, a warm embrace and a safe refuge. For you are our people. We defend you, your honor, and your wealth. We want you to be mighty and noble, we want you to be safe and secure, and we want your salvation from Hellfire.

Full statement to be found here:

We ask Allah SWT to make the truth evident to the liars or to curse them if they remain unheedful.

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