A Detailed Report in English – Wilaayat Raqqa Thrives Under The Islamic Khilafah

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Wilayat Raqqa Thrives Under The Islamic Khilafah


Location, Area, Population and Economy

Wilayat Raqqa located north of Sham, it covers an area of ​​21 thousand square kilometers, on the banks of the Euphrates River, located in the middle of the States of Khilafah in Syria, bordered to the west by Wilayat Hallab(Aleppo), to east by Wilayat Barakah, and to the south by Wilayat Al Khayr.

The estimated number of the poppulation in the  Wilayah is about two million people, where the population tripled after the control of the Mujahideen of the Islamic State, due to the migration from the Dar al-Kufr to Dar al-Islam.

The economy of Wilayat Raqqa mainly depends on agriculture,as a source of income. The agriculture depends on irrigation system due to the extension of the Euphrates River in large areas of the territory of the Wilayah, which make Wilayat Raqqa a strategic area, including being an important transportation node, which helped to strengthen the commercial traffic.


Raqqa city was founded in 335 by immigration in the Byzantine era and was named in the beginning, ” Kallinikos “, and has become an important economic and military center during the Khilafah of Abu Bakr Asidiq(May Allah be pleased with him).

Raqqa was among the cities that was conqured by Islamic armies, it had been subjected to the rule of the Khalifs and the Umayyad caliphs, until it reached its golden age in the era of the Abbasid khalif Harun al-Rashid, who took it as his capital, and made it a scientific and cultural center

Then came the invasion of the Mongols who displaced and massacred people. Then The capital was taken back to, Baghdad – The Abbasid Capital, with the burning and destruction, and later Raqqa was in ruins & empty of population for many years.

The beginning of the year 1380AH is considered to be the period in which Raqqa began to return to life gradually until it reached to what it is today.


After years of suffering injustices by the Nusayris and their associates, The Islamic State had no choice but to send help and assist their brothers & sisters in Syria..And it was not long by the grace of Allah before the Islamic State took control of the City & fulfiled the rights of its people & brightern it with the Law of Allah.

With the Declaration of The Khilafah Islamiyyah, and the pledge of allegiance to Sheikh Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi al-Husseini al-Qurashi (may Allah protect him) – The Khalifa of the Muslims and the Commander of the Faithful – , Wilayat Raqqa has become the stronghold of the Mujahideen and a delight in the eyes of the Muslims.


The state is divided into four main Sectors:

The City Sector

The Eastern Sector

The Western Sector

The Nortern Sector


It is the center of the Wilayah,and most densely populated among the sectors. The Euphrates River passes through it,In it are a number of markets among them The Quwatli Market which is one of the oldest market, and Tel Abyad Street the – most crowded street of the Wilayah. Photo report on the booming markets in Raqqa City

Among the most prominent landmarks in this sector are The Gate of Baghdad, the Walls of Ancient Rafiqa(Raqqa) both archaeological remains dating back to hundreds of years and The Bridge of Rasheed.


                   The Gate of Baghdad


                      The Rasheed Bridge


Of the most prominent cities and regions that make up this sector are Tabqa City,Mansurah area,Al-Jarniya and Al-yamama

The main source of electric power is The Euphrates Dam and Rasheed Dam Photo Report on Rasheed Dam

This sector depends on irrigated agriculture from the Euphrates River, also famous for its beautiful landscape & scenic view of lakes. Among the attractive places are Ancient Ja’bar Castle which is located in the Lake of Euphrates & Ancient Rusafa Castle


                      Lake of Euphrates


Among the main cities in it are (Akershi & Subkhah), with industrial bussiness areas.

One of its features areas is Buzalin which is an extinct volcano area.


                   Mount Munkhar West


It is the most extended sector in the Wilayah, in it people are active with pastrolism and agriculture which has Ain A’rus as its source of irrigation.

Within it is the Tel Abyad, Sharkrak, Hazimah, Saluk & Ain Issa area.

Photo Report on Life in Tel Abyad under Khilafah

Photo report on Life in Salook under Khilafah


                              Ain A’rus


                        vast grazing area


                Blessed agriculture areas



It Consists of several battalions comprising thousands of Mujahideen from different military disciplines, assigned for attacking the enemy and defensive duty.

Allah has blessed & enabled the army of the wilayah in the previous months to capture & control many strongholds of the Nudayri army, among them The Division 17, Brigade 93 & Tabqa Military Airport, He laso enabled them later to expel the apostate PKK from large areas in the northern sector.



Consist of approximately 100km of ribaat lines.

1) The Ayn Al-Islam Frontline

2) Frontline against Nusayri armies in the south of wilayah

3) Frontline in the North-East of the Wilayah against the PKK



This is concerned with the organization of administrative matters, with offices spread all over the cities and villages of the Wilayah.

Among the Departments are :


It is a department that fixes up enmities and restores harmony between the tribes in the Wilayah & solve problems if any.



This is the deparment that is responsible for all types of public services in the Wilayah. Among them are: delivery of water to the Muslim homes, repairing of electrical networks & the works of road maintenance such as paving & decorating the streets & roads in the Wilayah.




This department deals with the collection of zakat from agricultural crops, shops and livestock, and distributing it to the beneficiaries.




The Police Department provides security across the state, through the establishment of checkpoints and conducts day and night patrols, hunting thieves and solves simple disputes. It also includes the traffic police who regulate the traffic, and conduct driving tests on a regular basis.




This department Supervises the work of the mills, furnaces etc. It also buys wheat from the farmers and distributes the flour on the furnace in order to provide baking materials.

This department also supervises the work of the dams and irrigation streams, it has set up several irrigation projects aimed at providing water to the largest possible area of the ​​agricultural land.




This department is responsible for securing the Muslims’ life, Allah has blessed & enabled its soldiers to detect a number of cells and spies of the Nusayri regime or intelligence services from different countries.




This Department is responsible for the conduct of the educational process in the Wilayah, It has opened more than 15 schools that teach the Muslim children religious education and secular sciences, and has also opened several religious institutes, walhamdulillah.





It is the Department that enjoins the good and forbids the evil in the Wilayah, people are encouraged to pray the salah and pay the zakat,etc., and are forbiden the smoking of cannabis, theft and drinking wine, etc…and this department includes the Control and Inspection Office, this Office looks for  the sources of evil, it monitors the shops from selling damaged material and looks for fraudulent individuals and others..




The Soldiers of Khilafah are assigned the task of calling to Allah with wisdom and good preaching, where they bulid up da’waah tents or mobile caravan in which lessons and competitions are held. The department also is entrusted with the taking care of the Mosques and reconstuction missions.




This department is responsible for the management of hospitals that provide medical services to the Muslims. It is responsible to also monitor pharmacies and the drugs they sell to the Muslims. This department has also established Medical School.




Under this department come several Sharia courts, which solve disputes between opponents and crimes related matters.This department also judges between the soldiers of the Khilafah and the ordinary people if there arrises a problem between them.




It is the external & an important front of the Wilayah, working to transfer the course of events and keep up military developments and the means to provide media coverage of the activities of other government departments. It has established 15 informational points which distributes media material in different places, working to deliver various information of different types of visual release and publish the daily news.



Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds

The Information Office of Wilayat Raqqa

Don’t forget them in your dua

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah

The Islamic State downs a Jordinian war plane and captures its pilot in wilaayat Raqqa – Syria

Report Released on 24/12/2014

Allah blessed the soldiers of The Islamic State with bringing down a Jordanian millitarry plane-F16 in Wilaayat Ar-Raqqa on wednesday 24th of December 2014.click HERE to read how these air raids killed doezens of Muslims in Raqqa just 3 days ago or watch the video HERE .The Nuseyris and the coallition kuffar air raid the Towns that The Islamic State controls with the shariah of Allah and their main target is always Raqqa because it is the capital city of the Khilafah. Jordan is one of four Arab countries that help USA in fighting the Muslims in Syria and Iraq – the others are Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates – which have been taking part in coalition attacks. Qatar is providing logistical support.


Allah also granted them the blessing of capturing the Jordanian appostate dog alive in one piece:



A Mujahid from the Islamic state hit him on the face after he was captured to which the pilot said that He is a Muslim and even prayed Swalatul Fajr that Morning.He also said that The Islamic State were fighting a fitnah war.LOL The bigest joke so far from this desperate appostate pilot.


26-years old Lieutenant Muadh safi Yousef al-Kasasbeh admitted to have carried out 5 air strikes on Ar-Raqqa.below is his millitery identification card:


The Islamic State Mujahideen prostate in thanks to Allah(sijdatu Shukr) for successfully enabling them to bring the plane down and capture the appostate pilot alive:


The debris of the plane that was brought down by the Islamic State lions:



In Tell Abyad The Mujahideen of The Khilafah and the Muslims there were celebrating the downing of the plane and the subsequent capture of its pilot by the soldiers of The Khilafah:








Regarding safety given by Abu Bakr al-Baghdādī to the Christians in ar-Raqqah

This is a summarized translation of the statement:

Allah said in the Quran:

“Fight those who do not believe in Allah, nor in the latter day, nor do they prohibit what Allah and His Apostle have prohibited, nor follow the religion of truth, out of those who have been given the Book, until they pay the tax in acknowledgment of superiority and they are in a state of subjection.”{At-Tawbah 29}

Abu Bakr al-Baghdādī has given them safety & security in their selves, children, wealth & churches. This safety is given under 7 conditions:

1. That they don’t build a church in their villages or repair a damaged church

2. That they don’t show their crosses outwardly in Muslim areas nor in their markets & they don’t raise their voices when praying or in other acts of worship

3. That Muslims do not hear the recitation of their books out loud

4. That they don’t carry out any actions of enmity to the Islamic State such as helping airstrikes locate their positions

5. That they don’t show any of their acts of worship outside their churches

6. That they don’t prevent any of the Christians to accept Islam

7. That they don’t libel or make a mockery Islam & the Muslims.

Below is the actual arabic statement from wilaayat Ar-Raqqah:


Captured Extremist cell with Khariji thoughts – [video]

Video Released By The Media branch of Wilaayat Raqah on 21/12/2014.


Click here to watch this video.

Below is a translation of the Video in summary:

The Video begins with Aqīdah of The Islamic State with the voice of Sh Abu Umar Al-Baghdādi (First Ameer of the Islamic state killed 2010 rh).

One of the Extremists khawārij caught by The Islamic stat said: We used to say The Islamic State are mushrikin because they dont make takfir on the people and call them brothers.He also said: We used to say that Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi was a mushrik(Polytheist) because he took Zakāt money from the people who we see kufār.Another one among the Khawarij caught said “We wanted to fight the state and the people and we saw them as mushriks. We also deemed the two shaykhs i.e. Baghdadi and Adnani as mushrikiin(polytheists)”
because in Risālah written by them they called the Syrian and the Iraqi people; their brothers, and they collected Zakāt money from those mushrikiin.

All of these Khawarij caught have the same story (Takfir on The Islamic State Leaders and the Iraqi/Syrian people). One of them says they had a leader named: Elfir

They planned to assassinate The Islamic State leadership (Amirs/Commanders/Shaykhs). And their leader – Elfir was repeating to them that they will attack while they are pertaking in the fight against the the US army, PKK and FSA and kill them. This was the best opportunity to strike them(i.e. The Islamic state leadership) from inside.

Elfir also wanted to attack the brothers who were guarding the frontiers so he can take their weapons and sell them.
The oldest khāriji among them narrates that He, Abu Maryam, Elfir, Ikrimah and Abu Dhar were in one and the same group.The youngest among them says that he returned from an operation and one called Abu Muhammad told him Elfir fled during clashes with IS Mujahideen.

Another One says that he and Abu Ya’cub agreed to return to Turkey because they felt The Islamic State had discovered them & wanted to capture them but when they tried to cross the border The IS forces caught them. They brought them back with them. They were driven back by IS security forces.
While in the car Umar (Elfir) said to Abu Dhar: “Take a look at your right quick, I will fire a bullet so we can escape they are just cowards” but Abu Dhar refused and said: “I will go wherever they take me”. So when we reached the place we were brought to, Elfir said he will kill his wife and the IS security forces. So we got out of the car together; Abu Dhar then me and then Elfir.

The Security Forces took Abu Dhar who was carrying weapons and busied with him. Elfir took this opportunity & killed two sisters, when he turned against IS Security they killed him.The sisters who were killed by Elfir were his own wife and another sister who was in her company.

Alhamulillah The Islamic mujahidin cleansed khabīth Elfir and his Khawārij thoughts from their ranks.

This Translation was done by Abu Mus’ab Ashami