Oh Alshabab of Somalia: The silly dotard gave allegiance to the Taghut of Taliban!


By: Abū Maysarah Ash-Shāmi

Praise be to Allah, who endeared to us honesty and Monotheism, hated to us immorality and polytheism, and chose us from among his servants to enforce His book by the iron. Peace and blessings be upon the Imam of Al-wala walbara, who disavowed the tawaghit and partners (in worship), puting his trust on The One and Alone, The Alive and The sustainer of all existence, The Lord of heaven and earth:

Oh Alshabab of Somalia , whoever wanted al-Qaida, al-Qaida of Bin Laden has died, but whoever wanted the unity (of muslims), the unity will remain till the day of judgement.

The veracious, trustworthy (peace be upon him) said: “A group of my nation will continue fighting for the truth and will be victorious till the day of Resurrection”.

Yes, Imam Usamah died (may Allah accept him) but then he didn’t die, he only died by the departure of his soul from his body, and the rise of his soul to the heaven, we consider him such and Allah will be his judge,With regards to his da’wah; it was the word of Ibrahim – The intimate friend (peace be upon him) which was manifested by Imam Ibn Laden and will last till the day of judgement.

{And [mention, O Muhammad], when Ibraim said to his father and his people, “Indeed, I am disassociated from that which you worship…Except for He who created me; and indeed, He will guide me.”…..And he made it a word remaining among his descendants that they might return [to it] }

Yes, the word of Monotheism will remain but not in the organization of Tajahhum and division, but in the supported victorious group; the muslims’ unity and their khalif, people of Al-athar (Hadith) and frontlinlines. Whereas for the enemies of Alwalaa walbaraa, {…Do you see of them any remains?}

Oh Alshabab of Somalia, the silly dotard announced his oath of allegiance to the Taghut of Taliban without consulting you, and without consulting the ‘Islamic’ groups and the ‘jihadi’ parties and without consulting his brothers; the ‘ummah’ of Saruriyyah (followers of muhammad bin Sarur), Muflisin(bankrupts) brotherhood, the Murji’ah and the Jahmiyyah… but even without consulting the laymen Rafidis and the grave-worshipping animals who are “Muslims” excused due to ignorance according to his claim.

Oh Alshabab of Somalia, Taliban is a group that is using strength to reject Alwalaa walbaraa. They fight for the sake of land and country, and they become peaceful for the sake of land and country.

Its Taghut announced that his group will stop both defensive and offensive Jihad if the occupiers get out of Afghanistan, while his “Shura Council” seeks friendship with the Tawaghit and the apostates of Pakistan, Qatar, Afghanistan, Iran and others, but shows enmity to the Awliya’ (allies of Allah) and the Mujahideen of Khorasan! Oh Alshabab of Somalia, the Taliban Dajjal Akhtar Mansour lied to the Ummah for years in the name of Mullah Omar to propagate nationalism and pacifism among the fighting factions and the common people of Khurasan!

He also sent Delegations to the Tawaghit and Murtaddeen shelters; To Iran, Qatar and others in the name of Mullah Omar! He also followed the delusions of the Sunni-Shiite rapprochement in the name of Mullah Omar! He fought the renewed Caliphate in the name of Mullah Omar!

If it were not for the Islamic state and its Wilayah of Khurasan; Akhtar and whoever would succeed him would have lied and acted sinful in the name of Mullah Omar until the appearance of the blind Dajjal.

Oh Alshabab of Somalia, Whoever of you who wishes to pledge allegiance, should pledge allegiance to the Muslims’ leader, Amirul mu’mineen Khalif Ibrahim bin Awad al-Husseini (may Allah protect him). Otherwise, would one of you accept to pledge allegiance to the Taghut of Taliban, who considers the two taghuts of Qatar; Hamad and Tamim (Aala thani) as his brothers? will one of you accept to pledge allegiance to the Taghut of Taliban , who considers the Tawaghit of Iraq, Khurasan and the Fares -Iran- as his brothers? will one of you accept to pledge allegiance to the Taghut of Taliban , who considers the Tawaghit governments and the Rafidhis in the Muslim countries and their leaders as brothers to him?

Will one of you accept to pledge allegiance to the Taghut of Taliban, who seeks closeness to the Pakistani secret intelligence and Qatari ambassadors but distance himself from the Mujahideen in the path of Allah? Furthermore, the taghut of Taliban does all that, and also announces his intention to refrain from both defensive and offensive Jihad. He fights only the Mujahideen of khilafah for the sake of his chair!

Wallahi there will be no good in you if you pledge allegiance to the taghut of Taliban after which his matter has become crystal clear and well known everywhere, among the Arabs and non-Arabs, the East and the West and among the Sunni muslims and the people of apostasy and the Cross…

Doesn’t one of you feel ashamed to have his allegiance to a taghut Dajjal? If you are not ashamed, By Allah, the Islamic state will not be ashamed of the truth, and the Islamic State will thereby fight the Taliban taghut and his associates that give bay’ah to him in Khurasan and outside khurasan even if the hypocrites and apostates will hate that.

Oh Alshabab of Somalia, didn’t you hear your ‘wise’ silly dotard who didn’t leave an aspect among the aspects of Jahiliyyah era but imitated it? The people of Jahiliyyah:

“..Follow fancy and conjecture, and turn their faces from what Allah has given them, and they contradict themselves in the aspect of affiliation, they associate themselves with Ibrahim but reveal abandoning to follow him. They don’t regard as truth except what their party says. But then, they are not aware about what their party says, When they left the command of Allah to unite , and committed what Allah forbade of division; every party became happy with what they had, They have an extreme enmity for the religion that they affiliate themselves. They love the religion of the infidels who are enemies to them, to their Prophet and to their party, And they deny what they already proved to be part of their religion, They became very Fanatic to the party, and they claim to act upon what they have of ‘truth’ ; while they abandon it. According to them, it is a must for the individual to blindly imitate his party, and to Support the party members wether they are the aggressors or the aggrieved. They accuse the followers of the apostles of insincerity and being earthly. They prefer the religion of the infidels to the Muslims’ religion, and they clearly contradict themselves when they belied the truth”  [Editted Summary of  The book  ‘The Jahiliyya matters’  by Imam Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab (may Allah have mercy on him)]

Yes, The silly dotard combined both bigotry and contradiction, and subjected the truth to his whim, he took from it what comforms with his desires, and left away what contradicted it …He claims to be on the methodology of Usamah Bin Laden (may Allah accept him) – then fights the state that has been protected by Usama bin Laden, which he made the gateway to the conquest of Jerusalem!

He Claims to be on the methodology of Al Qaeda, then he supports the enemies of alQaeda’s Imam; the Sururis, the Jaamia and the Muslisim brotherhood! He claims to be on the methodology of Al Qaeda, then prefers the religion of the Sahawat over the religion of the two Sheikhs; Al-Zarqawi and Abu Hamza al-Muhajir (May Allah accept them both)!

Yes, The silly dotard contradicted himself too much … Sometimes he confirms that the Islamic state is a legitimate state that is independent of al-Qaeda and the Taliban Emirate, then he claims that it pledged a Major allegiance(bay’ah) to him and to Mullah Omar who died years before the announcement of the khilafah. He sometimes says that the Islamic state is legitimate and was formed through shura, then he says that it is upon the methodology of the tyrant kings and that it rejected to come to court for the law of Allah! And sometimes he curses the Sahawat and declares that they are agents of the Crusaders, then he renders the Sahawat Mujahideen for the sake of Allah and persecuted martyrs!

He sometimes calls for co-operation with the Islamic state against the Crusaders, the Shiites, the batiniyyah, the secularists and the atheists, and then calls for co-operation with the Sahawat and the governments-linked scholars, and the parliamentarians “Brotherhood” against the Islamic state. Together with his call to be peaceful with the batiniyyah, to Islamize the Rafidah and not targeting the crusaders from the land of Sham!

He sometimes regards the amirul mu’minin (leader of the faithful) to be among the descendants of the father of the two Hasans, Ali Ibn Abi Talib (may Allah be pleased with them), he then regards him among the descendants of his killer, Ibn Muljim!

Yes, because of his partisanship, and his self-righteousness, and his love of power and his craving after prestige; the silly dotard became the most contradictorily foolish! He calls the mujahideen in Sham to co-operate with each other against the head of infidelity America! He then calls his Jawlani branch to be peaceful with the head of Kufr America! He pledges allegiance to the Taliban Dajjal without consulting anyone of his branches, and then claims that the Islamic State did not consult anyone before her renewal of the absent squandered obligation.

He even claims to be calling for a Caliphate on the prophetic methodology, but then reviles some of the rightly guided Khalifs! Since he claimed that the fight for Caliphate without consulting the whole nation in the East and West is one of the ways of the mordacious Kingdoms and the autocratic oppressors, and this is an insult that falls upon the rightly guided khalif; Ali Ibn Abi Talib (may Allah be pleased with him)!

Oh Alshabab of Somalia, among the worst things your ‘wise man’ did is that he called for: “The continuation of the blessed revolution that brought Muhammad Morsi [to power] so as to achieve the desired change that has not been achieved until today,”  [The unification of the word around of the word of Tawheed]!

The Fool thought that a Revolution that brought Morsi is a blessed revolution! Then days after, he discovered that the ‘Arab Spring’  was not an Islamic Spring, so he calls for an ‘Islamic  spring’ in a series of lectures in the same format with those of “Messages of Hope and joy to our people in Egypt,”  whereby he repeats in it the same misguided concepts without anything new in all its episodes and without accomplishing any benefit other than the love of fame and articulation of falsehood. The follower will think that the silly dotard will correct the voyage of the Arabic “revolutions” but will be surprised to find that the series from the first episode to the third is majorly about confronting the Islamic state! Was the Islamic state in  Egypt  when Sisi the taghut overpowered Morsi the taghut?, Was the Dawlah in  Libya  when Haftar the taghut overpowered the tawaghit of the General National Congress? Also was it(i.e. The Islamic State) in  Tunisia  when the Renaissance Party tawaghit were kicked out of the taghuti Government? Or is it that Al-Zawahiri, a man of desires and partisanship, is envying the Islamic state on what Allah has given it? And he is probably crying for the muflisin Brotherhood and their tawaghit who lost their sits in the ‘post-revolutions governments’  , The Governments that Al-Zawahiri ordered to be peaceful with?

Al Zawahiri is militarily peaceful with the muflisin Brotherhood but teases them media-wise …However, with the Islamic state, The soldiers of the silly dotard fight it(i.e. The Islamic State) in Sham, Khurasan, Libya and in other countries!

Oh Alshabab of Somalia, Do you accept to stay as a branch for an ‘organization’ that its branches are only concerned about allying with the murtadeen tawaghit and fighting the Mujahideen of the khilafah? Here is the Algerian Branch; it is pleased to support “the National Movement for the Liberation of  Azawad” turning a blind eye to its apostasy. It condemns the muwahideen for applying the law of Allah in Mali. Then it fights the Islamic state in Darna with an alliance composing of ‘jihadi’ parties that were previously part of the Libyan democracy such as the “Islamic Fighting Group” and “Abu Salim Martyrs brigade” and others besides them of the parties that contributed to the Libyan taghut transitional and ‘the dawn’ governments? Whereas the Yemeni branch hands over the ‘liberated’ territory to the apostate army, the government and the party of “Al-eslah” who didn’t repent from apostasy yet and who met in “the Hadrami National Council! The “Syrian” branch allies with the FSA and the nationalistic fronts, agents of the tawaghit. Even the treacherous Jawlani himself and his follower Abu Firas Assuri testified that those are agents of the tawaghit.

Yes, despite the airstrikes of the Crusaders in defense of the Sahawat, The Jowlani Front allies with the Sahawat coalition in the war against the Islamic state! With regards to the Indian branch and the branch of Khurasan, they are but livestocks in the hands of the Taghut of Taliban whom he sacrifices to put pressure on the crusaders and the tawaghit to ensure success for the national reconciliation with the Afghan apostates! But if you (Oh Alshabab) answer with silence, your silence will be your endorsement, no neutrality no gray zone, the muwahideen before the epic battle (Al Malhamah) will not be satisfied with a group of gray zone (like a lone sheep between two herds of sheep, it escapes every now and then, knowing not to which one it belongs), they will not be satisfied with a wavering group  {[belonging] neither to these nor to those}, they will not be satisfied with a hypocritical group that labels muwahideen to be fitnah-mongers but blandishes the murtadeen…

Therefore choose in which frontline of the two camps you shall stand; for in reality, the battle of Dabiq is closer to one of you than his shoelace, and thereafter, you will either be among the soldiers of the “Spirit that proceeded from Allah and His word” [Issa (pbuh)]. Or else you will be among the soldiers of the blind Dajjal.

Also do not forget that your late amir, Abu Zubair said the same thing Amirul mu’minin Abu Omar al-Baghdadi al-Husseini ( may Allah accept him) said and also as said by the Khalifah Ibrahim al-Qurashi and the Mujahid Sheikh Al-Adnani (may Allah preserve them both):

“Verilly, The Islamic State will remain”

Penned by: Abu Maysara Ashami (May Allah grant him forgiveness)

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{The bay’ah and the reality of the conflict} NB: I had a good perception of Hani sibai when I wrote this old article, I was uniformed about his reality. It became clear to me later that he is one of the heads of Tajahhum and misguidance who don’t support except for his prestige and thoughts. [The translation to be released soon by Ansar Al Khilafah Media inshaa’ Allah]

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  1. Abra Ham says:

    May Allaah Ta’aala preserve you the author and allow the message that you convey to be spread rapidly throughout the world. And for the Ummah to reunite under one banner that is upon haqq. Dawlatul Islaam…Baaqiya.


  2. Khorasaani says:

    Lol who’s the Khawarij stupid pig who wrote this?


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    • yes but y would u want to contact us?


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  5. Bob says:

    You seem a bit angry and aggressive.

    Do you need a hug, mate?


  6. WaliUllah says:

    The burning of pilot was of course against the rules of Islam. Only Allah has the right to burn. If kaffir burns you, you will never burn him as a qisaas. Because the ways to kill them have been described in Islam. You are mixing up Qisas with killing kufar on your own style which is clearly violating the right of Allah. This shows your personal anger towards a kafir, not an anger based on Islam. And those muslims who kill because of their personal anger will certainly be punished by Allah.


  7. qa'qa' says:

    assalamu alaikum, where can we reach “Sham, The exposer and the breaking of idols”


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