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The Islamic State: A Khilāfah on the methodology of Prophethood

All praise is due to Allah, and may His peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah (Muhammad), his household, his companions and those who follow his guidance. As to what follows:

After the expansion of the Islamic Khilāfah and with the extension of its authority by the Will of Allah, the Islamic State often declares new wilāyat (provinces) and appoints governors so that they can establish the Islamic Shari’a, protect the religion and to take care of the Muslims

We give glad tidings to the Muslims with the anouncement of a new wilāyah called Al-Jazīrah, which encompases the regions of Sinjār, Tal ‘Abtah, Al-Mahlabiya, Tal A’far, Zammār, Al-Ba’āj, and others. So that wilāyat Al-Jazīrah joins the other wilāyāt (provinces) of the (Islamic) State which is expanding in the east and the west governed by the Shari’a of the Lord of all the Worlds.

And we ask Allah the Almighty to let this wilāyah be a delight to the eyes of the Mūwahidīn (monotheists) and a thorn in the eyes of the crusaders, safawiyīn (safavids) and ‘ilmāniyīn (secularists)

Public Information Office of wilāyat Al-Jazīrah

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28 Rabī’ Al-Thāni 1436

February 18, 2015