BY: Abū Maysarah Ash-Shāmi

Praise be to Allah the great, the most high and may peace and blessings be upon the cheerful avid fighter, and upon his honorable modest household.

The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said:

“If a man gets reassured to be with another man, then he kills him after he was reassured, he (the killer) will be taged with a flag of treachery on the Day of Judgment” [Narrated by Al Hakim from ‘Amr bin AlHamiq and said: the isnad (chain of narration) of this hadith is Sahih (authentic) and  Imam Adh-Dhahabi said: “it is Sahih”]

The Prophet (pbuh) also clarified in many Hadiths that on the day of Judgment, when Allah gathers the earliest and the latest of people, a flag will be raised on the Anus of every traitor with which he will be identified and the the degree of his treachery can be quatified by its height. Then it will be said: “Surely this is the treachery of so and so!” [A Chapter about the prohibition of treachery in Sahih Muslim].

He, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him also said:

“There is no traitor who is greater in treachery than an overall leader” [reported by Muslim from Abu Said]

The Monotheist Mujahidin and all the people in the east and the west of the world, should know that Alshabab leaders – who have their allegiance to Zawahiri the moron of the Taghut Akhtar Mansur – that these corrupt mischief-making leaders, misguided and misguiding, have transgressed against the soldiers of the Khilafah in Somalia, acted treacherously with them, spilled their unlawful blood, and killed their pure souls without any right.

Yes after the muhajirin and the Ansar successively came to the soldiers of the Khilafah in Somalia to hear the call of the khilafah, and hasten towards holding firm to the Jama’ah, Alshabab leaders sent 3 of its spies to the Mujahid shaykh Abu Nu’man AlYintari (may Allah accept him), who came with his family and kinsmen to the rank of Khilafah and shifted to the forest.

The spies claimed that they wanted a meeting with the shaykh Abu Nu’man and his associates to give bay’ah to the Khalifah. Shaykh Abu Nu’man came with 5 of his close friends to meet them, and at the end of the meeting, the Alshabab spies killed them in cold blood out of arrogance and treachery. After his murder, they contacted Ar Reemy (the soldier of Akhtar in Yemen) telling him about the operation and claiming that they killed a Dawlah leader sent from Libya. So they acted treacherously and lied also.

Yes, they also treacherously assassinated the Mujahid shaykh Hussein Abdi  Gedi (may Allah accept him) similar in manner to what they did to Abu Nu’man, they sent to him a man whom the shaykh used to trust who was his driver and bodyguard, the traitor claimed he wanted to join the khilafah, and when he met the shaykh he assassinated him and two of his friends.

They also assassinated the muhajir mujahid Muhammad Makawi Ibrahim Muhammad (Hudayfah As Sudani  – may Allah accept him) who was wanted by the American crusaders since 2008 after he was involved in the murder of John Grandfield the crusader American diplomat in sudan. Then after Hudayfah was imprisoned in the ‘Kobar’, he and his friends managed to escape in a blessed opperation. The Americans offered 5million dollars bounty to whoever reports(of his location) to them. Maybe they will send it to the leaders of Alshabab!

Earlier on, Alshabab spies had kidnapped 10 among the members of the Mujahid Shaykh Abdul Qadir Mu’min (may Allah grant him steadfastness and protection), which made the shaykh hasten towards announcing his bay’ah hoping that Allah guides some of the Alshabab leaders to the truth or that they might atleast feel shy from spilling the blood of a muslim without a valid right.

They also jailed among the Muhajirin and ansar anyone whom they thought was supporting the Khilafah, they seized their assets, terrified their families, even some civilian muslims whom they suspected to be sympathetic towards or supporting the army of the Khilafah were not exempted from their evil. As if supporting the khilafah is a crime that demands punishment according to the “constitution” of Alshabab, upon anyone who gives bay’ah, the supporter, the one hiding, and even the suspected one.

They did not spare the young nor the old, indeed they arrested the gray-haired brother Abu Anas Al Masri in the town of Jamame after he returned from the maghrib prayer heading to his house, they captured with him also brother Abu AbdurRahman Al Maghribi, then when shaykh Abdul Aziz Ruqayyah repudiated their action, they humiliated him, arrested him and joined him with the former ones. Then just after a week, they arrested muawiyyah Al Malesi (Malaysian) and Uways Al Ansari.

They also arrested Abdullahi Yussuf (a former Alshabab leader) and his friend, during their travel between kunya Barow town and Jilib. And as usual, they assassinated them treacherously after they claimed that they just wanted to sit with them for a conversation.

They also detained the deputy of the council of the ulamaa Badruddin Al Ansari.

They also arrested Abu Thabit Al Muhajir in the same treacherous operation that they murdered Hudayfah As Sudani (may Alaah accept him).

Then after the detention of those and many others whose number is only known by Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala, there is no information about them and nothing was heard about them. May Allah grant them steadfastness and freedom. The real accusation against all those is their intention to join the Muslim Jama’ah, leaving the blind groups, supporting the renewed Khilafah and disavowal of the Taghut of Taliban and his moron. La hawla walaa Quwwata illaa billah (there is no might nor power except in Allah)

Among the crimes of the leaders of Alshabab is that they sent an official delegation to all the fronts of the movement and to its offices and they told the soldiers and their leaders that they will fight and kill anyone who tries to “split the rank”! Likewise they called the Ulama for secret meetings whereby they threatened them with murder if they support “those dividing the rank”! As if the muslim Jama’ah is the Alshabab movement faction whose allegiance is to the moron Zawahiri the slave of the Taliban Taghut!

Amid this treacherous campaign against the soldiers of the khilafah in Somalia, and since some battalions of the movement gave allegiance to the khilafah, the leaders of the movement directed most of their soldiers and efforts to hunt down the soldiers of the khilafah to kill and massacre them instead of making their major goal to hit the head of the  kufr America as their Zawahiri usually claims.

Nay, they did not stop being peaceful with the appostate militias whose apostasy is elaborate and are situated in Gobaweyn town in southern Somalia near Kismayo, led by the so called Bare Hirale whom there is no doubt nor dispute in his apostasy. Bare Hirale is the former defense minister in the apostate government(of Somalia), the allies of the crusaders and a key player in the democracy “game”. The leaders of Alshabab movement don’t target these militia despite the fact that the movement has a military force in the field there. They allow these apostates to enter and leave the territory of Alshabab, they don’t permit anyone to kill them and take their wealth as ghanimah. They give peace to these apostates and offer a truce to them at the same time that they imprison and murder anyone whom they suspect is supporting the khilafah. It is like they are imitating Abu Mus’ab AbdulWadud who wants to unite with the national movement for the liberation of Azwad or Khalid Al Batrafi the mastermind of the handover of Al Mukalla to the Taghut “The Hadrami national council” and others besides them who reconcile with the Murtadin and fight the Muwahideen.

Yes, the idol of the party (partisanship) and that of hubris have blemished the hearts of Alshabab movement leaders until they neither recognized the truth nor renounced the falsehood. Rather, they kept quiet from the deviations of the Taghut Akhtar and those of his moron Zawahiri. Are they really compelled to give allegiance to one who considers the Tawaghit of Qatar and Ikhwan as his brothers? Also (considering) the Rafidah of khurasan and those of the whole world as his brothers? Are they really copelled to give allegiance to the one who allied with the saluli (Saudi puppets) sahawat, the nationalistic sahawat rather the democratic and atheist ones against the Muhajirin and Ansar? Are they really compelled to give allegiance to the one who abandoned AlWalaa Walbaraa and resisted it with his party and seeks closeness to the apostate Pakistani government, its armies and Secret Agencies? Are they really compelled to give allegiance to the one who fights for the sake of Afghani nationalism and offers peace to the apostate afghani government for the sake of nationalism?

They should know that if they don’t know the situation of their leader Akhtar and his moron, then that is a disaster! But if they know, then the disaster is greater!

To the soldiers of the khilafah in Somalia we say:

Allah The Master (The Great and The most high) said:

“And those who, when an oppressive wrong is inflicted on them, they defend themselves. The recompense for an evil is an evil equal thereto.” [Al- Shurah verse 39 & 40]

And The Great and The most high also said:

“If then anyone transgresses against you, transgress likewise against him” [Al Baqarah 194]

And The Great and The most high also said:

“And if you punish, punish with an equivalent of that which you were harmed” [Al Nahl 126]

It is inevitable to punish these mischief-makers on the earth with the like (of their offenses) and even stronger. Execute the leaders of Tahazub (partisanship) and Iftiraq (division) with silencers, explosive belts, IEDs(Improvised Explosive Device) until the ranks divide purely into two; and therefore the people will  know with whom these leaders stand, with Akhtar and Zawahiri? Or with Tawhid and Jihad? Indeed, in the ranks of Alshabab movement are a huge number of soldiers who want to join the Muslim Jama’ah but are prevented by the oppression of Alshabab leaders and its spies. Wallahul must’an (from Allah we seek help)

Lastly, to the leaders of Alshabab movement;  if you want salvation, disavow your Akhtar and your Zawahiri, and also your partisanship and oppression. Don’t follow the steps of shaytan and thus be afflicted with what befell the Jowlani front; wastage of dunya and Akhirah.

Penned by:

Abu Maysarah Ash-Shāmi

May Allah grant him forgiveness

Orriginal Arabic article:


  1. Abdullah says:

    Some of people keep insulting khilafah
    Saying why you are not fighting against Israel if u are real Muslim ?
    Please upload an video about this question and answer to public
    Jazakallah .

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  2. Daud Bujuna says:

    Jazaakallah khair

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Abdullah says:

    Dear khilafah leaders
    Keep announcing your demands, show more videos publicly ,
    Enough is enough , u have waited so long
    Stays calm , but don’t give any single chance kafirs to play Muslims mind any more !
    Kafirs destroyed , Burma Muslims cut their Muslim bodies piece by piece , no one sees
    No Arab leader sees , no UN , no human rights , Israel daily killing a lot Palestinians ,
    Iraq destroyed , Libya destroyed, afghan destroyed , their for
    Please don’t give any chance to wear kafirs dress who lives under u , no alcohol , no smoke , Alhamd lillah , command for salat time to time Alhamd lillah , victory is with us victory is for Muslim ummah , wa kana haqqun alyna nasrul muminin
    Rabbana wataqabal dua’i aameen !

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  4. Abdullah says:

    The world any one don’t see how many Muslims Lille by bashar , Arab leader don’t see , America don’t see ! France , Russia , America , UK , every day continueing killing Muslim and little kids , and destroying public houses , no one sees , there for they don’t have right to talk about France attack , Russia plane , Alhamd lillah u are doing great ! Don’t listen America and their followers
    , we have out book of Allah , prophet muhamd rasoolu lolah Hadith , with us , their for world rulers is not America , ruler is Allah
    Don’t establish anything their ways , destroy democracy , follow khilafah ! Alhamd lillah everything will be alright ! Allah guides us , victory with u and all Muslims .aamen


  5. Abdullah says:

    Dear brothers don’t stop the war against kuffar , they don’t see anything you are doing good , whole media calling u a terrorists , even u all do salat to Allah , even u give zakat , so please don’t stop the war , untill America stop pretending whole world , untill all Americans go out from all Muslim lands , don’t stop war untill bashar killing Muslims , untill Russia stop killing Muslims , untill Israel go out from Palestine lands , untill Israel killing Muslims , untill Burma killing Muslims , untill United Kingdom killing Muslims , untill Saudi seeking for needs from USA , untill France stop killing Muslims , untill America killing afghan Muslims , untill china stop forcing Muslims not do salat , not fasting .dont obey any kafirs rules . No UN to force any power especially any Muslims country .
    Insha Allah success will be with us , with islamic state . Jazakallah khair


  6. Abdullah says:

    Dear brothers of khilafa
    Please , please don’t give any single chance
    To America and their coalition , America is crashing all muslim countries one by one , they don’t destroy saydi , because some Saudi kings and seikhs are America puppets , they do anything like a monkey , anything America says they say yes . Yes .
    If America says Muslims are terrorists they say yes yes . They don’t see anything bad from America side , bashar side , Russia side , France side , uk side . Until Israel stop killing Muslims and entering al aqsa don’t give any chance for kuffars .
    Insha Allah , victory is with your iman
    In your dua’s , in your athan .
    Aameen .


  7. Abdullah says:

    Dear brothers of khilafa
    Please , please don’t give any single chance
    To America and their coalition , America is crashing all muslim countries one by one , they don’t destroy saydi , because some Saudi kings and seikhs are America puppets , they do anything like a monkey , anything America says they say yes . Yes .
    If America says Muslims are terrorists they say yes yes . Until Israel stop killing Muslims and entering al aqsa don’t give any chance for kuffars .
    Insha Allah , victory is with your iman
    In your dua’s , in your athan .
    Aameen .


  8. Ally says:

    Bismillah, To. Khilafah please Mujahed dont fight with Al shabab but diplomatic way btn you and Al shabab will be the best. In case of bayah Inshaallah the time will reach for it. ISLAMIC STATE BAQIYYAH BIIDHINILLAH.


  9. Rasheed juma says:

    Islamic state baqiyya bi idhinillah

    Liked by 1 person

  10. AbuAbdullahAlJundi says:

    It was the socalled Khilafah that broke the backs of the Mujahideen.
    In Syria whenever the mujahideen captures town or city from Nusayris, the Daesh comes in and fights the mujahideen.
    And now in Ardul Soomaal they are breaking the ranks of the mujahideen with their sorcery and tricks.
    In Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan same trouble with the troublemakers(daesh): they leave the crusaders and fight the mujahideen(Taliban)!

    May Allah guide Daesh or destroy them by the hands of the mujahideen


    • Abdullah says:

      It is apparent who is standing away from jama’ah


    • abdulQuadir says:

      So, do tell. Which is more important in Islam? Khilaafah, or Imaara?

      Did our Prophet or Sahaabah make jihaad to establish Imaarah?

      Do not think like the kuffaar would like you to think. Have the mind of a slave of Allaah, and you will live the life of a guided believer.

      And what about the blemishes of nationalism,democrazyism, puppetism and rebellion against tawheed in most of these groups of fighters?

      In the ocean, do you see just one wave or is it continuous and that the bigger wave shall neutralize the smaller one. So why not be like the small wave that you are, and subject yourself(strengthen) to the greater one. Do as Allaah’s nature intended it for you.


    • Yahya says:

      The Islamic State does not care if a city or town is liberated or not. If that place does not governed with Sharia they consider it dar al harb and liberated is for Sharia.
      And its know and clear that most of the other groups have apostated by taking weapons and support to fight the only Sharia state.


  11. OH! Ussudu dawla be patient by Allah you are in the right path and your enemies are really in dirty way bi idnillah victory is with Us which our Allah SWT Promised Us… Our prayers Are Always with you All bi idnillah Ya ussudu dawlah Wlhi thuma wlhi I love you for the sake Of Allah.. Laki llaha ayyatuha dawlatul mathlumah



    Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahiim

    NOMOR : 1436H-RAJAB-02


    Maha Suci Allah yang di tangan-Nya Kekuasaaan Pemerintahan atas segala
    sesuatu dan kepada-Nyalah kamu dikembalikan.
    Maha Suci Allah Yang di tangan-Nyalah segala Kerajaan, dan Dia Maha
    Kuasa atas segala sesuatu,
    Wahai Rabb Pemilik Kerajaan Langit dan Bumi maupun Kerajaan yang Ada
    diantara Keduanya, Sesunggunya Engkau Maha Kuasa atas Segala Sesuatu yang Engkau Kehendaki.

    Wahai Allah yang Maha Pengasih Lagi Maha Penyayang
    Hamba memohon Ampun dan Kasih Sayang-Mu,
    Kami Hamba-Mu yang Dhoif Mohon Izin untuk melakukan Ijtihad Syiasah

    Allaahumma sholli alaa Muhammad wa alaa aali Muhammad kamaa shol
    laita alaa aali Ibroohiim ,
    wa baarik alaa Muhammad wa alaa aali Muhammad kamaa baarokta alaa aali
    Ibroohiim fil aalamiina innaka hamiidum majiid.

    Pada Hari Ini Hari Isnain 1 Rajab 1436H
    1. Kami sampaikan Kabar Gembira bahwa Asal Mula wilayah
    Khilafah Islam Ad Daulatul Islamiyah Melayu adalah dari Sabang hingga

    2. Wilayah Negeri dari Sabang hingga Mauroke yang dihuni oleh Umat
    Islam yang Sholeh-sholeh kami beri Namanya sesuai dengan Hadist
    Rasulullah sallallahu alaihi wa sallam Menjadi Wilayah Negeri Syam.

    3. Peta Wilayah Indonesia Kami Hapus diganti dengan Nama Wilayah Syam (Negeri
    Ummat Islam Akhir Zaman)

    4. RI bubar dan Hilang, Berganti Nama Organisasi Penyamun Indonesia (OPI)

    Kepada para Alim Ulama cerdik cendikia Islam, Mari bersama-sama kita
    tegakkan Islam dan menjadikan AlQuran dan As Sunnah Rasulullah SAW
    menjadi satu-satunya sumber hukum yang berkuasa di Wilayah Syam.

    Umat Islam tidak layak untuk hidup tentram di-RI,
    RI adalah bagian dari Negara Zionis Internasional, Negara Dajjal.

    Khilafah Islam Ad Daulatul Islamiyah (Melayu) menghimbau melalui
    Aqidah Islam bahwa Semua Negara binaan Dajjal adalah Jibti dan Thagut
    yang harus dihancurkan, bukan menjadikannya tempat bernaung dan merasa
    hidup tentram di dalamnya sampai akhir hayat.

    Akhir Zaman adalah Masa-nya seluruh umat islam harus berperang melawan
    Zionis Internasional yang di Komandoi Israel. Waktu akan kian mendekat
    Maka Umat Islam secara terpaksa atau secara ikhlas menjadi dua
    gelombang besar wala kepada Zionis atau wala kepada Islam.

    Bila Umat Islam yang berada di Wilayah Negeri Syam ridha pasrah dan
    tunduk dibawah Tekanan OPI (organisasi Penyamun Indonesia), maka
    bersiaplah menjadi negeri yang mengerikan.

    Dan betapa banyak penduduk negeri yang mendurhakai perintah Tuhan
    mereka dan Rasul-rasul-Nya, maka Kami hisab penduduk negeri itu dengan
    hisab yang keras, dan Kami azab mereka dengan azab yang mengerikan.
    (Qs. At-Thalaq :8)

    Dan demikianlah Kami jadikan pada tiap-tiap negeri penjahat-penjahat
    yang terbesar agar mereka melakukan tipu daya dalam negeri itu. Dan
    mereka tidak memperdayakan melainkan dirinya sendiri, sedang mereka
    tidak menyadarinya. (Qs. Al-an am : 123)

    Dan begitulah azab Tuhanmu, apabila Dia mengazab penduduk negeri-
    negeri yang berbuat zalim. Sesungguhnya azab-Nya itu adalah sangat
    pedih lagi keras. (Qs. Huud:102)

    Dan berapa banyak penduduk negeri yang zalim yang teIah Kami
    binasakan, dan Kami adakan sesudah mereka itu kaum yang lain sebagai
    penggantinya. (Qs. Al-Anbiyaa:11)

    Hai orang-orang beriman, perangilah orang-orang Kafir (OPI) yang ada
    disekitar kamu, hendaklah mereka merasakan keganasan darimu,
    ketahuilah Allah bersama orang-orang yang bertaqwa (Qs. At-Taubah:123)

    ..dan perangilah kaum musyrikin itu semuanya sebagaimana merekapun
    memerangi kamu semuanya, dan ketahuilah bahwasanya Allah beserta
    orang-orang yang bertakwa. (Qs. At-Taubah:36)

    Kolonel Militer Syuaib Bin Sholeh


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