How to hide your sensitive data from the authorities

Learn how to use VeraCrypt and securely encrypt your data using strong encryption. This video also teaches you how, in the event that the police demand that you decrypt your encrypted data, allows you to decrypt dummy data using a dummy password, leaving the actual sensitive data hidden. Watch the video and find out more:


NOTE: This is EXTREMELY important to learn and everyone who thinks they have material on their PC which can get them jailed (such as Dabiq/Inspire Magazine), needs to implement this as standard practice.



Subtitled video: “So They kill and are killed” statement by Sheykh Abu Muhammad Al Adnani

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


الدّولة الإسلاميّة
The Islamic State
مؤسسة الفرقان للإنتاج الإعلامي
Al-Furqan Media

تقـــدم :
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كلمة صوتية للمتحدث الرسمي للدولة الإسلامية
الشيخ المجاهد أبو محمد العدناني الشامي (حفظه الله)

An Audio Message for the Official Spokesman of the Islamic State
Al-Sheikh Al-Mujahid Abu Muhammad Al-‘Adnani Ash-Shami (May Allah Protect him)


فَيَقْتُلُونَ وَيُقْتَلُونَ
“So They Kill and Are Killed”

مترجم إلى اللغة الإنجليزية من قبل مركز الحياة للإعلام
Translated into English by Al-Hayat Media Center

تم النشر الأصلي في اللغة العربية في التاريخ 12-03-2015
Originally released in Arabic on 12-03-2015

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لا تنسوا إخوانكم المجاهدين من خير دعائكم
Do not forget your Mujahideen brothers in the best of your prayers

Captured Extremist cell with Khariji thoughts – [video]

Video Released By The Media branch of Wilaayat Raqah on 21/12/2014.


Click here to watch this video.

Below is a translation of the Video in summary:

The Video begins with Aqīdah of The Islamic State with the voice of Sh Abu Umar Al-Baghdādi (First Ameer of the Islamic state killed 2010 rh).

One of the Extremists khawārij caught by The Islamic stat said: We used to say The Islamic State are mushrikin because they dont make takfir on the people and call them brothers.He also said: We used to say that Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi was a mushrik(Polytheist) because he took Zakāt money from the people who we see kufār.Another one among the Khawarij caught said “We wanted to fight the state and the people and we saw them as mushriks. We also deemed the two shaykhs i.e. Baghdadi and Adnani as mushrikiin(polytheists)”
because in Risālah written by them they called the Syrian and the Iraqi people; their brothers, and they collected Zakāt money from those mushrikiin.

All of these Khawarij caught have the same story (Takfir on The Islamic State Leaders and the Iraqi/Syrian people). One of them says they had a leader named: Elfir

They planned to assassinate The Islamic State leadership (Amirs/Commanders/Shaykhs). And their leader – Elfir was repeating to them that they will attack while they are pertaking in the fight against the the US army, PKK and FSA and kill them. This was the best opportunity to strike them(i.e. The Islamic state leadership) from inside.

Elfir also wanted to attack the brothers who were guarding the frontiers so he can take their weapons and sell them.
The oldest khāriji among them narrates that He, Abu Maryam, Elfir, Ikrimah and Abu Dhar were in one and the same group.The youngest among them says that he returned from an operation and one called Abu Muhammad told him Elfir fled during clashes with IS Mujahideen.

Another One says that he and Abu Ya’cub agreed to return to Turkey because they felt The Islamic State had discovered them & wanted to capture them but when they tried to cross the border The IS forces caught them. They brought them back with them. They were driven back by IS security forces.
While in the car Umar (Elfir) said to Abu Dhar: “Take a look at your right quick, I will fire a bullet so we can escape they are just cowards” but Abu Dhar refused and said: “I will go wherever they take me”. So when we reached the place we were brought to, Elfir said he will kill his wife and the IS security forces. So we got out of the car together; Abu Dhar then me and then Elfir.

The Security Forces took Abu Dhar who was carrying weapons and busied with him. Elfir took this opportunity & killed two sisters, when he turned against IS Security they killed him.The sisters who were killed by Elfir were his own wife and another sister who was in her company.

Alhamulillah The Islamic mujahidin cleansed khabīth Elfir and his Khawārij thoughts from their ranks.

This Translation was done by Abu Mus’ab Ashami