The Factions of Deceit & Falsehood

[Translator Note: The following are translations of two official documents stating the official position of the Islamic State regarding the factions of deceit and falsehood – the apostate factions – fighting the Islamic State in the Suburbs of Northern Aleppo. This Shar’i verdict of apostasy on the factions fighting the Islamic State is a famous verdict upon all those who resists the application or implementation of an obligation from the Shari’ah with force, regardless of whether they agree regarding to its obligation or not. And Allah knows best, and He is the source of Success. Contents in [ ] Square Brackets are Translator additions for clarity]

Verdict on Jabhat an-Nusra specifically

The Islamic State Number: 175
The Central Office for supervising the Shar’ee Diwans Date: 25/8/1437 H

1/6/2016 CE



In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate

All praise belongs to Allah, and May the Blessings and Peace be upon the Messenger of Allah.

After that..

Allah the Most High said: {And thus do We explain the Aayat in detail, that the way of the Mujrimun, may become manifest} [al-An’aam: 55]

Indeed al-Qaeda of Syria (Jabhat an-Nusra) and those who are with it in the camps of the factions that are fighting the Islamic State, they are groups that have resisted with power from Ruling by the rule of Allah and allied with Apostates that are hurrying to establish a Civil Democratic State of Kufr. They are fighting together in the same trench against an Islamic State which no one doubts rules by the Shari’ah. And they are inciting upon fighting it in every way, and they are rushing to uproot its authority from the Earth in order to change the Rule of Allah – by which its rules – with Jahili rule and man-made laws. And [they do] all that under the cover of the Crusader attack against the Islamic Khilafah. This nullifier along with others, have been committed by the groups that attribute themselves to Shari’ah & Jihad and remained in the camps of the Apostates that are fighting the army of the Khilafah. And they have not declared themselves free of them [the apostates] and they have not announced their disavowal from them [apostates] nor their disbelief. On the contrary they have participated in their alliances and sided with them. Darkness, one above another,

And indeed the Islamic State has made it clear with which doesn’t leave any room for any doubter regarding the Shar’ee verdict upon these groups – that they are apostate groups who have announced their disbelief and their situation has become clear by which the Proof (Huhja) establishes and the doubt of all those ignorant of it is cut off with. And from such [a clarification] is the circulation of the “Executive Commission” with the Number (21-7-N) on 8th of Rabee’u al-Awwal 1437. Therefore it would not never be tolerated to find – among our soldiers – anyone who stops short of making Takfeer on individuals among these whom we are fighting against and they are fighting against us regarding the Shari’ah of Allah. And whosoever who appears from them – i.e. from the Soldiers of the State – who doesn’t make Takfeer of these groups, his matter is to be raised to his authorized Amir so that he can be summoned and what is attributed to him is made certain of, and to explain to him the situation of these groups if he is ignorant of them, and if he stops short [of making Takfeer on them] after the explanation, his matter would be referred to court for Istitaabah.

[Official Seal of The Central Office ]



The Verdict on the Factions that are fighting the State

The Islamic State Number: 21-7-N
The Executive Commission Date: 8/3/1437 H

20/12/2015 CE




In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful the Most Compassionate

To: All of the Wilayat and Offices and Committees.

Topic: The Verdict on the Factions that are fighting the State

Indeed all praise belongs to Allah alone, and May the blessings and peace be upon whom there is no prophet after him.

As for what follows:

May Peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be upon you.

Recently we have received some inquiries regarding the official stance of the Islamic State regarding the allied factions that we are fighting in the Suburbs of Northern Aleppo and others besides it, especially the factions that raise Islamic banners and slogans and attribute themselves to Jihad.

And we state to everyone that the stance of the Islamic State is clear regarding the verdict of these factions. And it is that these are groups that have apostataed from the religion of Allah and that they have committed various things that nullify the Aslu Deen [basis/origin/fundamental of the religion]. And from that is: fighting a state that rules by the Shari’ah of Allah while being in the same trench and same alliance as the factions that have refrained from ruling by the Shari’ah, and announced that they are rushing to build a “Pluralistic Civil Democratic” State which would up-root the Rule of Allah from the lands of the Islamic State and change it with Jahili laws. And all of that under the direct observation and cover of the Crusader Assault which is led by America for the purpose of destroying the project of the Khilafah. Allah the most High says:

{ And it has already been revealed to you in the Book (this Quran) that when you hear the Verses of Allah being denied and mocked at, then sit not with them, until they engage in a talk other than that; (but if you stayed with them) certainly in that case you would be like them. Surely, Allah will collect the hypocrites and disbelievers all together in Hell} [an-Nisa : 140]

And this is the verdict of Allah regarding those who sat with the disbelievers and didn’t leave them or reject upon them their disbelief and their mockery at the Aayat of Allah. Then what about those who fight with them, and ally them, and help them against the Muslims who rule the land of Allah with what he has revealed? So this is a clear verdict which we do not doubt therein.  And it is based upon clearly seen realities which are not affected by false Ta’weels and claims that belie the reality.

We ask Allah to repel the plans of the disbelievers and to disperse their strength and to split their gathering and give victory to the Islamic State over them.

And may Allah reward you all with the best.

A copy to :

Executive Committee (Eastern Provinces) to check.

[Official Stamp of Executive Committee and Signature]



The Just Path: Between the Extremes of Excessiveness & Negligence

The Just Path: Between the Extremes of Excessiveness & Negligence


The Official Stance of the Islamic State – may Allah honour it – regarding the debate on the one who stops short of Making Takfeer on the Polytheist affiliated to Islam.

Ansaru Khilafah Translation Note: All praise be to Allah, and may the blessings of Allah and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah, his family and his companions. As for what follows: The following is a translation of a circular released by the Central Office – in charge of Supervising the Shar’ee Offices in the Islamic State – regarding the recent debates regarding what was called erroneously by those involved in the debate as the “Takfeer al-‘Athir”. We have added brief Translator Notes when it was necessary in [ ] square brackets. And for the benefit of the readers we have also attached the pictures of the original document below. We ask Allah to accept this effort from us and to bless the Islamic State with further consolidation and victories in this month. We end, praising Allah for this favour, and asking Allah for unity for the sincere believers. And He is all-capable.

Islamic State

Number: 155

The Central Office for Supervising the Shar’ee Diwans

Date: 22/8/1437 H

29/5/2016 CE

In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful the Most Compassionate

All praise belongs to Allah, the lord of the Worlds. May the blessings and peace be upon the Imam of the Mujahideen, our prophet Muhammad, and upon his family and all of his companions…

As for what follows:

Indeed Allah the most High has said: {And say to my slaves that they should (only) say those words that are the best. Verily, the devil sows disagreements among them. Indeed the devil has been an evident enemy to man.} [al-Isra: 53]

In recent times a matter became widespread among the soldiers of the Islamic State, which led to differences about some matters regarding which the hearts and tongues disagreed on leading to degeneration of the relations between the contenders. And this is from the issues that we have never been careless of, since we have been warned regarding it by the Messenger of Allah – blessings of Allah and peace be upon him – which he described to be the ‘Shaver of the Religion’ [i.e. the destroyer of the religion] when he said: “For indeed, the degeneration of the relations (between Muslims), it is the Haaliqah [the Shaver, i.e. the destroyer]”[1]

And we have looked at the origin of the Issue that is differed on, which is regarding the ruling of the one stopping short of making Takfeer on the Polytheists affiliated to Islam and other views that stem from it. And we have attained that those who dispute in the matter have two views – both of which has a side of the truth with excessiveness and negligence. With the permission of Allah, the details of the two views and what we view to be the truth in the matter, would follow

  • The First View:

Whoever who stopped short of making Takfeer on the Polytheists (Those who worship others besides Allah) who are affiliated to Islam, such is a Polytheist like them, because making Takfeer on them is from the Aslu Deen. So the one who refrains from it is like one who worshiped other than Allah. And such a person is joined to them in both Name and Verdict absolutely.

  • The Second View:

Indeed Takfeer is not from the Aslu Deen, rather it is from its exigencies, so one who refrains from making Takfeer on the Polytheists attributed to Islam would not be made Takfeer on till the Evidence [Huhja] is established upon him and the doubt is removed and his Ta’weel (misinterpretation) is cut off.

The intention of the term “Aslu Deen” in both views: It is by which Tawheed is ascertained of, before the Apostolic Evidence [al-Huhjah ar-Risaliyyah]

After reviewing what was falsely gone into extremes therein and in-depth in, we say while seeking the aid of Allah:

  1. Indeed the First view constitutes a false meaning, that is because Major Shirk has a reality and a characteristic, which if it is realized, the term “al-Mushrik” is applied on one who mixes with it. And if we were to equate the One who stops short of making Takfeer to One who worships other than Allah absolutely, it would necessitate making Takfeer on one who stops short of it certainly, because there is no excuse under pretext of Ignorance in Major Shirk. So the one who stops short of it (as per the view of the first side) is a Polytheist like the first. And it necessitates that the one who stops short regarding such [a person who stops short of making takfeer] is also a Polytheist, and so forth.

    And this is a real exigency and not an illusion for this Ta’seel [foundation]. And it leads to the false innovated Takfeer in sequence. And this is an evidence [Huhja] for the fact that this view is new and that it originated from a mistaken understanding from the texts. And it cannot be determined precisely. And it is rejected due to the falsehood of what it necessitates.

  2. Indeed the Second view constitutes a false meaning, as it brings Takfeer of the Polytheists to the level of hidden/obscured matters, wherein it is not possible to establish Evidence [Huhja] nor make Takfeer of the one who stops short of [making Takfeer on the polytheist], as long as he has a doubt or a Ta’weel regarding that. And this is in its reality a corrupt obstruction to a nullifier – which is agreed upon – from the nullifiers of Islam. Because the occurrence of a doubt is an unusual matter whose removal is an obligation in an Islamic State that rules with Shari’ah. As for making this unusual matter an origin upon which verdicts are built on, then such is an obstruction to these rulings and is contradictory to the meaning of the religion being manifest. And it is contrary to what has been narrated from the Scholars of the Religion, and especially the A’imah of the Najdi Da’wah – may Allah have mercy on them all.

  3. Delving into the meanings of Laa ilaaha illa laah [There is no God worthy of worship except Allah] and Kufr bi Taghut [Disbelief in False Deities] in this argumentative manner using the terms (al-Aslu [the origin] and al-Laazim [the necessary]) is prohibited. That is because it is a new saying which is of no benefit and we were not burdened with it by Allah. And it necessitates false necessities like excluding what is certain to be from the Aslu Deen of the Muslims as per the Apostolic Evidence [al-Huhjah ar-Risaliyyah], based on this definition. (For example belief in the prophethood of Muhammad – blessings of Allah and peace be upon him). And likewise it has led to arguments between the Mujahideen regarding what enters into the meaning of al-Asl and what is excluded from it. And this is exactly what we are warning against and hurrying to stop because difference of opinion in this dangerous matter would lead to making Tabdee’u [declaring the others to be innovators] and Takfeer of the other party unfairly and unjustly. (Since the matter which is differed in is the Kalimah of Tawheed itself) and this is something that cannot be tolerated in the Islamic State, especially when those who are differing regarding it are the Mujahideen in the path of Allah who have disbelieved in the Tawaqheet and made Takfeer on them and become hostile to them and fought them and made their disavowal from them and their followers manifest.

    And indeed ash-Shaykh Sulaiman bin ‘Abdullah bin Muhammad bin ‘Abdul Wahhab – may Allah accept him from the Shuhada – was asked regarding a similar matter:

    “The Sixth Issue: Regarding Allegiance and Enmity. Is it from the meanings of Laa ilaaha illa Laah? Or is it from its necessities?

    The Answer: is to say: Allah Knows best. But it is enough for the Muslim to know that: Allah has obligated upon him to be hostile to the Polytheists and not to ally with them. And He has obligated loving the believers and allying with them. And He has informed that this is from the conditions of al-Eeman (belief). And He has disclaimed Belief from those who befriends those who opposes Allah and His Messenger even if they were their own fathers, or their sons or their brothers or their clans. As for that being from the meanings of Laa ilaaha illa laah or from its necessities – Allah didn’t burden us with researching that. He only tasked us with knowing that Allah has obligated that and made it a duty. And he obligated acting upon it. And this is what the obligation is and what is certain wherein there is no doubt regarding it. And whoever who knew that it is from its meanings or that it is from its necessities then it’s a good thing and an increase in goodness. As for one who doesn’t know then he was not tasked with finding out about it. Especially since arguing and contending regarding it is from the things that would lead to evil, differences and a cause for splitting among the believers who have full filled the obligations of belief, and waged Jihad for the sake of Allah and were hostile against the Polytheists and allied themselves with the Muslims. So being silent regarding that is allocated. And this is what has manifested to me – that the difference in this matter is close to a difference from the perspective of the meaning. And Allah knows best”[2]

  4. It is forbidden to use the phrase (Takfeer al-Aathir [making Takfeer on the Excuser]) to describe the verdict of one who stops short of making Takfeer on the Polytheists attributed to Islam because it is not a precisely determined phrase.

    And even with our saying that there is no excuse under pretext of Ignorance in Major Shirk, it is not necessary from this new saying (Excuse Under pretext of Ignorance) that the excuser is stopping short of making Takfeer. This is because there are those from them who excuse under pretext of Ignorance but he makes Takfeer on the Polytheists because for him the Evidence has been established upon them and as such would not be stopping short of it.

    And likewise, Stopping short of making Takfeer on the Polytheists is not limited to the issue of Excusing under the pretext of Ignorance. And it maybe that he stops short of making Takfeer on them out of Arrogance and Rejection and following his desires or by making citation from the general texts that point to the greatness of the Kalimah Laa ilaaha illa laah.

    So the term (Takfeer al-Aathir) is not a precisely determined term in describing the one who stops short from making Takfeer on the Polytheists – whom the Scholars intend in the context of this Nullifier

  5. Indeed the one who stops short of making Takfeer on the Polytheists (affiliated to Islam) has committed a Nullifier which is agreed upon, and his disbelief depends upon the establishment of the Evidence [Huhja] in the issue, contrary to one who worships other than Allah.
  • And Takfeer of the Polytheists is an issue that is established from the Mutawatir clear texts wherein the people are equivalent in understanding [its context]. And the Establishment of the Huhja regarding it is by conveying the Qur’an – either in reality or in ruling. He the Most High said: { Say (O Muhammad SAW): “What thing is the most great in witness?” Say: “Allah is Witness between me and you; this Quran has been revealed to me that I may therewith warn you and whomsoever it may reach”} [al-An’aam: 19]

Ash-Shaykh al-Mujadid Muhammad bin ‘Abdul Wahhab – may Allah have mercy on him – said: (And know: that the evidence regarding the Takfeer of a Pious Muslim if he commits Shirk in Allah, or is with the Polytheists against the Monotheists even if he didn’t commit Shirk, is more than that can be defined, from the words of Allah, the statements of His Messenger and from the sayings of all of the Scholars)[3]

And ash-Shaykh ‘Abdul Lateef bin ‘Abdur Rahman bin Hassan – may Allah have mercy on them all – said: (And it is said: The book of Allah, the Sunnah of His Messenger, and the statements of the Scholars, are demonstrably and plentifully clear regarding the Takfeer of one who makes Du’a to one besides Allah, and calls upon him in matters that no one is capable of except Allah … And the whole Qur’an points to this meaning, and establishes it, even if the paths and ways in which it is stated and attention is drawn to it differs)[4]

And some of the Scholars of the Najdi Da’wah said: (As for those who do not make Takfeer on the Polytheist, such does not affirm the Qur’an, because the Qur’an has made Takfeer of the Polytheists, and commanded to make Takfeer on them, to be hostile to them and to fight against them)[5]

  • However some ambiguity might arise in this issue regarding some of the Polytheists affiliated to Islam, and that is due to the appearance of Ignorance, weakness of the Da’wah and spreading of doubts. And here the Evidence is established by explaining the clear texts that show the Kufr of these Polytheists. And if he stops after the explanation then he has disbelieved. Ash-Shaykh Sulaiman bin ‘Abdullah – may Allah accept him – said: (And if he was doubtful about their disbelief, or ignorant of their disbelief, then the evidence from the book of Allah, and the Sunnah of His Messenger is explained to him regarding their disbelief. And if he doubts after that and is hesitant after that, then such is a disbeliever by consensus (Ijma’) of the Scholars regarding one who doubts about the disbelief of a disbeliever being a disbeliever.)[6]
  • And if the matter became apparent with the manifest of the Religion and the elevation of its voice and the attainment of its Da’wah (like it has happened in the Islamic State – may Allah honour it) then there is no validity for the doubt in obstructing the Shar’ee ruling. And this is what is known from the Scholars of Guidance from the Najdi Da’wah who occupied themselves in this issue and died upon goodness.

Some of the Ai’mah of the Da’wah – may Allah have mercy on them all – said: (Whoever who doesn’t make Takfeer on the Polythesists of the Turkish State and the Grave Worshippers – like the people of Makkah and others besides them – who worship the pious (Saaliheen), and switched from Tawheed of Allah to Shirk, and changed the Sunnah of His Messenger – blessings of Allah and peace be upon him – with innovations, such is a disbeliever like them, that is even if he disliked their religion, and hated them, and loved Islam and the Muslims. For indeed those who do not make Takfeer on the Polytheists has not affirmed the Qur’an, for indeed the Qur’an makes Takfeer on the Polytheists, and commanded to make Takfeer on them, and be hostile to them and fight them)[7]

And it is an obligation upon the Preachers [Du’at] and The Students of Knowledge in the Islamic State to warn the people from Shirk and from falling into it or from stopping short of making Takfeer on the Polytheists. And [it is an obligation upon them] to uncover the doubts of those who argue regarding them to rise up with the obligations of Warning and Delivering [the Message]. And this is the religion of the prophets – may peace be upon them. And by it, the religion would be manifest.

Ash-Shaykh ‘Abdul Lateef Aal-Shaykh – may Allah have mercy on him – said: (The Scholars informing the ignorant people about the fundamentals of Islam, and the essentials of belief, and the clear texts, and the issues that are agreed upon, is an evidence with the Scholars, by which the Evidence is established, upon which rulings are based on, rulings of apostasy and others like it. And the Messenger – blessings of Allah and peace be upon him – commanded to convey from him, and he encouraged upon that, and Allah said regarding Justification and Warning in his Glorious Book: {that I may therewith warn you and whomsoever it may reach} [al-An’aam: 19], till he – may Allah have mercy on him – said: (and in short: The evidence in every age, it is only established with the Scholars – the inheritors of the Prophets)[8]

So the Appearance of the issue of making Takfeer on the Polytheists – it is the origin. And we are in a state that rules by the Shari’ah of Allah. And it is a necessary obligation upon the Preachers [Du’at] in it to warn, delivery, and enforce the Shar’ee rulings, and to remove what is attached to it therein from the doubts, and from that is making takfeer on one who stops short of making Takfeer on the Polytheists affiliated to Islam. And they should not adopt the doubt of the abolishers and take it as an origin thereby obstructing a Shar’ee ruling which is agreed upon. And we Seek refuge in Allah from that.

And we remind our sons the soldiers of the Islamic State by the command of Allah and His Messenger – blessings of Allah and peace be upon him – regarding the obligation of listening and obeying those whom Allah has appointed over their affairs, and regarding the obligation of uniting and discarding disunity, enmity and discord.

He the Most High said: {And obey Allah and His Messenger, and do not dispute (with one another) lest you lose courage and your strength depart, and be patient. Surely, Allah is with those who are patient} [al-Anfaal : 46]

And He said: {Verily, those who divide their religion and break up into sects, you (O Muhammad SAW) have no concern in them in the least. Their affair is only with Allah, Who then will tell them what they used to do.} [al-An’aam: 159]

And the messenger of Allah – blessings of Allah and peace be upon him – said: (Shall I not inform you of what is better in status than Fasting, Praying and Charity?) They [the companions] said: Indeed. He said: (Making peace between one another, for indeed spoiling relations between each other, it is the Haaliqah [the Shaver/ the Destroyer])[9] and in another narration (I do not say that it shaves the hair, but it shaves the Religion)

And may the blessings of Allah be upon our prophet – Muhammad – and his family and all of his companions.

[1] Narrated by at-Tirmidhi and he said: a Hassan-Sahih Hadith

[2] Ad-Durar as-Saniyyah fi al-Ajwibah an-Najdiyyah (8/166)

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[8] Misbaah az-Zalaam fi ar-Rad ‘ala man Kazzaba ash-Shaykh al-Imam wa Nasabahu ilaa Takfeer ahlu al-Eeman wa al-Islam (1/207)

[9] Narrated by at-Tirmidhi – and He said: (a Hassan-Sahih Hadith)

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On the Kufr of the Soldiers of Jabhat al-Jawlani

Straight Talk

On the Kufr of the Soldiers of Jabhat al-Jawlani


By Ibn ‘Ata’ al-Muhajir

The Prophet (s’ws) said, “I am only human and litigants come to me. It might be that some of you are more eloquent than others, so I consider him to be truthful and rule in his favor. So if I rule in someone’s favor and he takes what rightfully belongs to a Muslim, then it is truly only a piece of fire. Let him take it or leave it.” (Al-Bukhārī, Muslim)

This is the Messenger of Allah, the one about whom Allah (t) said, {He does not speak from desire. It is only revelation inspired.} (An-Najm: 3-4) This is the Prophet of Allah, who said of himself, “There is no prophet after me,” (Al-Bukhārī, Muslim) which is understood by consensus to mean that revelation ceased to be inspired to mankind after the death of Muhammad ibn ‘Abdillah (s’ws).

This is the one to whom Allah revealed the most magnificent miracle mankind has ever known, the noble Qur’an. Yet he was “only human,” who attested for himself the inability to read the hearts of men. Rather, he affirmed that all people are to be taken at face value, judged according to their apparent situation, as their hidden secrets and intentions are left to be judged by Allah alone.

If this is the case with Allah’s Messenger (s’ws), then how about those who came after him, those who neither received revelation nor perfected their collection and authentication of all the recorded narrations from the prophetic era?! No matter how knowledgeable of the religion one may be, he will never reach the level of the Prophet. Despite that and the clear fact based on the above evidences that the Prophet (s’ws) judged people at face value, we find people today giving excuses to those who commit blatant kufr! An important example of this is that some Muslims invalidly excuse the soldiers of Jabhat al-Jawlani for the kufr they collectively commit. Even if their existed for them some hidden excuse—meaning ikrah, which is extremely unlikely, if not impossible, of armed men—we must follow the prophetic example and judge them in this life according to their apparent actions, leaving their secrets for Allah to reveal on the Day of Judgment.

‘A’ishah i narrated that Allah’s Messenger (s’ws) said, “An army will raid the Ka’bah. When they reach an open desert, the first of them and the last of them will be consumed by the earth.” At this, the Mother of the Believers asked, “O Messenger of Allah, how could the first of them and the last of them be consumed by the earth, while in their midst there are their common people and those who are not actually part of them?” He replied, “The first of them and the last of them will be consumed by the earth, then they will be resurrected and judged based on their intentions.” (Al-Bukhārī, Muslim)

It is thus the sunnah of Allah to punish groups of criminals along with those who are with them, as the innocent among them are not distinguished in this life, but will be dealt with on an individual basis when they are resurrected.

Jabhat al-Jawlani is a criminal gang of riddah, having claimed Islam while committing blatant kufr. They control land yet do not rule by what Allah revealed; they enter into alliances with the disbelievers against the believers; and they fight against the Islamic State in order to replace the Shari’ah with human law, whether by merely setting Allah’s law to the side and ruling by their whims, or by allowing their democratic allies to rule instead. Despite this, they deceive many Muslims into believing that they are an organization of mujahidin fighting for the cause of Allah. Their banner is black and bears the kalimah of tawhid; their men grow beards; their women wear niqab; and their scholars speak with the language of jihad, announcing their support for the Shari’ah and their goal of its establishment. However, the reality is far from that stated goal.

In the areas they control, they have established a court system to give the impression of law and order. However, that law is not the law of Islam, but rather varies from one qadi’s whim to anothers. Lands held by Jawlani’s troops remain void of Allah’s law, intentionally and proudly not upholding the hudud, even though they once faced virtually no local opposition to their presence. Effectively, their judges are tawaghit, pushing aside the Shari’ah of Allah and thus taking for themselves the right to rule, which belongs only to Allah, and for their cause is exactly what the soldiers of Jabhat al-Jawlani fight, {and those who disbelieve fight for the cause of taghut.} (An-Nisā: 76)

When confronted with the issue of upholding the hudud, the shar’iyyin of the Jabhah erroneously claim that the hudud are not applied in Dar al-Harb. This statement is a self-proclamation of kufr! How could “mujahidin for the cause of Allah” who have captured some land, having removed the taghut’s control over it, still consider that area Dar al-Harb, which is synonymous with Dar al-Kufr?!

They have allied with the Free Syrian Army, under which other organized militant groups have united with the publicly stated goal of establishing a secular democratic state. This alliance is for no reason but to fight against their common enemy, the soldiers of the Khilafah. Allah said, {Believers must not take disbelievers as allies against believers. Whoever does that has nothing to do with Allah.} (Āl ‘Imrān: 28) At-Tabari said, commenting on this ayah, “He is free of Allah and Allah is free of him, due to his apostasy from His religion and his entrance into kufr.” (At-Tafsīr) Allah also said, {Inform the munafiqin that theirs is a painful torment, those who take disbelievers as allies against believers. Do they seek honor with them? For verily, all honor belongs to Allah,} (An-Nisā: 139) and similarly, {O you who believe, do not take disbelievers as allies against believers! Do you want to make for Allah a clear case against yourselves? Verily the munafiqin are in the lowest level of the Fire, and you will never find a supporter for them.} (An-Nisā: 144) Indeed, as today they support and are supported, the munafiqin known as Jabhat al-Jawlani will have no support tomorrow as they burn, as Allah wills, in the lowest level of the Fire.

Another blatant display of their kufr is that they fight the only government on earth implementing the hukm of Allah in order to replace it with manmade, whimsical law. Fighting against the Islamic State is not in and of itself kufr, as it could happen that incorrect ijtihad might lead to an internal conflict between Muslims. But even in a case like that (called baghy), both sides establish the Shari’ah when given the opportunity. Allah said, {And if two factions of believers engage in combat, then reconcile between them. Then if one of them transgresses against the other, then fight those who transgress until they return to the command of Allah.} (Al-Ḥujurāt: 76) Jabhat al-Jawlani, on the other hand, has repeatedly shown their unwillingness to implement the hukm of Allah. So their war against the Islamic State is not an effort to simply right a perceived wrong, but to remove the currently implemented Shari’ah and replace it with human law. This is even clearer when one looks to those with whom al-Jawlani has allied, who very openly and without shame declare their democratic intentions to establish a secular state.

Every soldier in the American military is a kafir, even if there are among them Muhammads of Palestinian origin. Likewise, every soldier in the Saudi military is a kafir, even if some of them have blood brothers in the Islamic State. With absolutely no difference, as all are fighting for the cause of taghut, every soldier in Jabhat al-Jawlani is a kafir, no matter his outward appearance or professed love for Islam. How different the soldiers of Allah are from the soldiers of Shaytan, for truly {those who believe fight for the cause of Allah, and those who disbelieve fight for the cause of taghut.} (An-Nisā: 76)

Those who stubbornly remain in the ranks of al-Jawlani’s front almost always do so because of taqlid, which is to follow human opinion over divine revelation. When presented with Allah’s clear proofs against His enemies, including Jabhat al-Jawlani, the deluded Jawlanites respond, “The shaykh said […],” quite often referring to al-Qa’idah “scholars” living comfortably in Dar al-Kufr. Allah said, {Follow what was revealed to you from your Lord and do not follow besides Him any awliyā,} (Al-A‘rāf: 3) i.e. anyone, no matter how close they are to you. How can they follow any modern scholars after knowing that Allah’s Messenger (s’ws) said, “Verily Allah does not seize knowledge by stripping it from His slaves, but He seizes knowledge by seizing scholars, until when He leaves no scholar, the people will take ignorant heads. They will be asked and give fatwas without knowledge, so they will be misguided and will misguide others.” (Al-Bukhārī, Muslim) “Knowledge” does not mean mere information, nor the ability to sit in a classroom for a few years. Knowledge consists of evidences from the Qur’an and Sunnah. This is clear in the oft-misinterpreted ayah, {So ask the people of the dhikr if you do not know,} (An-Naḥl: 43) i.e. ask the people of the Qur’an and Sunnah; and you do not ask a people for something other than what they are known to have. So the people of the dhikr should be asked for the dhikr itself, not their personal opinions.

These mindless muqallidin question Allah’s intent while remaining silent to the contradictory claims of their shar’iyyin, while Allah said, {He is not asked about what He does, but they are asked.} (Al-Anbiyā’: 23) Indeed, {they took their scribes and ascetics as lords beside Allah.} (Barā‘ah: 31) Do they presume they will be not be questioned about their blind adherence to these shar’iyyin, and that they alone will bear the responsibility of anyone who follows them? Certainly not, as {no bearer bears the burden of another.} (Al-Anām: 164) But, indeed, these shar’iyyin shall receive their punishment, along with the punishment of those they led astray. {He said, “For each will get double (the punishment).”} (Al-A‘rāf: 38).

A muqallid uses taqlid when he considers himself too ignorant to base his own opinion on evidence, doubting his own ability to understand a topic. As such, making taqlid in matters of tawhid is to affirm oneself as being ignorant of Allah’s tawhid and as having doubts on how to understand the most basic principle of the religion. Since tawhid is the foundational principle of the din, ignorance of tawhid necessitates the absence of din. Therefore, taqlid due to ignorance in matters of asl ad-din is never an excuse for a person who slips thereby into kufr.

Regarding those who made taqlid in matters of tawhid, following their beloved leaders and elders to the point of committing kufr, Allah said, {Verily Allah cursed the disbelievers and prepared for them an inferno, eternally therein forever. They will not find any ally or supporter; on a day their faces are turned over in the Fire, saying, “O, if only we obeyed Allah and the Messenger! Our Lord, verily we obeyed our leaders and elders, so they misled us from the path!”} (Al-Aḥzāb: 64-67) How close the modern muqallidin are to those who disbelieved afore, {And when it is said to them, “Follow what Allah revealed,” they say, “Rather, we follow what we found our fathers thereon.”} (Al-Baqarah: 170)

Some brothers and sisters have assumed that the official stance of the Islamic State on this matter is one of refrain, in that the condition of these JN soldiers is doubtful, so they are neither deemed Muslims nor kuffar. Others think the Islamic State considers only the leaders of Jawlani’s front as apostates and that the soldiers are not accountable for their commanders’ kufr. Still others think it is a matter of actively fighting against the Islamic State, and that as long as a member of JN refrains from the physical fight, he is excused and retains his status as a Muslim. They base these misunderstandings on ambiguous “sources”, whether via the words of a supposed soldier of the Khilafah or those of a “munasir” outside the lands of Islam.

No statement from any munasir, soldier, administrator, or even emir is deemed official unless it is conveyed through one of the Islamic State’s official media channels including, but not necessarily limited to, Dābiq and النبأ.

The apostasy of Jabhat al-Jawlani, from its top leaders to its lowest elements, has been dealt with repeatedly through official Islamic State literature. For example, in Dābiq, one can find this matter dealt with in

  • Issue 2, “The Flood of the Mubāhalah;”
  • Issue 6, “The Qā’idah of adh-Dhawāhirī;”
  • Issue 7, “Dozens of ‘Nusrah’ and ‘Ahrār’ Fighters Repent and Join the Islamic State;”
  • Issue 8, “The Allies of al-Qā’idah in Shām” and “Irjā’ – The Most Dangerous Bid’ah;”
  • Issue 9, “The Allies of al-Qā’idah in Shām: Part II,” “Harvesting the Sahwah,” and “In the Words of the Enemy;”
  • Issue 10, “The Allies of al-Qā’idah in Shām: Part III,” “They Are Not Lawful Spouses for One Another,” “The Laws of Allah or the Laws of Men,” “In the Words of the Enemy,” and “Interview with Abū Samīr al-Urdunī;”
  • Issue 11, “The Allies of al-Qā’idah in Shām: Part 4” and “From the Battle of al-Ahzāb to the War of Coalitions;” and
  • Issue 12, “The Allies of al-Qā’idah in Yemen,” “The Allies of al-Qā’idah in Shām: The End,” and “In the Words of the Enemy.”
  • Issue 14, “The Murtadd Brotherhood.”

If there is still some doubt on this matter, then know that each member of Jabhat al-Jawlani, whether or not he fought against the Islamic State, is required to undergo an istitābah course, which means he must repent from the kufr in which he was engaged. Part of that course is his personal admission that he was indeed an apostate.

The soldiers of Jabhat al-Jawlani are kuffar. They are munafiqin who have blatantly committed kufr, so their ruling is that of the murtaddin. They cause mischief on the earth and should be shown no mercy unless they repent before they are apprehended. Their dead are fuel for Jahannam. As a matter of iman, Muslims who are aware of this clear ruling (of their kufr) must make takfir of them and thus establish their bara’ah from them. They are not to be taken as friends, and they are certainly not brothers, as {only believers are brothers.} (Al-Ḥujurāt: 10)

{And Allah prevails over His affair, but most people do not know.}

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