The Humiliating Truce

By Shaykh Hussain bin Mahmood (May Allah preserve him)Dated : 3rd Rajab 1437H.

The truce that has occurred between the Nusayris and the “moderate” Resistance factions is not a truce as is in the known Shar’ee meaning nor as in the known customary meaning. On the contrary, it is only a great treason against the religion, thereafter a treason against the Muslims. Consecutive events have made apparent what was behind this truce – matters due to which a man would be astonished at the fact that some people could not perceive these results when it was so clear!!

“Moderate Groups” that were “vetted” by the American Defence Ministry so that it can play its role using these groups in realizing the goals of the Crusaders in the lands of Sham – these [groups] are those who are relied upon in fighting the Islamic State and other Jihadi groups. For every group that was not “vetted” or did not pass the American “vetting”, they are not moderate in the view of America, and they would be fought by America sooner or later..

Indeed from the amazing things in this war: are the terms that the enemies of Allah, (the Most High) have named their allies and their enemies with. The Russian newspapers have described Bashar as the (ذيل الكلب) “Dog’s tail”, and this dog is Putin. As for the Moderate Syrian Groups or “Vetted Syrian Opposition” its acronym in English is “VSO” and in Arabic it is (فسو) [the Arabic letters Faaf, Seen and Waw – connect to form a word which means ‘silent fart’], and I remember that I had written an old article regarding the “Sahawat of ‘Iraq” and in it I had said that they are “Faswaat” (Silent Farts) and not Sahawat (Awakening). And here is the American administration – with much appreciation – attesting to this description upon their proxies. . And they have given the acronym of “ISIS” to the Islamic State, and from the meanings of “IS” in the English language is “remaining”, and this is from the slogans of the supporters of the Islamic State: “Remaining, Remaining”. So in the language of the Disbelievers: Bashar is the “Dog’s tail”, and their moderate proxies are “silent farts”, and the Islamic State is “Remaining Remaining”. {And they plot and Allah plots [against their plots]}

As for the truce, those who are following the events would reach to a conclusion which could almost reach the level of certainty that the conspirators have agreed upon surrendering “Aleppo” to the Nusayris in exchange for the VSO’s to remain in the North West, in order to stop the Kurds from expanding who are fighting Turkey. And the only obstacle in all of this is the “Islamic State” which is being fought by all of these groups under the shadows of the American, Russian, Nusayri Jets so that they can push it away from the North West of Sham by which the stage-wise goals of the truce can be realized.

The hurtful sadness in this matter is that there may be soldiers in these groups who are sincere in their fight who wish to raise the banner of their religion. However their leaders have misguided them with these agreements and meetings from which they are earning millions of dollars when these soldiers themselves are dying for interests other than that of the religion. And we have seen some recordings of the commanders of the “Al Saud Army” which is falsely called “The Army of Islam” (Jaysh al-Islam), who were inciting the “conscience” of the commoners upon fighting the Islamic State by which that they can be safe from Bashar’s bombing. So they chose to fight the Muslims over fighting the disbelievers. What an evil view this is! And what an evil man who said it! And O’ the grief over who believes in it..

And more painful than that and more anguishing to the soul is that we see the brothers in “al-Qaeda” fighting the Islamic State along with the VSO groups!! May Allah have mercy on Usamah bin Laden who dragged America to fight in the region to deplete them, how can their successors find it in themselves to fight the Mujahideen along with groups that are funded by “Al Saud” by command and counsel of America!! What kind of succession is this for this Jihadi Shaykh,, and what kind of following is this on his views, counsel and plans!! Is it logical that the leaders of “al-Qaeda” are this naïve? Wherein they are still not able to grasp the reality of this war and the reality of the craftiness and deception in it, and the reality of these groups, and the reality of the Islamic State!! And if the problem is with the leaders of the Mujahideen, then we fear that this is a dispute over the world, and lack of sincerity. And even if what had happened earlier were Fitnas (tribulations) and infighting; the matter is much simpler, and reconciling is better, and unity is a matter from the Qur’an, and all of the goodness is in the one who first starts with the greeting of Salaam.

The Islamic State has become a current reality which doesn’t have room to be overlooked. And today, it is they who are commandeering the helm of Jihad in the world against the enemies of the religion. And it has proven itself capable of perseverance, and that it is sincere to its religion, and that it is terrifying from a perspective, and that it is the most suitable and capable among all these groups in the Islamic battlefields on leading the Muslims. So overlooking all of this is not in the interests of the Ummah. And it is upon the leaders of the Jihadi groups in the world to realize this very well because this is a historic opportunity with which they can rise up with the Ummah. And uniting the ranks of the Mujahideen today would create a military entity for the Muslims from all the way from Eastern Turkestan to Morocco. And this can be made a reality if a handful of men agree upon it today. A handful of men can unite the Mujahideen in the world and form a terrifying Military might.. These men could themselves be the reason for a calamity for the Ummah – may Allah forbid it – if they lengthened in their own temptations, and didn’t return to their senses, and didn’t bring the interest of their Ummah over their own personal interests or the interests of their groups, organizations and pieces of lands..

Whoever who can deliver these words to the individuals of the fighting groups in Sham, then let them do so, for it is from a heart full of anguish over the state of the youth of the Muslims:


  • Indeed, Fighting would not be a Jihad unless it is only in the path of Allah to make His Word the highest. Fighting would not be a Jihad if it is for the sake of a group, or a faction or a person or a nation, or a banner that doesn’t wish to implement the Shari’ah of Allah or goes against the belief of al-Wala wa al-Bara and the belief of love and hate for the sake of Allah, or if these obligations were made the deposit of the Referendum.
  • Fighting the Muslims: is a fitna (tribulation) and it can even be a transgression [or rebellion] .. And fighting the disbelievers, that is the Jihad in the path of Allah – which is mentioned in the Qur’an and Sunnah – if the intention is purified. So let not one of us destroy his life in a tribulation wherein his end is not known after it ends..
  • Any group that fights the Muslims under the banner of America or Russia or the apostate Kurds or the Nusayris or the Rawaafid, those are groups of disbelief and apostasy. And I do not know any difference of opinion regarding this among the Scholars of the Salaf.
  • The funding by the Arabian states to the groups is not done except by the command of America, and this is a matter that is known to everyone. So it is from the lies upon one’s own self to justify it to be aid given for the countenance of Allah, or due to an intertwinement of the same interests. This is because America doesn’t allow anything except what is in its best interest. So use your minds..
  • These Arabian states are warring against Allah and His messenger and those who believed. It was they who lit the counter-revolutions by which they killed the Muslims and ripped the honour of the Muslim women. And whoever who thought that these people have diverted from their war upon the religion, such is more misguided than the donkey in his house. Their remaining in their seats (power) is only secured by fighting against Islam.
  • Every group that America has labelled to be moderate, such is closer to apostasy. And the groups that the Americans have stamped to be VSO’s, are included in this..
  • It is not permissible according to Shari’ah to fight against the Islamic State today, especially in Aleppo. And that is because the meaning of surrendering the city of Aleppo the Nusayris means the killing of the Muslims in it and tearing apart their honour. So anyone who takes a share in distancing the Islamic State from the areas of Aleppo, such is in reality taking a share in surrendering it (Aleppo) to the Nusayris
  • It is not permissible according to Shari’ah to agree upon the humiliating truce because it is not a truce in reality. And the Russians and Nusayris have not ceased bombing the Muslims since the truce was signed. And the intention of the truce was only: to free the Nusayris and the Russians to fight the Islamic State: The Nusayris have pulled back its soldiers from the coast. And the Russians saved a lot of money and effort by concentrating bombing the areas of the Islamic State. And they employed the VSO groups to fight the Islamic State instead of using its own soldiers whom they are saving to fight the “Moderates” after repelling the Islamic State from the surroundings of Aleppo. And the Nusayris require their soldiers to consolidate the power in their desired state in the west of Sham.
  • This truce has proved that these groups have agreed upon surrendering all of the regions in the coast till Daraa to the Nusayris. And We have said – since the start of the revolution – that the Western Crusaders and the Jews wants to create a Nusayri state in the west of Sham to protect the borders of the Jews..
  • It is not permissible for one who believes in Allah and the Last Day to remain even for a single minute under a blind banner when it is able to join an Islamic banner. Indeed, the banners of Patriotism is blind, and the banner of Partisan is blind, and the banners of Nationalism is blind. This is leaving aside the banner of America that is hidden on the other side of an enslaved curtain showing the Arabian aid. All of these are blind ignorant (Jahili) banners. It is not permissible to fight under them when there is an Islamic banner.

Today, The Islamic State is the one that is most vexatious to the enemies of Allah. And it is the most infuriating for the disbelievers. And the application of Allah’s Shari’ah is apparent in its borders. And it has announced the establishment of Allah’s Shari’ah totally simply with conquering of a village or city without any reservation or delay. And the Muslims in their borders are safe except for the French, Nusayri, Arabian, Crusader bombing. And if I were to advice the brothers in these groups I would have definitely advised them to join the Islamic State. And this advice doesn’t contain in it any self-inclination or partisanship. And it is only an advice which would be asked about from the one who gave it on the Day of Judgement. And if I knew a better banner than theirs in the field, I would have advised to it without any hesitation.. And whoever refuses: then let him choose Jabhat an-Nusra, but do not obey its leaders regarding fighting the Islamic State, for “There is no obedience in a sin”

Indeed the decisive factor is in the meanings and not in the constructions. I.e. the decisive factor in the Shari’ah is based on realities and on what is happening. And it is not based on statements and terminologies. So the saying that this humiliation and this shame is a truce, such is a shameful saying which is not correct, and far removed from the reality. This is a treason in which the lands of the Muslims would be surrendered to the Nusayris by command of the Crusaders. And everyone are participants in these big meetings even if their interests differ.

And it is from the ways of playing about with the Shari’ah, that some of them say that seeking aid of Turkey is permissible. And what they mean by this is: getting the aid of turkey in Sham against the Islamic State!! And we say to them:

  1. Why are you not seeking aid from Turkey against the Nusayri’s or the Russians or the Americans or the Iranians!!
  2. Who is the one benefitting from Turkeys intervention in the war and their fight against the Islamic State!!
  3. Is this really seeking aid? Who is the one commandeering the worldwide alliance? And under which banner is Turkey fighting? Are they fighting independently or as a participant of the International Crusader Alliance?

Turkey has opened its airports to the Crusader alliance who are bombing the Muslims in ‘Iraq and Sham. So it is only a part from this alliance lead by America. The Saying that some of the groups are seeking aid from Turkey outside of this alliance is a rejected saying. The Turkish army has not ceased in announcing its secularity and their grasp on the methodology of the son of the Jewish woman ata-Turk, the enemy of Islam and the Muslims. So would a Muslim take aid from one who announces his secularity to fight those who announce their Islam and implement the Shari’ah of Allah in their lands!! (If so) what is the difference in seeking aid from Turkey compared to seeking aid from France or Britain or America!! They all announce their secular nature!!

Let those – who are misguiding the youth of the Ummah, and making them fuel for the war to realise the interests of the Crusaders, Jews, Nusayris and the Rawaafid – let them fear Allah! For this truce and these accusations against the Islamic State to be Khawaarijs at one time and at another that they are proxies, and fighting against it under the shadows of the Crusader jets, and attempting to strengthen the Nusayris over the lands of the Muslims by trying to keep the forces of the Islamic state from reaching the borders close enough to touch them, all of this points to the fact that some have sold their religion for a meagre price, and that they have paid the price of this deal with the blood and corpses of their soldiers whom they have betrayed.

It is necessary for these soldiers to consider the matter of their own selves. And it is necessary for them not to throw themselves in to destruction with their own hands. For what end awaits them: if they are not killed by the soldiers of the Islamic State today, then they would be killed by the Americans tomorrow. And they would be sold out by these leaders like how they sold their case [this matter]. . It is only one soul, and only one death. Thereafter it is either Heaven or Hell. So how would one who fights the Mujahideen meet Allah while they fight to strengthen the Nusayri’s and the Christians – the enemies of the religion – with the claim that their brothers are Khawarijs or proxies, while they know in their own selves that they are not like that and when he sees the Crusader jets passing them by overheard only to bomb the soldiers of the State after which he and his leaders proceed forward under the protection of these jets!! What kind of Jihad is this, and what sort of mind is this that has not grasped the reality still!!

So let everyone know that if Aleppo falls, then the VSO groups, those were the ones who surrendered it to the Nusayris. And they would see in the following days that the battle intensifying around Aleppo and inside it after the Nusayris secure it from the threat of the soldiers of the Islamic State. And be certain that the VSO groups would have their backs burnt.. We hold all of the fighters who participated in fighting the Islamic State responsible for what is happening in Aleppo. The matters have become clear. And the undesirable stench of the truce has started to rise above the surface of the events. And there is no excuse for anyone after these events for believing in these groups treacherous to Islam and Muslims. So let some rectify their own selves. And let them stand by their brothers in the State against this imminent danger. For the intention of the war is every Muslim. And it is not just aimed at one group or one Muslim faction leaving the others besides it.

I ask Allah the Most High to guide the people of Islam in Sham to what has goodness and benefit for the Ummah. And to unite them and join their ranks and not to test them in their religion, and to save them from the plot of the plotters and the deception of the deceivers and the treason of the treacherous…


And Allah knows best… May the blessings of Allah and peace be upon our prophet Muhammad, his household and his companions.


Written by

Hussain bin Mahmud

3 Rajab 1437H


[ shaaheen striv3r ]


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